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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

Passions Opinion 7/3/06 - 7/7/06

Short week, not much happening.....makes you wonder why they didn't just take the whole week off and start again new next Monday, doesn't it?  I mean, really, what was the point of this week?  I can't find one, can you?

It started out with promise, tho.  Chad and Whitney found out at long last that they really aren't brother and sister, and they can finally be together and raise Miles as a family.  I have to say, that was a really great turn of events, but then it hit a brick wall and fell right over backwards, leaving nothing but fond memories of the happy reunion.  Yes, we got a few minutes of celebration, some tender love scenes, some happy banter, but then - nothing.  Chad disappeared, and Whitney ran around Rome with Theresa, looking for Ethan.  Big deal.

Speaking of Theresa, what the heck is up with all that?  I mean, she's chasing JT all over Rome, demanding the proof he has that Gwen and Rebecca are the ones who actually outted Ethan's paternity, then blamed it on Theresa, right?  Only, once she finally gets him, has him cornered and pinned, he tells her Little Ethan is really Ethan's son, not Julian's, and she simply drops the demand for the real scoop and runs off dementedly, sure that this knowledge will bring Ethan back to her forever.  Now, just how stupid is that, especially when she lets JT run off for parts unknown, taking the proof with him?

Now, we all know that while this information is interesting, and it's what we've all known since - well, since Little Ethan was conceived, actually - it's not something that will make him leave Gwen.  Come on, people, Jane is his daughter, but he's still with Gwen!  Nope, as I have said before, all that will happen is Gwen will demand he assert his parental rights and take Little Ethan to live with them, then start claiming him as HER son, not Theresa's.  How much brain power do you have to have to realize that?  I have to say, this is the stupidest move Theresa's made since.....well, last week, at least.

Luis had Alistair cornered, had him and Beth in his grasp, and yet the old lizard and his evil spawn managed to slip away again.  Just when things start looking up, they pull the same old stunts and slap us in the face yet again.  Totally unsatisfying, I tell you.  He and Fancy had Marty within their reach, and yet he's gone again, just like always.  Luis needs to stop being so Dudley-Do Right in all this stuff, don't you think?  Buy a gun, load it with armor piercing bullets, and mow the two of them down at first sight.  Now, that would be a satisfying end to the whole mess, and yet they simply don't do it.  They continue to let these two get away, and take Marty with them.

Sheridan, of course, is no help at all.  She either cries and whines, or she screams and yells at Luis for not stopping them.  What good does that do?  None, obviously.  This week found her in bed, watching Luis and Fancy stumble around Rome trying to find her son after yet another botched "apprehension", while Chris' connection with Al was made clear yet again.  Nothing new there, either.  Well, I guess you'd have to say the whole lions-chasing-Luis-and-Fancy part is new, pretty much.  Not much to get excited about, tho, in the grand scheme of things.  Al and Beth still got away, yet again, with Marty.

Meanwhile, back in Harmony, things continue to be stuck in quicksand, also.  Kay still hasn't managed to get her memory back, while Fox and Miguel continue to argue about just how far Miguel can go in his charade of being engaged to her.  I still say, he's enjoying this mix-up a bit too much.  How hard is it to not kiss her back when she locks lips with him, or at least keep it a short, more platonic kiss instead of a deep, tongue-tangling, passion-filled one?  Not that hard, and yet he continues to play the whole sex thing to the hilt, enjoying every minute of it, while twisting the knife a little deeper in Fox's back the whole time. 

I just keep waiting for Fox to finally haul off and knock the opportunistic skunk clear into next week.  He's really losing a lot of respect from me, I'll tell you that.  He's simply taking advantage of a situation that a real gentleman would do all within his power to resist, and he's enjoying it way too much.  It's almost like rape, at least in my opinion.  He knows she's not in her right mind, and yet he's willing to go as far as he can get away with, enjoying himself all the way.  All he had to do was "remind" her that they had made a pact of celibacy until their wedding night, or something like that, and then let her sleep in her own bed, shower by herself, and keep her dignity at the same time.  Nope, not our little perv, Miguel.  He has to get all he can, while he can.

Endora has done all she can do, but it's not enough, either.  And she managed to burn their house down in the end, too.  Poor little tyke, she wants her big brother to be happy, but there just doesn't seem to be anything she can do about it.  Tabby is still half in Fox's camp, half in Miguel's, thinking that having him and Kay together is the only way to keep him from Charity, but if she'd only stop and think, the best thing would be for him and Siren to get together.  I mean, if her objective, as she's so often stated, is to keep Miguel from making love to Charity and thereby enabling her to come into her "full powers", wouldn't it make sense to have him make love to Siren and end up unable to ever make love to a human woman?  He'd never be able to be with Charity in that case, while with Kay, he could easily drop her at any time and run back to Charity.  The old witch still isn't thinking clearly.

Siren's enchantment of Fox was a bit much, don't you think?  I mean, I enjoyed the vocals, great voice and all, but having him stumble along to her room like a zombie on Prozac was just dumb.  It was so sweet to see him fighting her spell so hard, tho.  He just couldn't stop remembering Kay, wanting her, and it blew holes in Siren's plan the whole time.  Even if the fire hadn't happened, I don't think he'd have gone through with making love to Siren at all.  The pull of Kay was just too strong for him, and when the fire broke out, she was the first person he thought of.  Now, if that's not real love, I don't know what is, and yet they writers want to fool around and have her crawling all over Miguel.  It's just not right, I tell you.

Last but not least, just how long is it going to take for TC to give up the ghost?  Come on, we've been waiting for something like this for years now, and still they have to drag it out indefinitely.  Let the guy go, would you please?  Put him, and us, out our misery already!  Yes, I know, they have to play up the whole "let's-make-problems-for-Eve-and-Julian" business, but this is ridiculous.  I mean, all these two have had is trouble from day one, and enough is enough.  He loves her, she loves him, so let them finally be happy.  I guess losing TC is a traumatic thing, but still, he's been nothing but a royal pain in the rear end for years now, and enough is enough.  Let him go!

Well, that's about all for now.  Not much happened, really, and certainly not much that was new and worth talking about, and I really do think they could have chucked this week and we would never have missed a thing.  The new stuff could have been covered during the first ten minutes or so on Monday, and the stories moved on from there, and we'd never have known the difference.  Actually, it probably would have made for a faster-paced show, which really would have made it more enjoyable, don't you agree?  They need to get these stories moving, come up with new and more exciting stuff, and yet we all know that will never happen, don't we?  Well, hope springs eternal, even now.

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