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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

6/5/06 - 6/9/06

Ok, just when we begin to think we see movement, they slow the darn show down again.  What's up with that?  I was so excited, thinking we were finally going to get some payoff for all our years of faithful watching - painful as it has been most of the time - and this was going to make the whole thing worth while.  Now it seems to have stopped dead in it's tracks, for the most part, and we're sitting here trying to get it going again by pushing with our feet.  You remember riding in wagons when you were small, and you had to sit half in and half out, pushing with your foot to get it started, then pull the foot in and roll as long as possible, until it slowed down, and then the foot would come out and start pushing again?  Well, that's what this is feeling like now.

 The only sign of any movement is Alistair getting his hands on the chalice, and Theresa chasing down JT to get the goods on Gwen and Rebecca, and even that seems to be stuck retracing itself over and over.  I don't know, maybe it comes from being too old to want to wait for the answers now, but this is bugging more than ever.  I mean, I just keep sitting there, almost yelling at the screen to get on with it, let them finally get the truth out, once and for all.  It's so frustrating!

 Whitney finally found the chalice, and then she found the code that was supposed to let them take it from it's cabinet, but it didn't work right.  Now, I have to admit, watching Al get zapped by the chalice when he grabbed it was the most fun I've had in a long time, but the problem is that it will keep this story going even longer.  Now she will have to try to figure out another part of the code or whatever, meaning we get more of her going over each painting inch by inch.  Oh, Lord, I don't think I can stand it.

 One more thing that bugged me is the fact that Al went ballistic, even using curse words when he got zapped, and it barely fazed the "nun".  Yes, she chided him for the word, but only barely, and it didn't seem like his outburst bothered her much, either.  She did look scared, but come on, where was the puzzlement that "God", or the guy working for him, would act that way?  Ok, the scene was short, so maybe they'll have her questioning him next week, but still, she didn't seem to notice he'd acted like a jerk, not a holy man.

 And while I'm on the subject of Sister Whitney, how on earth can she not see Alistair's face under that hood?  I mean, we can see it when the camera turns toward him, and we're only seeing it on a TV screen, so why can't she see it when she's right there, looking right at him?  Oh, yeah, maybe it's the contacts blinding her.  Whatever it is, it seems really stupid not to be able to see the guys face when he's standing right there, inches away from her.

 Theresa was superwoman this week, and she did manage to stay within striking distance of JT until she could get him to admit the truth to Ethan.  I found the whole business of him running, trying to get away from her, while holding that stupid phone to his ear and giving a play-by-play to the two Witches of Hotchkiss a bit stupid, tho.  Who in their right mind would do that?  Is it any wonder she managed to keep up with him, fancy dress and heels notwithstanding?  

 I have to say, that jump she made between the two sections of scaffolding was something else.  I laughed like a crazy person after seeing her flailing through the air, screeching like a banshee, and I thought there was no way that kind of technique could get her across the chasm, but it did.  She managed to grab a bar of the framework and pull herself up onto the board, easy as could be.  But then once she's up there, she trips and falls off anyway.  Good Lord, Chaplin couldn't do better slapstick than that.  And she even managed to pull herself up again.  Super Woman, for sure.

 Ethan's jump across, in his attempt to keep up with her, was pretty boring by comparison, even tho he made it from board to board, and even managed to stay standing.  It just lacked something, you know?  But anyway, he did manage to stay with the two of them, and he was even there when JT finally caved in - for $10,000,000 - and told him the truth.  Now, there are serious doubts as to whether Ethan will believe him or not, and I think my money has to go on "No".  I mean, the guy is a certifiable idiot, since he has never believed Theresa about it in the first place.  I mean, why would she burn the heck out of her arm if not to retrieve the disk Gwen tossed into the furnace?  Yet he took Gwen's side and believed her lies instead of Theresa's truth.  The guy has no common sense, I tell you.

Noah is still upset with Fancy and Luis, of course.  He is convinced they are a couple now, even tho he fully expects her to believe he and Maya aren't.  And she has seen them in more flagrant situations than he's seen her and Luis in, yet he can't even consider that he could be wrong?  It doesn't make sense.  At this point, tho, it seems Fancy is really wishing she and Luis were together, so maybe Noah's on to something.  It's hard to tell what Luis is thinking, but if he doesn't manage to get Marty back, it's quite likely he might fall back on Fancy.  You know Sheridan won't touch him without Marty, so Fuis might actually become a reality.

Kay is making me crazy, and she's doing the same to Fox, I think.  I mean, she just can't leave Miguel alone.  On top of that, she's making no secret of the fact she can't stand him being with Siren, and Fox is beginning to wonder what's really up with her.  She needs to cool her jets, let Miguel live his own life, and concentrate on Fox.  I'm telling you, Miguel isn't that great a catch.  The boy is dumb, and that's putting it mildly.

He meets Charity and falls head-over-heels for her, then spends years chasing her around the world because he just can't give up on her.  Then he meets Siren, and even tho she's strange he just can't stay away from her, either.  And just seconds before he is with her, he's telling Kay he loves her madly and wants to marry her, etc.  Come on now, guy, how hard is it to choose one woman and stick with her?  But then, the same can be said for Kay.  

She figured out this week that Tabitha is mixed in to the Siren business, yet she still hasn't figured out she's the reason Kay suddenly started wanting Miguel again, and even more strange, that he's begun to want her?  And all that stuff about them in the boat, floating to a lonely beach and getting all chummy - what was that about?  How can she not realize it was a magic spell?  She's been living with the witch, watching her work, for a couple of years now, yet she doesn't recognize it when she sees it? Not very likely.  I don't know how this is going to end up, but it really is a dumb storyline.

I just hope the Vendetta story gets over soon.  I admit, I've enjoyed parts of it, and it has moved some stories along, at least for a while, but now it's just stuck in the mud, not really going anywhere, and I'm tired of it.  I want Julian and Eve, Sam and Ivy, TC and Liz (yes, I know that's strange, but that's just how bored I am getting), and all the things that have been going on with them.  I really don't understand just deserting all these characters while they concentrate on the Rome story.  It's obvious there isn't that much going on over there, so why not throw in some movement in those other stories, too?  It would keep it interesting, at least.  I mean, even another of those romantic evenings with Evian would add so much to the show, and I know I'd be happy to see it.  

 Hopefully the Vendetta story will move along and get off my screen soon, but God only knows when it will really end.  I'll just have to keep hoping it will begin moving and keep it up, instead of stagnating in the same revolving actions and dialog, ad infinitum.  Enough, already.  Get it over and get us back to Harmony.

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