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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/14/06 - 8/18/06

Well, another week, another chance to complain, I guess.  The problem is, there really wasn't much to actually complain about.  There wasn't much to actually praise them about, either, tho, so it's pretty much just another blah week.

The stories were ok, and we had learned a new twist that was played on this week - Chris was hired by Alistair to  woo Sheridan by pretending he is James' father, which he really isn't.  Ok, I know, a lot of us - myself included - guessed that to be the truth back when he first came on the show, but he's been around so long and actually seemed to be sincere about it all, so we'd pretty much laid that suspicion to rest. I guess that's what they were waiting for, you think?

Spike delivered the news when he used it to force Chris to give him the secret codes to the Crane mansion so he could go in and rob them blind.  Chris balked, of course, but keeping his secrets secret was more important than protecting his wife's heritage and he finally caved in.  Spike got into the mansion this week when everyone was gone, or at least they were supposed to be, but of course we all know nothing is ever what it is supposed to be,  right?

Pilar had been at the Hospital Fair and won a little fishing boat for Little Ethan, so after she tried yet again to get Theresa to go back to trying to get Ethan away from Gwen and failed, she went to the mansion to give her grandson the boat.  She realized someone was in the house who shouldn't be, and called the police to clue them in, but Spike saw and heard her and shot her.  Yep, the last time we saw Pilar she was laid out on the floor, dead or dying from a gunshot wound.  I've heard a couple of scenarios concerning this, so I haven't a clue whether she survives it or not.  Sorry, but we'll all just have to wait and see.  If she does die, however, I will really miss having her around.

TC was back the other day, and I actually think he did a nice thing for Julian.  Now, how is that for a shocker?  It seems Eve has been spending so much time taking care of him that she has no time for Julian, and now she's having to manage the Fair, too.  Needless to say, Julian wasn't happy about having to do everything alone, and he let Eve know that.  He begged her to go to dinner with him, or to go on the trip to Paris they had been planning when TC got in the wreck, but she simply wouldn't leave TC.  Julian stormed off, saying he was going to Paris alone, and TC had been keeping a close eye on all of this.  When Eve came back in the room with him, she started fussing over him and he told her to get out.  She wouldn't, and it got to the point where he yelled at her to get the heck out, so she finally did.  I think he was being, really, I think he was....but you can never be too sure with him.

Jared and Theresa were still on the outs.  He really is angry because she never told him who she is, but he doesn't stop to think that he never gave her a chance to tell him, and besides, he was so hateful toward "Mrs. Crane" that I wouldn't have wanted to admit it to him if it were me.  He was a real jerk.  He still wouldn't talk to her, even tho she tried to make nice.  He had been put in charge of the Fair at Whitney's urging, and she had to talk to him about what she could do to help, and he told her to get lost, basically.  He really was rude.

Theresa was hurt, of course, but Ethan was thrilled.  Yep, now that she's ignoring him, he's being the jealous one.  He can't stand to see her with Jared, and I really think it would be that way with anyone she got interested in. Gwen was upset that they'd broken up, tho, and worked with Whitney to get them back together.  It didn't seem to be working, as I said, but at the end of the week, when Theresa was working in the pie throwing booth, taking pies to the face for charity, he seemed impressed.  Gwen had been the first in line, of course, and smacked her with God only knows how many pies before Ethan got her give it up.  Jared was watching the whole time while Theresa laughed and called to everyone to come hit a Crane with a pie, and he finally took his turn.  But, instead of tossing the pie at her, he turned it on himself and laughed with her about it.  I still don't feel the chemistry between them, but that was a cute scene.

Fancy and Paloma had their first week as Police recruits, and Luis worked them hard, especially Fancy.  They both got through it, tho, and even got to take part in stopping two guys from attacking Jessica, so it worked out well.  Fancy got to see Luis naked, and he did the same, so I'm sure it won't be long before they're in bed together.  Sheridan watched them having dinner when they arrived at the same restaurant she and Chris were eating at, and it's really hard on her to see.  Fancy is doing everything she can, throwing herself at Luis, and it probably is starting to work, which is driving Sher up the wall.  She even admitted to herself that she hasn't stopped loving him.  Awwwwww!

Kay and Fox tried to be together in the Tunnel of Love, but as soon as things got hot, he went into a trance and only a smack on the back of the head from Kay brought him out of it.  Looks like the Mermaid's Curse is real, and he's been infected by it.  Kay has a plan, tho.  Man, those words still send a chill up my spine, don't they yours?  Anyway, she thinks she can get rid of Siren and the curse, too.  I sure hope so.  She managed to get Siren assigned to the dunk tank, hoping when she gets wet she'll turn back into a mermaid and be exposed to Miguel and everyone else.  We'll see how that works next week, I guess.

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