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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/4/06 - 9/8/06

Will they or won't they?  Do they or don't they?  Are they or aren't they? I tell you, I am so confused after this week that I'm not sure who's doing what, and that's saying a lot for this show.  All the ups and downs, ins and outs, can't make up their minds that happened left me wondering if we'll ever get an answer to the questions I asked, or if even the writers haven't a clue.

Theresa and Ethan.  Over with, right?  So, why did they make love this week?  And once it was over, why were they at each other's throats again?  Well, more accurately, why was Ethan so eager to help tear her and Crane Enterprises to pieces,  as well as allow Gwen to say the hateful, rude, and uncalled for things she said?  I mean, she didn't even know what they'd done, yet she was more than eager to start denigrating her right there in front of everyone.  And could she have been more thrilled at the thought of Theresa and Crane being torn apart by this guy's lawsuit?

Now, I was speechless at the way she ordered Ethan around concerning his case, too.  It is HIS case, after all, not hers, so where does she get off telling him what he can and can't do about it?  He wanted to come up with a settlement offer which would satisfy his client and at the same time, keep from causing untold damage to Crane Enterprises, the people that work there, and the whole town of Harmony.  It makes sense to me, but Gwen wouldn't hear of it.  She's out for blood, and will settle for nothing less.  The only problem is, it's none of her business, and she shouldn't even be opening her mouth about it.

Just when I was beginning to think she really is a decent person, and she really can be someone I could like, she turns into a money-hungry, ranting, raving witch again.  I don't get it, that's all I know.  She has her man, at least as far as she knows, and Theresa is moving on with Jared, so why does she have to get so ugly again?  Yes, you and I know he simply can't let her go, and truth be told, Gwen knows it too, but he swears it's over, and there's nothing coming from Theresa that should make her think she isn't intent on moving on with Jared.  She's just an evil witch, that's all it is.

Anyway, Theresa was horrified when she woke up and realized she'd just made love to Ethan, not Jared, but - and this is the really weird part - Ethan kept telling her it was Fate!  Yes, you read right, he said Fate meant for them to be together!  He argued long and hard about it, too, while Theresa kept saying it was simply an accident and never should have happened, and never will happen again.  See why I'm so confused?  It's like we've fallen into Bizarro world, where everything and everyone is just the opposite of how they are here.

Next up is Luis and Sheridan.  They're supposed to be over, too.  He still loves her, of course, and she him, but she is determined to remain married to Chris, and he's started moving on with Fancy, sort of.  Yet there they were, Friday, with her at his  office to tell him she still wants him, and they ended up in a passionate kiss, too.  I am still shaking my head over that one, I tell you.  Now, I'm fairly certain this won't last, she'll decide she has to stay with Chris after all and tell Luis to forget about what happened, but this is just too confusing for words.  Why can't they pick a side and stay on it?  It's confusing, and besides, it's just too painful for him.

It's not that I want him with Fancy, of course.  I don't, but I just wish Sheridan would make up her mind, once and for all, and then keep it that way.  This going back and forth isn't fun for anyone, and there's already enough back and forth stuff going on as it is.  Chris isn't good for her, but that has nothing to do with anything at this point, since she isn't aware he was hired by her father to keep her away from Luis.  Chris happened to see them kissing, tho, and if his words to Spike earlier are true, it looks like he'll be gunning for Luis, trying to kill him.  Now, that's something I don't care to see, to tell the truth, and I just want this whole thing settled.

Kay, Fox, and Miguel are next.  She can't seem to make up her mind between the two of them, at least not for long, and now she has Fox acting freaky because he saw her and Miguel going at it.  That was her intent, of course, so she could break the Mermaid's Curse he was under, but it seems the cure is much worse than the disease in this case, since it's turned Fox into a wannabe killer!   I don't know how this is going to end, but I have a feeling it will be badly, and that's not a good thing.

Miguel is working even harder to get Kay to leave Fox and be with him, which isn't helping things, either.  He just won't give up, thanks to the advice he's gotten from Luis, Martin, and Pilar, even tho he knows Kay wants to marry Fox.  At least I think she does.  She seems to still want to be his wife, but sometimes it's hard to tell, too.  Another confusing twist.  There are just way too many for my taste, that's all I know.

Fox ended the week fuming at Kay and Miguel, but determined to make her his wife, and as soon as possible.  He set up a romantic dinner for her, all the while acting like he is an axe murderer out for his next victim.  Kay is wondering what's up with him, and thinks he might have seen her and Miguel together.  Now, excuse me, but the third part of the spell required him to see them together and get jealous enough to want to kill Miguel, and the spell obviously worked since they've already made love, so why is she wondering whether he saw her or not?  It should be obvious.

Chad and Whitney seem to be happy, but looks can be deceiving.  She's thrilled they are back together and will be married, then raise their son together without the stigma of incest hanging over their heads, and Chad seems to be happy about that, too.  But, if that's the case, why did he sneak off as soon as he could to go to some other house and crawl into the shower with whoever lives there?  Why is he still seeing this other person if he now has the love of his life with him?  Again, too confusing for words.

I hope this week is more clear as to who will be with whom, etc.  I don't think it will be, but I can hope.  All I know is, if they confuse me any more than I already am, I may be typing pure gibberish next week.  I really don't want that to happen.

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