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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/13/06 - 11/17/06

Hey, guess what?  Theresa finally did it!  She finally told Ethan that he, not Julian, is Little Ethan's father.  I thought it would never happen, to tell the truth, but there it was, right there on my screen today.  I guess it could still end up being a dream or something, but I kind of think this one is real, and it's about time.  Now if they'd just get JT Cornell to tell Ethan the truth before we're all old and gray.  Ok, yes, I'm already there, but the rest of you still have smooth skin and your own natural hair color, right?

I really thought JT was finally going to do it this week.  After spending last week watching Theresa and Gwen fighting over who had the most money and would thus gain JT's loyalty, it was a real let down to find out that it wasn't gonna happen after all, thanks to Julian.  I tell you, it's enough to make a grown woman cry in frustration.  I know I've said it before, many times, but I simply can't believe how long these stories have been going on, and still no end to them.  And really, if they were to end them and get us going on some new ones, I bet the ratings would go up.  They have crept up now and then, whenever something new and exciting has happened, so I'm sure they'd move on up some if the stories ever started moving well and consistently.

I'm just sick about what they're doing to Fox.  He and Julian were two of the best men in that town once Julian found salvation through Timmy, and now they've turned the two of them into Alistair clones, pretty much.  I guess it wasn't enough to have sleazeball Spike taking over the old man's evil ways, so they're magically giving these two the "Crane gene" that makes them turn evil.  That's too bad.  I hate when they assassinate perfectly wonderful characters.

I do understand Fox doing whatever it takes to keep Kay, of course.  He loves her, and they were happy before Miguel came along and decided he just had to have her for himself, even tho he never wanted her before.  Now, I think the writers remember way back when, when we fans were clamoring for him to forget Charity and hook up with Kay because she loved him so much.  The problem is, while we wanted that back then, we, like Kay, have moved on, and found Fox to be a much better mate for her, and father figure for Maria.  I've told you before the reasons I feel that way so I won't repeat them here, but having them bring Miguel in now and moving him in on what is one of the best couples on the show is just wrong.  He's no match for Fox in any way, and Kay is stupid to forget Fox and take up with Miguel after the way he's treated her and Maria.  It's just wrong, too. 

Now that Fox has found Charity and brought her back, hopefully Miguel will revert to his horny old self and start chasing her around again, letting Kay see she had the right man all along.  At least I hope that's what will happen.  I'm sick of Miguel, I think he's a dog with no morals and no respect for anyone, and the thought of him ending up with Kay and the baby turns my stomach like riding 50 miles on switch-backed curved mountain roads.  And making Fox a loser yet again is just too cruel for words.

It looks like Fancy is getting her wish, although I wish that weren't happening, too.  Sheridan seems to finally be coming to terms with the fact that Luis will move on and love someone else, and she really doesn't like it.  But, even knowing how badly it hurts to watch him with Fancy, she still won't let go of Chris because she doesn't want to lose James.  Hasn't anyone told her that, as his adoptive mother, any good lawyer can get her at least partial custody of the boy, so she won't really be losing him at all?  I guess not.  But unless she does something really soon, she will lose Luis for good, and Fancy will have him to herself.  

Now, I'm sure once she gets him she'll grow tired of him and dump him for someone "better" as soon as she can, just like she did Noah, but he doesn't know that, I guess.  She's never been one to stick with anything for very long, and the way she dumped Noah once she saw Luis and thought she had a chance at him shows she's not one to worry about those she leaves behind.  True, she thought he was back with his ex, but if that were the case, why didn't she "forgive" him once she found out it was all an act?  I'll tell you why....she was already bored with him because he had fallen for her and she likes the challenge of the chase more than anything, just to prove she can get what she wants.  I'm just waiting for the day Shuis is back, that's all I know.

I have a question, if anyone has the answer.  What happened to Roberto?  Remember how he was helping Paloma with her cadet studies, and they even talked marriage, sort of?  Well, now she seems to have the hots for Noah, and is talking like she's finally ready for a man to care for.  So what about Roberto?  Either she has Alzheimer’s or the writers do, because I swear it hasn't been more than a couple of months since they were inseparable, and I don't remember hearing anything about them breaking up.  Must be just another example of writers who haven't a clue what they're doing or where they're going with the stories.  Just another day in Harmony.

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