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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/28/06 - 9/1/06

What a week, eh?  It seems our lovers are all unhappy with the ones they're with, while the ones they're with are oblivious to that fact.  Or, more correctly, they are trying very hard not to see they're second best.  Now, I don't know about all of you, but that's not the kind of relationship I'd want to stick around in.  I'd be out the door so fast it'd feel like a whirlwind behind me.  No kidding. I may not have much pride, but I do have enough not to hang on to someone who doesn't really want me.  First place or nothing, baby.

 For instance, Theresa, Jared, Ethan, and Gwen.  Theresa is with Jared, but really still wants Ethan.  What, you didn't know that?  You really believe she's totally over him?  Boy, do I have some nice, swampy real estate to sell you!

 No, she still wants Ethan badly, but she's realized she can't keep chasing him since he'll never leave Gwen.  He's not man enough to do what he really wants to do, you see.  But he did kiss Theresa this week - three times! - and he's so jealous of Jared he can't see straight.  So much so that when he accidentally walked into their room while they were.....well, getting busy, he went right down to the restaurant to have dinner with his wife and got rip roaring drunk.  But then, as fate would have it, he ended up in her room, in bed with her naked body, and they ended up having their third kiss of the week!  

 Now, how's he going to explain this one to Gwen?  And while we're on the subject, did she at any time during this dinner try to figure out why he was drinking like there's no tomorrow?  I didn't see it if she did, but I babysit my grandkids and could easily have missed it somehow, but you would think she'd be wondering just what got him downing the juice like that.  Maybe she just doesn't want to know?  Anyway, she had booked a room for them in the same hotel, and his trying to find that room was what got him into Theresa's.  He found the door open and thought Gwen had left it that way, so he thinks he's in bed with Gwen at this point.  And Theresa thinks he's Jared.  Confusing?

 Jared had gone to find more candles when the lights in the hotel went out, and he got conked on the head for his trouble.  Now, he's going to think it was Ethan, I'll bet, when he gets back to the room and finds him with Theresa.  I don't know who did it, but I really don't think it was Ethan, he was too drunk.  He simply went into the wrong room.  Theresa was sleeping, or dozing, whichever, and neither of them knew who they were really with, so it makes no sense for it to have been Ethan, trying to get Jared out of the way.  Whatever, tho, he and Theresa are once again together in bed.

 The next love quadrangle is Luis, Fancy, Sheridan, and Chris.  Luis can't get over Sheridan, and she can't get over him, yet they are both with others at this point.  Chris knows she still loves Luis, and Fancy knows Luis still loves Sheridan, but they still cling on to them.  And they both use deception to get and keep them, too.  Nice people, eh?  Ok, Fancy isn't as evil as Chris, but for goodness sake, if she has to trick Luis into kissing her, shouldn't she know he doesn't really want to? 

 And while I'm on the subject...what the heck is wrong with Luis?  First he plays strip poker with her while on duty, and now he's swimming with her and making out, on duty again?  And why did he let her get away with pulling a scam like she did on him?  What if there had been a real emergency going on and he missed it because she had the hots for him and didn't care about how she got him?  False police calls are a crime, you know, and with her being a cadet, it should be even worse for her to do it.  Yet there he is, going right along with it, jumping in the pool and making out with her.  The only good part was having Sheridan and Chris show up and see them together.  She was so upset it was worth all the baloney of watching Luis and Fancy together.

 Now for Kay, Fox, Miguel, and Siren.  Kay belongs with Fox!  Sorry, but that's how I feel, and I'm really getting angry at Miguel trying to get her away from him, and having everyone telling him to go for it.  It's just not right, I tell you.  It does seem that Kay is now just using Miguel to get Fox jealous enough to kill him so the spell to rid him of the Mermaid's Curse will work, but it still bugs me.  He had her!  She was his, all he had to do was say the word, but he had to go chasing Charity all over the world instead.  Now, because he can't find Charity, he comes home and wants Kay to forget the man who's loved her all along, warts and all?  No, that's just not right, and they'd better not let him end up with her, either.  Once again, she belongs with Fox.

 The other Harmonyites had up and down weeks.  Paloma was up, because she's doing well as a cadet and Roberto is back.  Jessica was up for a while when Spike bought her a nice dress, a diamond bracelet, and took her to dinner, but down once he sold her to a thug to do with as he will, the rougher the better.  I hope she gets the picture this time!  Simone was up because she and Rae finally made a public appearance and they weren't stoned for it, and Whitney's up because she's back with Chad and happy as a clam.  However, he seems to have someone else, too, and while we still don't know who that is, it doesn't bode well for our girl Whit.

 Julian was way down because Eve can't find time for him due to nursing TC after his stroke, and he's really going on a wild streak.  He's back to being the old, evil Julian, pretty much.  He's taking Theresa to court for custody of Little Ethan, and he's threatened to do the same to Tabitha.  I have to say, I enjoyed seeing him with Endora, and her reaction to him, too, but he really needs to be nicer to the witch.  He's playing with fire, you know.  Literally.

 It looks like Pilar is going to pull through, thank goodness.  And Martin even came back to check on her, finally.  I was wondering why no one contacted him when she was dying, but it looks like someone did.  She won't talk to him, of course, but it now seems he really loves her and wants to be with her, Katherine be damned.  I wonder if that's how they're taking her off the show?  Maybe she and Martin will reunite and go on a long cruise, or move back to Mexico or something.  That would be a lot better than having her die, that's for sure.

 Ok, so how may of you think, as I do, that Jared is Alistair's goon, just as Chris is?  I honestly think he's one of the people Alistair said he had in place to cause problems for the people of Harmony, don't you?  I mean, come on, he shows up out of nowhere, he gloms on to Theresa right away, and now they're a couple?  Yeah, right.  No, there's something not right with him, and while some may think he's Gwen's creation, I have to believe it's Alistair who pulls his strings.  I think Gwen might team up with him before long to keep Ethan away from Theresa, but she didn't bring him to Harmony.  Al did, mark my words.

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