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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

10/30/06 - 11/5/06

Sorry to be AWOL the last few weeks, I had computer problems and couldn't get anything done.  It seems to be ok now, tho, so hopefully I won't get behind again.  What a time to be voiceless, too.  Things have finally started moving on the show, and I couldn't be happier.  I do keep wondering if it's real or a dream every time something else happens, tho.  Do you blame me, after all the tricks they've pulled on us over the years, tho?

So far we've seen the return of JT Cornell and the impending reveal of the fact Gwen and Rebecca were the ones that outted Ethan's paternity seems not too far away, plus Ivy's scheme was brought out in the open, thanks to Kay.  Luis seems to have figured out Chris was working with Alistair, and while no one else believes him, it doesn't seem like it will be much longer before that's made public, too.  Grace is on her way home, and Spike will probably be found out, too, so it seems everything is finally falling into place at long last.  Kind of makes me feel like the show is on it's last legs, tho.

JT came back to town, apparently to get in touch with Rebecca and get some "fun time" with her once again.  He kept texting her, but that alerted Ethan to the fact the guy was in town, and the chase was on to find him and either get him to talk or get out of town, depending on who found him first.  Ethan wanted him to tell who outted his paternity, of course, and what the secret is he told Theresa in Rome that caused her to stop chasing him, yet appoint him as Little Ethan's guardian at Crane Industries if she should die before LE was grown.

Gwen and Rebecca wanted him out of town, although Bex wanted some fun time with him first, and the funny thing is, so did Theresa.  She wanted him out of town, not fun time with him, that is.  Gwen and Theresa both wanted him out of town before Ethan found him and found out what he knows, but for different reasons.  Gwen was afraid, and rightly so, that he will leave her if he finds out she's the one who really gave his info to the tabloid instead of Theresa, and Theresa is afraid he will take Little Ethan from her if he finds out he's the real father, and that Little Ethan will lose the right to inherit Crane Industries, too.

By the end of the week, after Gwen and Bex found him, promised him more money than Theresa paid him to keep quiet if he'll tell her Theresa's secret, Theresa seemed to change her mind and decide she wants Ethan to know it all, because she wants him back.  And the catalyst for this change of mind - Whitney!  Yep, after years of berating her friend for constantly trying to get Ethan away from Gwen and have a family with him, LE, and Jane, she's now decided that doing that was a big mistake, and she needs to start chasing after him again!  Go figure.

 Kay, upset because she just can't make up her mind about which man she really wants, Fox or Miguel, had all she could stand this week and fessed up to them both, telling them everything she and Ivy did to get Grace to leave Sam and never come back.  Sam walked in on it and was stunned to learn his daughter had helped his new fiancée work a scam on them to get rid of Grace, and it was hard to tell which woman he was most angry at.  He ordered Ivy out of the house, breaking off their engagement, and yelled at his daughter.

He called Grace several times, leaving messages, and when she finally got back to him, she was stunned and disbelieving at what he had to tell her.  She asked David about it and he admitted it was true, and then she did believe it.  She and Sam were both happy that they really are married, but very angry and upset the Ivy had done that to them, and that their own daughter helped.  Grace talked to Ivy, who had been stuck to Sam's side, trying to excuse what she'd done, and told her she's on her way home and will kill her when she gets there, then talked to Kay and ended up telling her she hates her.

As a mother, that bothered me more than anything else.  Yes, what Kay did was totally wrong, and even evil, for that matter, but she's still Grace's daughter, and no mother could possibly hate her own child, no matter what they'd done.  Ok, so be angry with her, don't talk to her for a while, tell her how horrible she'd been and how disappointed in her you are, but never, never, NEVER, under any circumstances, can a mother hate her child.  It's just not possible.  

I've asked myself, after watching news stories about murderers, rapists, or what have you and seeing their parents crying over them, just what I'd do under those same circumstances, and honestly, while I'd be very upset at finding out they could do something like that, I'd still be there for them, because I love them.  Nothing could ever change that, so I just don't get Grace's use of that term, even saying she's not her daughter any more.  It just doesn't compute, you know?

Fox was his usual loving self, telling her he still loves her no matter what she did, but Miguel got upset and won't even talk to her, barely even looking at her, and of course that's what she pays attention to.  I really don't get her at all.  Fox has been there for her, loved her unconditionally, took care of her and Maria like they were his own, and loves her no matter what she does.  Why can't she see that he's the man she needs? Miguel never passes a chance to belittle her, left her to fend for herself while he chased Charity all over the place, barely ever sent any money to help with Maria, and yet when he comes back and finally decides she's the one he "really loves", he ignores the fact she's happily engaged to Fox and just keeps moving in on her.

That's not what I'd call a real man under any circumstances, and I just wish Kay would wise up and figure that out for herself.  So far she just keeps mooning over him and pretty much ignoring Fox while she does, and it looks like she's going to ruin the good thing she has going to end up with a loser instead.  Well, good enough for her, I guess, if she's too stupid to realize the man she's got is worth ten times what the fool she's pining over is.

 Luis figured out Chris worked with Alistair after finding a piece of paper with ink on it that matches paper stock and ink that was only used by the Omega Symbol group.  He figured that  meant Chris killed Phyllis, the maid, although it was really Spike who did that, and went to arrest him.  He met a shrewish Sheridan, back on her kick of him being too dumb to find his own rear end with both hands because he wouldn't believe Marty was their child, and defending her new husband tooth and nail.  

Fancy, who was watching James, learned from him that a man who talked to his daddy several times had been on the grounds when Pilar was shot and also when Phyllis was killed.  He then saw Spike outside the window and told Fancy that was the guy, and although she never saw his face, she realized she had to follow him when he left. Her big mistake was not calling Luis or the police station to tell them what she was doing, and she ended up being caught and tied up by Spike, and on the verge of being raped and then killed by him.  

 She managed to get away, thanks to Chris showing up and telling him to let her go, but fell into a deep pit under the floor of the cave, ending up probably dead.  I'm not sure  how they will figure out where she is, but we all know they will, she'll be rescued, and will get over her injuries, however bad they may be.  The one bright spot is that it probably means Spike and Chris will be found out at last, and things can go back to what passes as normal in Harmony.

Everything else has been pretty much par for the course, with a couple of really stupid chases through first a hotel, then a seedy motel by Theresa, Gwen and Rebecca, trying to find JT.  Never ending hallways, rooms that measure about two foot by three foot at most, ledges big enough for lovemaking and running back and forth from Theresa's room to JT's room.....nah, I'm not even going to get into that one.  It ruined what otherwise were several fairly good weeks of story movement and a few long-awaited reveals, and I'd just rather not get into that. 

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