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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

12/11/06 - 12/15/06

I'm still impressed with the movement in the stories on Passions the last few months.  It seems the trip to Rome lit a fire under the writers or something because, although the movement is closer to turtle speed than hare, it is at least moving, and that's a big improvement.  

 What I'm not impressed with is JER's penchant for undressing Fancy at every turn.  I mean, come on, aren't there other women on that show who could undress and NOT remind us of concentration camp internees?  I know that sounds harsh, but when a woman's rib bones stick out further than her breasts do, something's wrong somewhere, and it's really not a pretty sight.  I'm not sure who convinced these women that bones are sexy, but honestly, the only place we should be able to see that many bones sticking out is on the skeletons science teachers have hanging around their labs.  Please, JER, put Fancy's clothes back on her and keep them there, ok?

On the other hand, while there's nothing really wrong with most of the male actors' bodies, I'm getting a little tired of having them stripped at least to the waist at every turn, even for things that no self-respecting man would strip down for.  It's become a joke of the industry, also, and that can't be good, can it?  Bare chested men, while I enjoy the sight, do not add enough to a show to make it something that should be thrown in willy-nilly, and it really does nothing for the ratings, either, so why do it?    Come on, people, do these guys really have to rip their shirts off to sweep the floor, or put up decorations, or just walk around an old spinster's house?  It's ridiculous.  Give us some good story, not more pecs, please.

The stories, as I said, are moving along at a better pace now, for which I am truly thankful.  We've had several "reveals", and more seem to be on the horizon, and I am pleased as punch for that.  True, some of the answers to our questions have been short of the mark, but still, they were answers instead of more questions, or continuing ones.  I'm hoping the whole Gwen/Theresa/Ethan thing will be over soon, since I really can't see where else they can go with it at this point, but you just never know. It seems to be moving that way, tho.  I really can't wait for that one, because I think Gwen and Rebecca have been allowed to get away with way too much for way too long.

We also might be finding out what's up with Jared, which would be something of a record for reveals.  He's only been on the show for a few months and already we may be finding out what his deep dark secret is.  How's that for speed?  Ok, it doesn't reach the level of other shows, that's true, but we can't ask for too much here, and in Passions time, this is like supersonic speed.  Even Chris hasn't been outted yet, and he's been on the show for over a year.  His secret seemed to be ready to come out for a while, there, but so far it hasn't, so I'm not really counting on Jared's being revealed this soon, but it sure seems like it could be.  I am hoping it's true, anyway.

I guess JT Cornell is the one to thank for the speed up, if it really happens.  He's got dirt on everyone in town, it seems, and he's ready to reveal all if his price isn't met, so we could be learning new things any time now.  One thing I'm wondering about is just what more Eve could possibly be hiding.  I mean, her whole life was exposed a while back, and it seems like there's just nothing else that would matter that could be brought out, and yet she's one of JT's first marks.  This is really going to be interesting.....I hope so, anyway.....because it seems there's something else none of us ever knew about that could cause Dr. Eve even more problems.  

What are they doing to Kay, Fox, and Sheridan?  Ok, I understand the whole Tabitha's Curse thing, and that when a Crane loses their true love, they go berserk.  Got it.  But the whole business with Kay dumping the best man in town for neer-do-well, sexaholic Miguel makes no sense.  Yes, she used to love him, but after the way he treated her, plus the fact that he showed a glaring lack of respect for her and Fox both, should set red lights flashing all over the place for her.  I mean, who wants a man who thinks so little of you that he would take total advantage of you while you're not thinking clearly to have his way with you?  What kind of decent man would do that?  Miguel is a pig, and Kay deserves better, or at least she did.

Fox, on the other hand, has been nothing but good to her and Maria, helping them when Miguel couldn't be bothered, and loving her no matter what.  Miguel has already shown he doesn't care enough about her to be there when she needs him most, but that still doesn't register with her.  Oh, no, she's perfectly willing to rip the heart out of a man who's only loved and cared for her and her daughter to go batty over the guy who deserted them to go chasing her cousin around the world for years.  I tell you, it simply makes no sense, and his revolting display of non-existent table manners the other day only added to my disgust with the way this story is going.  Sure, it looks like she's sticking with Fox for now, but we all know it won't stay that way, and that's a real crime.

Fox has become a sneaky, plotting Cranebot because of Miguel's inability to keep his pants zipped, and Kay's refusal to keep hers on, and it's just ruining a wonderful, loving character.  I hate when they do that, and it always seems to be the Cranes that end up like that.  Julian has reverted to type, thanks to Eve's determination to "be there for TC", even tho he was ready to see her fry for a murder she didn't commit only a few months ago, while Julian stood by her all the way.  I don't blame the man for being upset, even tho I don't like how he's acting toward her, but hey, if anyone deserves his wrath, it's Eve.  I hate the thought that Fox will end up just like dear old Dad and Granddad, thanks to Miguel, but that's just what it seems like he's doing.

And Sheridan....what the heck is happening to her?  She's really gone around the bend now, doing mean and even evil things to keep Fancy and Luis apart because she's finally realized she can't live without her true love.  I'm certainly not a Luis/Fancy fan by any means, but I hate having Sheridan turned into some evil caricature of herself because of it.  I just wish they'd let her stand up and make a decision that brings her and Luis back together, getting rid of Chris and his underhanded ways, but it looks like she's just another Ethan, wanting one person but refusing to divorce the spouse they really don't love that well.  It's just wrong, and they need to stop doing things like this.  The quicker movement is great, but ruining our favorite characters just makes the whole thing useless, because even tho we are excited about having new things happening, it's dampened by the fact the very people we watch the show to see are turning into people we don't even recognize.  

Overall, the last few weeks rate a B- for improved storytelling, and an F for character development, giving them a grade of D for the semester.  It's up from the F they earned for so long, but only barely, and they need a lot more improvement to get up to average.  Not an impossible feat, but it will take a lot of work and imagination, something they show spurts of occasionally, but need to develop more fully.  I know they can do it, it just remains to be seen if they have the will-power to get it done.  Let's hope so.

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