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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

Passions Opinion 7/10/06 - 7/14/06

This was an explosive week on Passions, and I have to say, I'm fairly impressed.  It really seems things are looking up for the most part.  Of course, there are a few things I don't like, but then, wouldn't it be boring if all I could do was play hugs-and-kisses with the way it's going?  

It looks like Theresa is finally getting a clue.  She finally realized that nothing she says or does will make Ethan grow a brain or gonads, and that means he'll never see what a loser he's married to.  He just seems incapable of making an intelligent thought wind it's way through what he calls a brain, and just keeps following along behind Gwen, docile as a puppy.  Now, that really surprises me since he doesn't seem to even enjoy her womanly abilities that much, so it's not even a matter that she's just so good in bed he can't stand the thought of leaving her.  Nope, it seems he needs his fantasies of Theresa in order to even make love to his wife.  Now, that's sad.

I have no idea why he won't let Gwen go, even tho anyone with a brain should be able to figure out she's not the saint she tries to portray herself as.  I mean, even tho Theresa has never been able to get any of the ample proof she's had over the years to him to prove all Gwen has done, still you'd think he'd realize there has to be something to her charges after all she's gone through to try to prove it.  But no, he simply closes his eyes to it all, preferring to believe his lying wife than the woman he really loves.  Again I say, he simply doesn't deserve a woman who loves him like Theresa does.  I used to think he didn't deserve Gwen, either, but after the last year or so, it seems to me they both deserve the other, and nothing better.

Anyway, Theresa realized that even knowing Little Ethan is really his son won't get him away from Gwen and will probably cause him to let Gwen steal her son as well as her daughter, and came to the conclusion that she will never be with Ethan and needs to just give it up.  Well, hooray!  It's better late than never, I always say.  And it seems like there will be a new hottie coming on the scene that will catch her eye, so it all seems to be going her way for a change.  Of course, once she's happy with the new guy, Ethan will begin to do all he can to break it up, even tho he still won't leave Gwen, but hopefully she will fall so hard for New Cutie that she won't even know when Ethan's around.  And to think, it's his legal advice to a friend that will have caused all this.  Yep, he told him to sue his mistress for custody of the son she had by him and to hang on to his wife, no matter what.  That let Theresa know he'd probably do the same thing, and she simply won't chance losing her son for any one, not even Ethan.

Whitney and Chad seem to be happy at last, having found out they are not really brother and sister, and aren't related in any way at all.  Whit is leaving the convent to marry him and start a new life with their son, but on Friday there seemed to be a snake hidden in the grass in all this.  What was with that phone call Chad got?  Just who was he talking to, and what did it all mean?  Could he really be a duplicitous lout, willing to keep another female on the side while pretending to be totally happy with his new wife and their son?  Tell me it ain't so, JER.  Please don't do that to this couple.  Please let at least one couple be really, really happy!

Ok, I know, he didn't actually say anything to indicate he was even talking to a woman, so who knows what's really up.  I mean, it could be that he became a Big Brother and he's reassuring the little guy that being married won't break up their Brotherhood.  Or he could be talking to business partner who is worried they won't be able to complete their business dealings if he gets married, or maybe a good friend who doesn't want to lose time with him.....I don't know, anything is possible.  But it sure sounded like he could be talking to a lover who's worried his marriage will mean less romantic time for her, didn't it?  I hope not.  Dear God, I hope he's not going to end up being a louse!

We got to see Pilar and Katherine again yesterday, and it was a welcome sight.  I've missed Pilar, and although I could care less about seeing Katherine, their encounters are always fun to watch.  Pilar certainly put her in her place yesterday, and I loved it.  Telling her to leave or keep her mouth shut almost made me cheer, I was so thrilled to hear it.  I tell you, they have a buried treasure in Pilar, and they really need to figure out a way to use her more.  Give her a love interest for God's sake.  It's been way too long without a man of her own, don't you think?  As for Katherine, she can go back into the Utility Closet for all I care.  Only bring her out when Pilar has a chance to slap her down again, I say.

Boy, Esme is really working on Fancy, isn't she?  Of course she has her own reasons for pushing her at Luis, namely that she wants Noah for herself, but it's still strange to see her keep nagging at the woman, telling her she's in love with her aunt's lover.  And of course it's making Fancy consider the possibilities of them being together, and that leaves Noah out in the cold.  Now, that's not fair, in my opinion.  Noah deserves to have the woman he loves after all he's been through.  He did all he did to protect Fancy, and yet he very likely will lose her to Luis, and that just doesn't sit well with me.  How can she not believe Grampy instigated the whole Noah/Maya thing since she now knows what a monster and manipulator he really is?  It makes no sense that she wouldn't realize Noah is telling the truth.

Luis, for his part, notices nothing.  His total concentration is focused on getting Marty and then getting Sheridan back.  Now, I don't know if it would really work out that way, but in his mind it will, and he has no desire to become involved with Fancy romantically. I really think he'd be shocked if he knew what she was starting to feel for him, and especially if she did anything about it.  I can just see him, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, pushing her away after she pulled him into a passionate kiss. At least the real Luis would react that way.  Who knows what this Luis would do, since JER has pretty much changed everyone from who they used to be.

Sheridan hasn't been having a great week, has she?  Watching the man she really loves and her niece being chased around Rome by a pack of hungry lions was bad enough, but now she's in the hospital, trying to keep from miscarrying her child. And now she's having horrible dreams about Marty, Alistair, and Beth that sent her into a seizure. Talk about a bad week! And on top of that, the man she's married has been working for her father, the man who has tried to kill her several times, among other things. She doesn't know that, yet, but with him losing that document while trying to burn them all, you know it won't be long until she does.  Poor Sher, she just can't catch a break.

Now, as to the replacement actress playing the part, I had high hopes for her when she first started, but it seems she's just not living up to that hope.  Her time in bed, having labor pains while worrying about her true love and her niece, just haven't been this lady's finest acting time.  I guess it is hard to fake labor pains, maybe, but this has just been so unbelievable as to be laughable.  I mean, sitting up in bed, hunched over and squeezing her baby bump while having contractions - I don't think so.  I've had kids, and believe me, that would do nothing but make them worse, as well as putting pressure on the uterus and helping to push the baby out, not keep it in.  No, you stay on your back, or barely raised up, to help control the pain, believe me.  I know, picky-picky, but it never hurts to be accurate in your portrayal of such things, especially when your audience includes women who've actually been through it.

TC is another area I'm not thrilled with.  He was supposed to die, wasn't he? Isn't that what the spoilers said? Yet, here he is, live as can be, and trying to cause more problems for Eve and Julian.  I swear, the reason for saving this fool's life is beyond me.  He adds nothing to the show, and he's an embarrassment to men everywhere, most especially black men.  He is such a hot-head and trouble maker, and it really contrasts badly with the other men on the show.  True, Luis is a hot-head, too, but then, he's Hispanic.  Another stereotype perpetuated by JER.  Nice. 

I still wonder why they would keep TC and let Liz go. I mean, she has the potential for some really juicy, interesting storyline here, and yet they dump her.  What sense does that make?  I mean, finding out Chad is really her son, with Alistair no less, and on top of that the fact she was adopted.....good heavens, can they not see the pure gold those two things are in the soap world?  And for what?  More jealousy and whining from TC?  Oh, please, put us out of our misery and get rid of him for good, and leave Liz now that she actually has what could turn out to be a great story to watch. Is it any wonder this show can't get out of the basement in the ratings race with stupid moves like this?

Tabitha and Endora got themselves into somewhat of a pickle this week, too. Tabby, worried about the fire marshal poking around her burned-down house and stumbling onto The Boys and whatever else she has in that basement, asks Endora to do something, and the child whipped up some Worker Bees to rebuild the house.  Now, Ivy, after having downed some of Tabby's magic brew, choking, and turning bright green, gets attacked by the bees when she tries to kill them with bug spray.  She hysterically tells Sam about them, but luckily he doesn't believe her, but while he's dealing with that, they hear hammering and sawing from Tabby's old house. They go to find out what it's all about and find the house has been completely restored!

Of course that makes them curious, especially Ivy, but thanks to Endora it seems to have been explained:  President Carter and a crew of helpers make their way out, telling Tabby they've rebuilt her house for her.  Talk about hokey, but still, it was kind of funny, too.  And it kind of answered Sam and Ivy's questions, although they still think it was a pretty fast job.  Tabby, of course, has the alibi of having been at Sam's house the whole time and not knowing they had come and done the work, but the two are still somewhat suspicious. 

And now we get to Kay, Miguel, and Fox.  I am still so upset with this story I could scream.  Ok, Kay lost her memory, but only about who she's really engaged to, and Miguel is just trying to help her, as Dr. Eve told him to.  Yeah, right!  That guy is loving every minute of it!  He is so eager to jump her bones you can see it written all over his face, yet he continues to swear he isn't going to do anything, he just wants to follow doctor's orders.  Of course, he is so weak he can't stop her from climbing all over him, trying to make love to him, and climbing into the shower with him.  Poor little weak Miguel, he's just overpowered by big, strong Kay.  I don't buy that any more than Fox does.

The shower scene was especially irritating.  Miguel didn't even really try to stop her from climbing all over him, naked.  He just went with the flow, and had Sam not come up with the idea to cut the hot water off, he would have made love to her right there.  Now, to me that's rape.  Yes, I said it, R-A-P-E.  She isn't in her right mind, she doesn't know what she's doing, and if she were herself she would never be doing the things she's doing, but he is in his right mind and knows everything, so for him to take advantage of that and have sex with her is nothing but rape.  She doesn't have the capacity to say "no" to him because she doesn't know what she's doing.  Simple, right?

And finally, we may have actually seen the last of Alistair and Beth.  The bad part is, if we have, we've also seen the last of Marty, and that sucks.  Honestly, folks, just what does JER have against young boys?  Anyone care to hazard a guess?  I haven't a clue, but it's becoming obvious, especially if the spoilers are right, that he hates them.  I mean, first he kills off Zack on Days, and now he's apparently killed Marty, too.  And, according to those spoilers, Little Ethan is next!  What gives?

Anyway, Al, Beth, and Marty are in a freight car that's been revamped inside into a luxury suite car, and they are chugging their way out of Rome.  Beth called Luis to try to get him to be with her, and he played along.  He said he was just thinking the same thing, that he is still upset with her for all the things she's done, but Sheridan's married to Chris and Luis wants to be with his son, so he's willing to give her another shot.  She's thrilled, of course, and doesn't realize he's pulling her leg, keeping her on the line until Interpol can trace it, which they do.  Al comes in and breaks her phone, cluing her in to what Luis was really doing, but by then Luis and the others have gotten a helicopter and are flying over the train, waiting for it to hit a blockade Interpol set up down the tracks.  Luis will then go get Marty and take him back to Sheridan. 

However, someone else seems to be tracking the train, too, and they've sent a drone out to follow it.  The trouble is, it is armed with missiles, and ends up firing one at the train.  Luis and the others watch in horror as the missile flies toward the train, then hits it and causes a huge explosion, apparently blowing Al, Beth, and Marty off the face of the earth.  Are they really gone?  Who knows.  Al always has a way to escape these things, but this time he seems to have nothing.  I guess we'll find out eventually, but for now it seems the days of Al controlling the people of Harmony are over.

If this is true, I'm thrilled to be rid of both him and Beth, but taking Marty with them is the worst idea I've heard in a long time.  I really hope they managed to escape, or else they are on a different train, having switched at the last minute before it left Rome, but only because I don't want another child to die, even if it is on a soap opera.  We get to know these characters, and having one of the children die is never a fun thing under any circumstances.

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