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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/18/06 - 9/22/06

Well, it's official.  I can't think of one character on this show that I care to watch at this point.  The whole town of Harmony is full of idiots, bullies, bigots, floozies, and jerks, and I've come to the point where I can't find a reason to watch any longer.  Isn't that the pits?  In all my years of soap watching, I've never become so sick of each and every character on a show that I haven't been able to find some reason to take the time to watch it, but I guess there's always a first, isn't there?

 In case you're wondering what brought me to this conclusion, let me explain.  Kay did it.  Yep, Kay, the young, misunderstood girl who's mother was so busy taking care of everyone else in the world that she didn't have time for her, the one who put all her hopes and dreams into the boy she'd "loved" since childhood, and who would do anything to get him to love her, too.  That's the one, alright.  I went against the flow at the time in feeling this was a girl who was so desperate to be loved that she could be forgiven for all the things she did to get that love, because she was really a good girl at heart, and now I feel that was a waste of compassion on my part.

 I argued for Kay, saying if her mother had paid half as much attention to her needs as she did to her dead sister's daughter's, she wouldn't have felt she needed this boy so badly she'd do anything to get and keep him.  I argued long and hard, because I understood what she felt, and even tho I believed she was going about getting the love she so desperately craved in all the wrong ways, I couldn't help but want to take her in my arms and tell her it would all be ok, just wait for a while and the perfect man would come around.  I guess it's the mother in me that did it, I don't know, but I really rooted for this girl to wake up and realize Miguel was not the man for her, and never would be.

 I thought she had actually come to that realization the last year or so, too.  She met Fox, fell in love, and ended up with a man who truly loved her, just as she was, and who doted on her daughter - the child Miguel cared so little about that he ran around chasing another woman for over two years before he came home to see about her.  Oh, and he didn't come home to see about his child or to see how Kay was making out, either.  Ivy tricked him into coming home when his mother and father were to be remarried, but only to get him to come between Kay and her son Fox.  Once he saw that Kay was actually happy with Fox and was going to marry him and live happily ever after, he decided maybe he loves her, too, and set about to break them up.  Some man, huh?

 My one hope was that Kay had the intelligence to realize what she had in Fox, and wouldn't go trading the treasure she had for the garbage that Miguel offered her.  Well, this week that hope was dashed all to heck, and at this point I just give up.  She let Ivy win, just like that, and she's too stupid to see it.  She really thinks Miguel really, really loves her now, really wants to spend his life with her and Maria, and it doesn't seem to occur to her that as soon as he gets a whiff of Charity, he'll be gone again.  And meanwhile, Fox has been kicked in the teeth yet again, and probably turned into another evil Crane man for good.  It's all just too sick for my liking.

 I couldn't believe how Kay let Miguel paw all over her and did nothing but a few weak "Oh, Miguel, please stop.  Don't.  Stop.  Don't stop...." before doffing her clothes and falling into his arms at every chance.  I don't know which was sicker, her half-hearted attempts to keep him away, or his rapist-mentality "Oh, come on, you know you want it" attitude.  The man simply wouldn't take "NO" for an answer, and that makes me know he's really not much of a man, not that he ever was, mind you.  I know, her protests were extremely weak, but still, No means No, and he shouldn't have kept after her once she said it.  Fox would have stopped, and that's the difference between the two.

 So now, Kay's joined the ranks of lowlives along with Ivy, Rebecca, Fancy, Sheridan, Beth, Katherine.....well, you know them all.  And Eve is so wrapped up in TC that she can't see Julian at all, making him desperate enough to turn back into the evil Julian of old, while Pilar and Paloma were like two nags, yapping at Luis all week to forget Sheridan and take up with Fancy.  I know, they mean well, but it was annoying, not fun to watch.  I love Paloma's feistiness, but her nagging isn't fun at all.  And how many times did she talk about Luis and Fancy having beautiful babies?  For God's sake, they haven't even dated yet!

 The men, of course, I've complained about so many times before that it hardly needs to be gone over again, but I'll just hit on the highlights.  The men are all either stupid, evil, domineering, or bullies, without exception at this point.  Gone is the sexy, romantic, totally lovable Julian.  Gone is the sexy, wonderful, loving Fox.  Gone is the sexy, strong, reliable, totally hunky Luis.  Gone is sexy, staid, loving, family man, Sam.  They are all whining, Chauvinistic, angry, or so overly sexed they act like fools.  I know, Sam was under the influence of Siren's stew, but he was acting like a drug addict looking for another fix by digging feverishly through Tabitha's kitchen, trying to find more.  It was appalling to see the good family man, the chief of Police, acting that way.

 Anyway, as I said at first, there is no one left I care to watch.  For goodness sake, they've  even turned Ethan into a sex crazed braggart, trying to get Theresa into bed at every chance and then bragging about it to everyone he knows when he has.  She, of course, is only too easily bedded by him, but she's always wanted him, so that's no surprise.  His actions, tho, are totally out of character for him, and what makes it worse is he wants to have his Theresa fixes and keep Gwen as his wife, too!  Hello, have Pod People invaded Harmony?  And Jared....I'm sorry, but I simply can't stand him.  He, too, gets a thrill out of saying how studly he is, and it's sickening.  And Chad...who knows what he's doing, or with whom, but he's certainly not the same Chad we all grew to love and respect.  No, the characters on this show have been ruined for some unknown reason, and I personally think that sucks.

 Ok, I take it back.  There are a couple of characters I still enjoy:  Endora and Tabitha.  Endora is still the cutest thing ever, and Tabby is funny and fun to watch.  And I do love the fact that she has softened so much since her little girl was born, too.  But I bet once she gets back from her cure on Jupiter she will be the old, evil Tabby again, with no Timmy to soften the blow.  Endora might be able to do that somewhat, but I'm just not sure how effective she'll be, since Tabby can't threaten to take her apart and toss her stuffing if she doesn't do what Mummy wants.  Still, I do enjoy watching the two of them, so maybe all is not lost.  After all, when I first started watching, I only watched Tabby and Timmy, and fast forwarded through the rest, which I found boring and no worth watching.  Come to think of it, maybe the show has just come full circle....

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