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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

6/26/06 - 6/30/06

Ok, first off I need to apologize for doubting "them".  This is not an easy thing to do, but you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?  Remember when I was upset because all the rumors about secrets being revealed and stories finally climaxing seemed to be just more of the same old stale, untrue promises we've been used to?  Well, I was wrong, and yes, they did get it done before the month was through.  So, I'm sorry, JER and writers, I was least it seems that way now, anyway.

I have to admit, this was one of the most satisfying weeks I've seen yet on this show.  Some long-held secrets finally made their way out, there was a lot of action, and even some real fun stuff going on, and I've not been able to say that often, if ever in times past.  Honestly, I think I've enjoyed this week more than almost any other in the history of this show.  True, there were parts of it that I could have done without, but all in all, I mostly enjoyed this week.

First off, Chad and Whitney found out they really aren't siblings after all.  It was, of course, another dastardly scheme by Alistair to cause more pain and suffering.  Now, I have no idea why he chose this scheme, nasty as it all was, but who knows the mind of a perverted old man, anyway?  He really put those two, their families, and their child through more torture than anyone should ever have to bear over the last few years, but at least it's over now.

It seems Chad isn't really Julian and Eve's son after all, but Alistair and Liz'.  Now, that's a mix that really turns my stomach, and that's not easy to take, but if it gets those two back together, then I can swallow a ton of Tums or something and learn to live with it.  We don't know the whole story, of course, but if I had to guess I'd say she became pregnant when he raped her.  As evil and vile as she is, I can't see her willingly having an affair with the old goat, so that's the only way I can think of that she could have borne his child.

Whatever the cause of it, tho, it means Chad and Whitney can be together again, and raise their son together, as it should be.  I have to think Chad will finally be glad he was raised by all those foster families, too, since the alternative would have been even worse.  We've already seen what the old lizard did to Julian, so Chad was really lucky to have escaped that fate.  I have to say I'm thrilled with this turn of events, since I've always loved them together.  Now, that's a love that could really work, given the chance.

Theresa has finally found some information that can ease some of her concerns, at least for a while, but I keep wondering how it's going to get Ethan to leave Gwen and go back with her.  I mean, Jane is their child, too, and all that did was give Gwen reason to steal her from Theresa, so why wouldn't she do the same with Little Ethan?  I mean, she already stole him once, and that's when she thought he was Julian's son, so it seems logical to me that that's what would happen.

Of course, logic and Passions have never worked well together, so why start now?  Oh, it's not that they can't work, it's just that they're never given the chance.  But all this just calls into question the "prophecies" Theresa has received concerning her, Ethan, and their future happiness, or lack of it.  The nun said she'd get some news that would bind her and Ethan together forever.....they share another child.  But, as I said, if it didn't work with Jane, why would it with Little Ethan?

I don't know, something just doesn't feel right here.  I'm thinking they'll be bound together, yes, but they still won't be together, because he still won't leave Gwen.  See, she seems to have escaped being outted as the real liar, the one who actually outted Ethan's paternity and then spent the years since lying about it, but nothing Theresa does ever gets her the proof she needs to confirm that for Ethan.  We already know he refused to leave Gwen without some kind of proof, so I really don't see them actually being together.

Now, "losing her love", as the e-mail said, or "suffering much pain", as the nun said, could mean anything.  We've all heard of Little Ethan's supposed fate, I'm sure, but is that really what it means?  Couldn't it also mean that Gwen takes both children and Ethan, leaving Theresa with no one, and only the pain of losing them all for good?  It makes sense to me, but then again, making sense is not a Passions staple, either.

Noah and Fancy still haven't been able to reconnect, either.  Jessica ended up married to Spike, in an attempt to keep him from testifying against her in court for the murders of the johns, and she can't back up the fact that Noah was only pretending to be with Maya because Lena threatened Fancy, at Alistair's orders.  Therefore, he has no way of proving what he says is true, and Fancy won't accept his word for anything.

Besides, she seems to be more and more interested in Luis these days, so she probably doesn't really want to believe Noah anyway.  What a fickle woman she is!  Just when I was beginning to think she might actually be a decent person, she turns into the old Fancy, who couldn't stick with one man if her life depended on it.  Now, true, she feels betrayed by Noah, but once she heard the real story, why did she not believe him?  She should know he's not lying to her, but she simply won't accept it, and that's because she's moved on to Luis.  Poor Noah.

I loved the Lesbian fighters!  True, it was kind of hokey, but come on, this is Passions, why wouldn't it be?  And anyway, it was so much fun to watch it made up for the hokiness.  Can you imagine Simone and Paloma, after being unable to get the police to help them and their friends because they are in Alistair's pocket, going to a lesbian bar and recruiting them to go beat the tar out of Al and his henchmen?  Hilarious, is all I can say.

And the old man was shaking in his boots when he heard them coming!  He knew exactly who they were, and it scared him silly, at least for a while.  Now, that's funny.  My only complaint is that the women didn't go for his throat.  I mean, if he's the one they hate, wouldn't they have tried to do him in at some point?  True, one woman did approach him, but Beth knocked her on her rear end, and she didn't try again.  I was so hoping she'd get up and punch Beth in the kisser, knocking her back through the wall behind them, but no such luck.

I got a kick out of Norma and Edna, too, for once.  Norma was having a ball, fighting Alistair's henchmen, and she even got a rare moment of closeness with "Daddy", when she scared the gun Beth was holding on him out of her hand, and Al actually thanked her.  That was kind of cute, in a yucky sort of way.  And Edna, waving her skirts at one of the thugs.....he was recoiling as if he were being beaten with a two-by-four, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was the smell she was wafting at him that did it, or the sight of what was under that skirt.  I guess we'll never know, but it was funny.

Back in Harmony, we had two stories going that I could have done without.  First, Julian met up with Rebecca and begged her once again to let him have a divorce, and this time she relented, which made both he and Eve very happy.  But, before they could even really enjoy the news, word came that a drunken TC had driven his car into a very bad accident and was on the brink of death.  

Of course, Eve had to run to his side, and Julian was very understanding.  He even prayed that TC would live, although it was a bit on the selfish side, since he knew if he died, Eve would feel so guilty it might affect the two of them.  I guess he's right, too, but I sure hope not.  TC deserves whatever he gets, actually, since he was a total jerk to her once Liz told her story.  Even finding out she was a liar didn't seem to soften him up any, as he continued to mouth off at Eve and treat her badly.

Yes, he seemed to be sorry for the way he acted at times, but whenever something went wrong, he still blamed it on Eve and her "lack of character", or whatever.  He's the idiot that got drunk and decided to take off in his car, so whatever happens to him is his own fault.  However, you know Eve and Julian are going to pay for it, since no couple can ever be truly happy on this show.  That really bugs me, because I love these two together, and I'd hate to see her leave Julian to go take care of TC.

Kay has really gotten herself into a pickle at this point.  She got shocked by loose wires on the washing machine, and totally lost her memory, at least as to who she loves and is engaged to.  Funny how she can remember everything else, except that she is engaged to Fox, not Miguel.  Personally, I think it's just an act on her part so she can dump Fox and take up with Miguel without being blamed for it.

Siren is on to her, however.  She thinks it's all an act, too, and while she and I are probably wrong, it does make sense, considering the things Kay has been willing to do in the past to get the man.  I really feel sorry for Fox, because not only is his heart breaking, he's probably going to be the one who pays for Kay's forgetfulness.

Siren tried to cure Kay's problem with a baseball bat, but once that didn't work, she decided that payback's fair play, so she started working her mermaid-y magic on poor Fox, enchanting him with her Siren Song, which no man can resist.  Now she has him in her web, so to speak, and there seems to be nothing even Tabitha and Endora can do to stop her from making love to him, leaving him unable to ever be with a human woman again.  If that happens, even if Kay does get her memory back, she and Fox will be done with for good.

I can't help wondering what good being a witch is if you can't use your power when you need to.  I mean, they can do everything under the sun, it seems, and Endora is even the one that conjured up Siren in the first place, so how can they not stop her from ruining Fox?  It makes no.....oh, never mind.  I'm so tired of saying that.  I just hope they can come up with something to stop Siren and get Kay to remember who she really wants to be with, and I hope that's still Fox.

So, all in all, this was a pretty good week, even tho there were parts that didn't sit well.  I hope the pace keeps going during July, because it's really been pretty nice to have stories that actually moved forward instead of just spinning their wheels.  I'm hoping being chopped from the Days head writing position might make JER realize he's really not doing such a great job, and maybe he might start trying to write better stories for Passions.   Maybe.  Hey, we can always hope, right?

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