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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

7/31/06 - 8/4/06

The last two weeks have dealt with pretty much the same stuff the whole time, so I'm just going to give you my thoughts on the stories they've dealt with the most.  I would like to say I have been enjoying the show more lately.  It seems to be moving fairly steadily forward now, instead of taking one step forward and four back, and the stories are a little more interesting as well.

I'm still waiting to find the chemistry between Theresa and Jared.  Yes, he's cute, in a Howdy Doody sort of way, but I just really don't like him very well.  He's egotistical, he's opinionated, and he's totally sure he's right about everything, and that's simply not something I find attractive in anyone.  He just can't seem to stop putting everyone down, most especially women who aren't subservient geisha-types with no opinions of their own.  Even after Theresa and the other women showed him that yes, women can do as well as men in most things, he still won't give them any more than a grudging admission that he might be wrong about some areas of his beliefs.  What a jerk!

Now he's on a roll about the rich, the Cranes in particular, and Theresa is afraid to let him know she is one, and the main one at that.  Now, that's not the Theresa we've all known all these years, yet here she is, meekly keeping her mouth shut instead of putting him in his place with a few well-placed words.  It really does nothing to make me want to see them together, that's for sure.  Even their kiss did nothing but make me think "ho-hum, I really need a nap".

The same with Luis and Fancy.  Her plot to stay in jail and near Luis turned into a strip question match between them, and as everyone with even a modicum of brain power knew would happen, ended with them in only their undies, kissing in the jail cell.  Now, that is just totally stupid on so many levels.  First and foremost, she's just getting over Noah, and he isn't anywhere near being over Sheridan yet, so it was just a waste of screen time.  And also, how could a policeman play a stripping game with a prisoner in a jail cell?  No self respecting cop would ever do that, and the one thing you can say about Luis is that he is a cop like that.  Having him do that was totally out of character and about as believable as me playing footsies at dinner with Moses.

Kay.  What can I say about her but......someone needs to muzzle her and chain her to a tree in the back yard.  That woman was hornier than the famous 76 Trombone song, and it was all aimed at Miguel!  That was the most sickening display I've seen in years, and that's saying a lot with this show.  Why, oh why did they turn her into Rebecca Jr just because she got amnesia?  It was sick.  And of course he did nothing to stop her.  Yes, he was under the influence of the Lust Potion for a part of the time, but he showed he could resist the stuff, yet he didn't, and then he gloated about it to Fox!  What a punk!

Poor Fox was going crazy watching his fiancée acting that way with her ex, and when Miguel just kept rubbing it in it was just too much for him to take.  I kept wanting him to beat the holy living heck out of the jerk, but he never got a chance to do that.  What he did get to do was fall under Siren's spell and end up making love to her!  Now, if the Mermaid's Curse is real, that means he and Kay will never be together, and he will never find true love and live happily ever after.  Now, that's just not right, no matter how you look at it.

Luckily, Endora managed to zap Kay when she was turning the bedside lamp off, and that brought her back to her senses.  She was appropriately upset at the fact Miguel had basically raped her while she was unable to stop him, and at finding Fox in bed with Siren, but it was too little too late.  We lived through all that time of her acting like a dog in heat and Fox having his heart ripped out by the roots and hand fed to him by Miguel, and I feel it was totally unnecessary.  I did enjoy Kay's revenge on Siren, tho.  She tried her best to kill her and turn her into tuna sandwiches for lunch, but Tabby had Endora stop her.  I was totally unsatisfied with that outcome, I have to say.  

Now we have to wait and find out if Kay's love can break the Curse, and whether Siren will be able to seduce Miguel next.  I hope so, on both counts, and I hope there is no way to break her hold on Miguel if she does manage to do it.  I have a feeling that Fox loves Kay so much she will be able to save him from the Curse, and if that isn't quite enough, Endora will be able to help.  I feel pretty confident of that, I just don't know how the whole Siren/Miguel thing will work out.

I would also like to say here that I'm really upset at what they're doing to Julian.  He is so lonely and hurt that Eve is basically turning her back on him to stay with TC that he's bound to do something stupid, like get back with Rebecca, and that would be a travesty.  Eve needs to realize the only man who has ever really loved her, warts and all, is Julian, and going back to TC will only give him another chance to treat her like dirt.  I hope that doesn't happen, and that she will be back with Julian really soon.  I just hate seeing him hurting.

That's my take on the major parts of the last two week's shows.  As I said, I am more satisfied with the stories and the movement, but I just hope they let people be happy for once.  It would be a pleasant change, wouldn't it?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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