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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/29/06 - 6/4/06

Well, the "Big Secret" came out this week.  So, is anyone else tired of all the no-surprise "surprises" these writers keep giving us?  Honest to God, it's getting to the point that I have to wonder if they have a complete brain between the bunch of them.  Who didn't know Alistair was the Monk/"God"?  I mean, who else could it have been?  One more dud in a long line of them, and they wonder why the show can't rise out of the basement in the ratings department.

 Ok, the story itself is still holding my attention, mostly because I can't figure out what the missing paintings have to do with anything, why the Three Stoogettes are the ones that are destined to find them, and why Al gathered everyone to Rome.  It all seems so non-connected, and yet it's supposed to all be working together toward some mutual ending.  I guess there is a mystery here, after all, isn't there?

We know that Luis is there to chase Beth, keeping him from figuring out what's really up, but couldn't All have just tossed him a ball of yarn and told him to figure out how to unwind it and find the prize in the middle?  It would have kept him just as busy, and cost a whole lot less, too.   And what those three girls have to do with anything is simply beyond my ability to understand, let alone having Noah and Maya there.  Ok, maybe he's trying to get Noah killed so he'll leave Fancy alone, but they've already broken up.  What's the point?

Theresa and Ethan - what's up with that?  Could it be he's really keeping his promise to her, the one where he promised if she would help him, he'd help her get Ethan back?  That doesn't seem to make sense, but then, why should we be expecting it to?  I guess Whitney was chosen because she's gullible and easily manipulated, but she's the only one that even remotely makes sense in the whole thing.  True, she's being made to seem totally ignorant, but it does make sense, somewhat.

I thought Whit had come to her senses this week, tho.  She actually started questioning "God" about who he really is, and she started thinking maybe she was dealing with an imposter - DUH!  But, it only lasted for a heart-beat, long enough for her to see his scarred face and fall for his pity-grabbing excuses.  None of that made sense, but of course she bought it, and has actually managed to find the chalice Al needs to get so he can dominate the whole world....Bwaaaaaa haaa haaaa!!!!!!  (Sorry, the evil laugh just seemed to belong there.)

 On a lighter note, Kay is still playing the "I love Fox - no, I love Miguel - no I don't, I just don't like Siren" game, and it's not getting any better.  Oh, they seem to have found out she's a mermaid, but the whole situation between Kay and the two men is still so confusing it's almost unbearable.  Does she love Fox or Miguel?  Will she marry Fox, or run off with Miguel?  Someone, PLEASE tell me what's going on there.  I'm so confused!!

 At the start of the week, it seemed like she was telling Miguel that she really loves him, not Fox, but by the end, she really loves Fox and just thinks Siren is too strange for Miguel to be mixed up with.  I don't get it, to tell you the truth.  She needs to concentrate on one of the guys and leave the other alone.  Either stick with Fox (Yes!) and let Miguel live his own life, or dump Fox, beat the tar out of Siren, and get back with Miguel.  One or the other, because she can't have both!  Stop thinking that way, you naughty girl!

We got to see Julian and Eve this week, which is always a pleasure.  I wish they'd get back to some of the other characters.  I'm so tired of watching the barely-out-of-diapers set that I could scream.  I want more romantic evenings with Julian and Eve, more criminal apprehension by Sam, and while we're on the subject, what on earth has happened with Pilar, Martin, and Katherine?  Has he given up on reuniting with Pilar?  Is he happily knoodling with Katherine, while Rachel stands by and watches, smiling serenely at what she has wrought?  And not that I miss them that much, but what about TC and Liz?  Where are they, what are they doing, and what's going to happen in regard to her confession of being the one who tried to kill both Julian and Alistair?

Ok, the Rome story is "exciting", and "new", etc, but I'm already tired of it, for the most part.  Get back to the others, let us know what's going on back in Harmony, and stop spending all the time on the Stoogettes and their dumber cousins.  Or make the story more interesting, one or the other.  I'm just bored, for the most part, and I'm ready for something different now.  Yes, we did get to see Gwen and Rebecca a lot this week as they worried about Theresa getting the goods on them, but it ended up with them manipulating the situation all the way from Harmony, and the whole thing fell apart.  I know, they'll get back to it, but I'm just so tired of having the goods right there in Theresa's hands, only to have it be yanked right back out by Gwen, Rebecca, or both.  It's tiresome, I tell you.

Let's hope things get cleared up more this coming week.  Let's hope something new and exciting will come up.  Let's hope someone figures something out, and at least one story gets moving in a more exciting direction.  Anything would help, you know?  Ok, maybe I'm being too critical here.  Maybe the Rome storyline is more interesting that I'm making it seem here, or something else.  I don't know.  All I know is, I want some payoff for all this stuff, and it's getting harder to wait for it.  Let Noah figure out he's being used, or let Theresa finally get the message to Ethan, or let the girls finally figure out they're more useless than teets on a bull.  Anything.  Just don't keep us hanging on for the same old stupidity any longer.

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