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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/11/06 - 9/15/06

Remember when I said I was confused last week?  Well, ditto for this week.  I gotta tell you, I'm not sure they'll ever get these stories figured out, and I'm more sure than ever that even the writers don't know what's up or where it's all going.  There is no way anyone could make sense out of all this back-and-forth break dancing.  And that's "break" as in "this stuff is going to break my mind into a million pieces!"

 Just what is up with Ethan, anyway?  I mean, the guy's been acting like a fool with these two women for a few years now, but this takes the cake.  He tells Theresa he will never, ever, ever leave Gwen, so she needs to move on and leave them alone, so she does.  She finds a guy she gets along with and thinks she can really fall in love with, so you'd think all would be right with the world, wouldn't you?  

 Oh, heck no!  Ethan can't stand the fact she's not chasing after him now!  Is this guy mentally stable at all?  But, that's not the worst of it.  No, first he "accidentally" slips into her bed and makes love to her.  Yes, I put accidentally in quotation marks because I don't for one second believe he didn't know exactly where he was the whole time, not after this week.  Yeah, he acted all shocked, but yet he said it must have been Fate that brought him there.  How long has he been telling Theresa there is no such thing as Fate, and yet there he was using her logic to explain his weakness.

And this week, he made love to her three times....count 'em....THREE TIMES, and then decided they had to tell Gwen and Jared the truth!  But get this....only HIS version of the truth, and only so Gwen can forgive him.  Can you believe this guy??!?!?!??  Even Theresa was aghast at his audacity, especially when he made it clear he still isn't going to divorce Gwen, he still wants to be married to her, he just wants to bare his soul so she'll forgive and forget.  Is he for real?

 Theresa begged him not to, saying she's just starting out with Jared and he won't understand, won't forgive her, and will drop her cold, which is just fine with Ethan.  Oh, my gosh, I really want to drop kick him over the Empire State Building!  The nerve of that SOB!  

 Of course, Theresa got it right - again! - when she told him he is playing both of them, cheating them both, and being downright hurtful to both.  But would he accept that?  Of course not!  He can do nothing wrong.  He wants Theresa, loves her with all his heart, but won't break his vows to Gwen.  Now, someone needs to tell him he's already broken them more times than I can count, and it's even worse if you take Jesus' words in Matthew to heart when he says that if a man looks at a woman and wants her, he's committed adultery in his heart.  

 Vows?  What vows?  The ones he made at their wedding have been sliced, diced, and ground to dust already, so what more could he do to them?  The best thing he could do is admit to Gwen he made a mistake in marrying her, he's always loved Theresa and only wants to be with her, and then give her whatever she wants in a divorce settlement and get the heck out of that non-existent marriage ASAP.  THAT would be the honest, moral thing to do, but will he?  Heck no!  He is having too much fun being the Pull Toy of Love being fought over by Gwen and Theresa.  They both need to kick him to the curb and move on.

As for the rest of the residents of Harmony, confusion seems to be the by-word this season.  Kay bounces back and forth between the low-life who deserted her and their child to go chasing after "the love of his life", only to return to town when he couldn't find her and decide he does want Kay, after all, and the man who has been by her side, day in and day out, since they fell in love, and who adores Maria as if he were her own.  Hmmmmm, hard choice, isn't it?  NOT!!  The woman has a major hole in her head if she seriously considers leaving Fox for Miguel, and that's all I can say about it.  Fox is worth fifty Miguels, any way you slice it, and any woman that would dump him for a fickle, weak-minded fool like Miguel isn't worth the time it takes to worry about her. 

 Luis is still in love with Sheridan, of course, and always will be.  Oh, I have no doubt they will hook him up with Fancy, of course.  It has to be.  They've got Sheridan pulling an Ethan - "I can't leave my spouse, I can't break my vows" - and even tho she wants Luis with every fiber of her being and will probably continue to kiss and even make love to him whenever she gets the chance, they will keep her spouting the same, tired nonsense Ethan's been spouting all these years.  I really don't get it.  It's truly like these people want this show to fail for some reason, and it just makes no sense at all.

 All right, moving on, I do want to say I'm enjoying Paloma, at last.  She's really come into her own lately, becoming a thinking, mature woman instead of the whining little girl she was when she started.  She has a level head on her shoulders (at least for now, knock wood) and gets right to the point while lecturing big brother Luis.  I don't agree that he should get together with Fancy, of course, but she still made a lot of sense, and I loved the way she talked to him.  I hope, hope, hope they keep her in this mode, because she really is a breath of fresh air on the show.   And she and Roberto are so cute together, too.  I know they will mess them up somehow, but I'm really enjoying it while it lasts.

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