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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/27/06 - 12/3/06

Things are moving right along, for the most part, although the direction they're moving may not be the one we want in all the storylines.  Movement is movement, tho, so at least that's an improvement.  It seems the writers have finally gotten the message we've been trying to send them all along, and it only took seven years!  Must be some kind of record, don't you think?

Is anyone else in some kind of mini-shock over what's happening to all the Cranes now?  It seems they've all gone around the bend, becoming some kind of evil mimics of Grandfather Dearest all of a sudden.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing, as far as the story goes, but it certainly is new.  Well, Julian is just reverting to his pre-Timmy self, but Fox and Sheridan......I never knew they had it in them!  And on that subject, if McKenzie Westmore isn't nominated for an Emmy this time there's just no justice in the world.

I know I said that about Eva Tamargo when Martin came back to town and she reacted to that in such a brilliant way, and I know there was no Emmy nod forthcoming, but I'm still going to say Ms. Westmore deserves to be nominated, because she does.  To go from sweet, loving, lovable Sheridan to ranting, raving, murder-in-her-eyes Scaridan like she did takes talent, and she's got plenty of that.  Even I was shaking in my boots when she took after Eve the way she did.  She scared the holy living heck out of me!

Fox has drifted into Cad-Land, too, albeit in a much less virulent manner.  He simply decided all's fair in love and chose to do whatever it takes, even pretend he's dying soon, to keep the woman he loves from dumping him for a worthless piece of trash like Miguel.  I kind of applaud him for what he's doing, even if it does make him seem less than gallant.  You have to admit, tho, that having the woman you love cheating on you with her ex-love, the guy who left her high and dry to raise their love-child while he went chasing around the world to find his "true love" is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Julian, of course, reverted to past type when he felt Eve had deserted him in favor of the jerk that wanted nothing to do with her once he learned what her past had really been like.  I don't really blame him, either, but I do wish he hadn't gone all the way back to dirty rotten bast.....well, you get the idea.  I thought Eve's rant against him saying he was too controlling was a bit off mark, tho.  How was he controlling, for goodness sake?  By buying her everything a girl could want?  By whisking her off for romantic evenings in far away places in his private jet?  No, by requesting that she take a few hours off her guilt-driven vigil over her lousy ex to attend a charity function with him after not having paid the least amount of attention to him for weeks.  Oh, how dastardly he is!

No, Julian had a right to be upset, and she had no right to berate him like she did for simply wanting to spend time with the woman he loves.  But that doesn't mean I like having him turn so evil again, either.  He's started having flings with Rebecca again, something that is very entertaining, of course, but just not right at all, and he has reverted to the old "Cranes should have whatever they want, regardless of who gets hurt in the process" self, which is a real disappointment.  I loved Julian so much after Timmy had caused him to turn nice, and I really loved him with Eve, so it's a real disappointment to see the old, evil Julian rear his ugly head again.

Charity came back to town, of course, and Miguel showed his true colors by grabbing her, laying a huge kiss on her right in front of a disbelieving Kay, and then dragging her, leaving clothes all along the way, to a shed out back to ravish her over and over again.  And this was done with Kay standing outside, watching.  How sick is that?  At least Kay got a good dose of reality, which she sorely needed.  How on earth could she turn her back on Fox, the man who'd been there for her and her daughter while Miguel was chasing his blonde dream girl?  He'd supported her in everything she did, got her a good job in place of the fish cannery one she'd been working, and simply loved her with his whole heart and soul, no matter what.  I still don't get why she'd dump him for Miguel, and I'm thrilled she got her comeuppance, even if it was contrived by Fox in a last-ditch effort to keep her.

Now, I've read some things that make the whole thing moot, I guess, but as long as Kay doesn't read them, it will all be ok, I guess.  It seems neither Miguel nor Charity is what - or who - it seems, courtesy of Julian, I believe, and Kay's reaction is based on that.  Whatever, if it gets her off her Miguel craze and back to Fox and their wedding, I'll be thrilled.  I simply don't understand her reasoning for thinking Miguel should be forgiven for treating her like dirt all those years, and most especially because he happily ignored his own child, while Fox doted on her and took care of her as if she were his.  The girl is seriously twisted, that's all I know.

It seems Luis and Fancy are really getting together, more's the pity.  I don't understand the attraction myself, but I guess the writers needed to do something to shake things up in the Shuis department, and this must be it.  So far we haven't had to actually see them making love....ewww, I just threw up in my mouth a little!......but it probably won't be long.  Unless evil Sheridan throws a monkey wrench in the works.  I hear there's supposed to be a really major cat fight between the two women when the bridal shower ends, and I hope it happens.  I can't wait to see who will come out on top, and what will become of it all.

Gwen and Rebecca are still safe from being exposed as the ones who really sent Ethan's paternity info to JT Cornell.  This is one story I can't wait to see ended, and with any luck it will be done this month.  I say with luck because, as we all know, this show is famous for saying something will be revealed and then backing out on it, making it a dream-reveal or something else equally as stupid and infuriating.  These two need to pay for what they did, as Theresa has paid for her "crimes" over and over again.  It's simply not right that they can do whatever evil things they want and never have to pay for them.

Ethan seems to have found some kind of dirt on Jared, with Valerie's help, and can't wait to let Theresa hear about it.  However, she's decided she'll stick with Jared, and they're in the middle of another  marathon lovemaking session, so she's not interested in hearing what Ethan has to say.  He's on his way to the hotel room now to give her the news, but I'm not sure if she'll pay attention or not, or if she'll even care at this point.  It would have to be something pretty horrible for her to back away from him now, and something tells me it simply isn't as bad as  Ethan thinks it is.  Now, once Jared's connection to Alistair is revealed, and we all know they're connected somehow, that will do it, but who knows when that will happen.

It seems Paloma has the hots for Noah now, too.  How dumb is that?  She's what, 20 years younger than he, something like that, so just how stupid is it to try to pair these two?  Ok, maybe it's only 15 or so, but still, these two simply don't fit at all.  And I'm still wondering what the heck happened to Roberto?  Why has no one asked her about him and why she's dropping him and chasing Noah?  It makes no sense at all, but then, nothing about this does.  She and Noah are the worst pairing I've seen in a long time, even worse than Luis and Fancy, and that's saying a lot.

I wonder what the Christmas miracle will be this year?  I'm thinking Marty will be back, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part.  It would be a perfect way to get Shuis back and bring Sheridan back to normal again, but then, since when has perfect ever been a priority on this show?  I just hope it won't be something really stupid, tho, if it doesn't turn out to be Marty's return.  One can always hope, right? (How much does it cost to send an express telegram to Santa these days?)

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