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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/25/06 - 9/29/06

GRRRRRR!  Can you guess I'm not happy again this week?  Well, even that is a mild way to put it, because I am sooooo upset with the writers I could blow steam out my ears.  They have totally ruined yet another couple on this show, and this one has really crossed the line.  I'm talking about what they've done to Evian.

I could not believe the words that came out of Julian's mouth this week.  Now, I have to say at this point I do understand where he's coming from, and why, but for goodness sake, did they have to make him so vulgar and crass while they were at it?  They have assassinated his character for all time, and I don't think there's any way he can ever be put back together again.  Humpty Dumpty has nothing on Julian Crane once JER and the writers got through with him.

Ok, so they wanted to break up Evian, and they wanted Julian to take over Alistair's spot, since they just had to get rid of him.  I understand that, although I totally don't agree with it, but to do it in the way they have?  There was absolutely no need for that whatsoever, and I really am having the worst thoughts about these people at this point.  I mean, I'm wondering just what it would take to ship them all over to the heart of Baghdad tomorrow, you know?

All right, that's not really nice, I guess, but neither are they, and they really deserve to be drop kicked over there and land on top of all those "lost" WMD's they were supposed to have.  How on earth could they do this to one of the best couples on TV, and one of the most decent, loving, romantic, and endearing characters?  It's vile, cruel, and the worst idea in the history of soaps, and that's saying a lot.  I mean, someone had the idea to hire JER as head writer, right?  Ok, maybe that one IS the worst idea, but what they did to Evian is at least second worst.

Eve's need to ignore Julian in favor of caring for TC was confusing and nonsensical in and of itself, and I totally agree with Julian on that point.  I understand how it affected him to have the woman he loves and dotes on seemingly turn her back on him to devote all her time to taking care of the man who disrespected her, tried to get her sent to jail for life, and called her every vile name in the book.  I do.  And I don't blame him for being upset and even becoming angry and combative towards her, but what he did this week goes beyond he bounds of decency, and is just so not Julian that it just seems to me to be a hatchet job on one of our most beloved characters.

Eve walked in to Julian's office to try to salvage their relationship and found him getting it on with Valerie, of all people, right there on his desk.  That was horrible, and she was right to be upset.  But once he saw how upset she was, how hurt, and heard that she'd come back to try to salvage their love, he apologized, explained himself, and begged her for another chance.  She obliged, and they ended up making love on that same desk (the ICK factor there was off the scale at that point!), and it seemed all would be well with them after all

Then all heck broke loose!  In the warm afterglow of their lovemaking, Julian began making plans for them to live happily ever after, thrilled that he had the woman he adores back and his life back on track, but then Eve opened her mouth and ruined it all once again.  She simply refuses to see that giving TC all her time and leaving Julian to fend for himself simply won't work, and she even tried to blame him for being angry about it.  Now, Julian hired the best doctors and nurses money could buy to take care of the man, even tho he's done nothing but denigrate Julian since he's known him, and yet Eve can't leave him in their more than capable hands?  Give me a break!

I totally understand Julian's side in this, totally.  As he said, if he's the most important thing in her life, why is he always last behind TC, the girls, and her  patients?  It makes no sense.  She's always first in his heart, his thoughts, and his every day life, and it's only fair that he be first in hers, but he isn't.  And she's so self-centered she can't see that.  I know, a lot of people will see HIM as being the self-centered one, and I understand why, since he's been raving about what she's doing to him, but after what TC put both of them through, putting him at the top of her list and leaving Julian in fourth place, at best, is just wrong, and Julian has a right to complain about it.

What he should never have done is call her a whore.  As she said, TC, her girls, her aunt, her sister, a lot of people have called her that, but for him to do it is just wrong.  I know it was just from his pain, but it doesn't make it any easier to hear.  I understand he was just striking out blindly, trying to hurt her as badly as she'd hurt him, but that was way out of line, and I can't believe any man would say those things, no matter what he's angry at.  This is another classic example of how unrealistic JER and the writers are when it comes to writing about people's lives.  They really need to run with a different crowd if they truly believe that's the way someone like Julian would act.

I honestly do believe they are simply trying to get the fans to hate all the characters so much we won't miss them when the show is cancelled.  It seems they've been working toward getting it cancelled for several years now, and it will probably happen after this year is up.  I have just one thing to say:  Days.

Remember how Days' ratings went down after the put JER in charge of writing for them, too?  They couldn't have sunk any lower if they'd had a ton of rocks tied around their necks.  Now, with JER gone and his stories working their way out of the system, it looks like the ratings are heading up again.  So my question is, why don't they get JER off Passions, too?  Can you imagine how this show would shoot up in the polls if he were gone and someone who knows good soap writing took over?  It would be wonderful!   I realize it will probably never happen, but I still like to dream sometimes, so that's what I'm doing from here on out.  I'm sending thoughts to TPTB to ask them to get a new writer for he show, and I hope all of you will join me.  Maybe we can send enough vibes to get the job done, but even if it doesn't work, at least we will be doing something, right?

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