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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

7/17/06 - 7/21/06

I have a lot of questions about what went on this week.  It just seemed like there were some things that made very little - if any - sense, and it bugs me.  First of all, just exactly when did TC have the stroke?  I mean, he was talking fine the last we saw, and Eve said he would be fine (Ok, I admit, that should have been our first clue), but when the girls got there, the man couldn't even hardly talk!  I just kept going "What the.....?"  Maybe they didn't have to show him having the darn thing, but it would have been nice had they let us know it had happened before we just "walked in" and got slapped in the face with it.  

It was nice to see him apologize to the girls, tho.  It was about time, and actually long overdue.  I guess it takes a near-death experience some times for some people to see they've been a total jerk to the ones who love them most.  All's well that ends well, of course.  I did enjoy the part where Whitney and Chad started kissing and everyone looked like they were going to have a stroke themselves.  Once it was explained it was all good, of course, but the moment was a fun one.  I have to admit, the part where Julian could only watch as Eve talked about TC having all his girls back was hard to watch.  Poor guy, she better not dump him for that fool.

Next, why did Miguel give in when he totally knew he didn't have the right to?  Ok, he was drugged, but he had enough sense to remember she's engaged to Fox and stop himself, yet he couldn't just stop her and walk away or something?  I hate what they are doing to Fox again.  It has to stop, I tell you.  If anyone on that show deserves to be loved and respected, it's him.  He's the best younger guy on the whole show, and to keep slapping him in the face like this is unforgivable.  Let him and Kay be happy, because we all know if she and Miguel get together, Charity will come back into his life and Kay will be dumped again.

Why can't Fancy see that if Grampy is as evil as he is, and he's done all the horrible things she now knows he's done, that setting up the scenario Noah found himself in would be just another game for Al to play?  She believes he's evil, yet won't believe he would do that to her?  And after he sicced those hungry lions on her without a bit of remorse?  Please, give me a break.  She has to be the stupidest woman in soap land if she can't see Noah is telling the truth.  Of course, she's so busy keeping her eye on Luis that she can't see much of anything else.  He's another one who deserves so much better than she's giving him.

 I'm still trying to get over Pilar's sudden change of morals, too.  Urging Theresa to break Ethan and Gwen's marriage up, after all those years of warning her it's a sin to interfere with a marriage?  I still don't get it.  Theresa seems to be dead set on forgetting about Ethan, tho, and isn't even trying to listen to her mother's advice this time.  Good for her!  I hope she continues to stay away from him, even when he comes crawling back, asking her to pay attention to him again.  And we all know he will, don't we?  Of course.  He's so predictable.

How come Siren's Lust Stew worked so much better for Sam than Tabitha's Lust Potion did for Miguel?  I mean, nothing was going to keep Sam from making love to Ivy all over the house and back again, not even a surprise visit from Rebecca.  I have to say, I was very surprised she didn't take her clothes off and join in, but she restrained herself, even when Sam ran into the room buck naked and carried Ivy into the hall, where he threw her down and began making love to her again.  Oh, Rebecca watched for a while, but she finally left without even trying to get hers.  Now, that gives us a whole other question, isn't it?

Anyway, with all the questions we were left with this week, I sure hope we get some answers next week.  I guess I don't really mind the questions being there as long as we aren't left to wonder endlessly about them.  A few answers would be a very welcome change, don't  you  think?

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