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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/22/06 - 5/26/06

So, how is everyone liking the Vendetta storyline?  I thought it was pretty weak for a while, but it seems to be picking up now.  It still has it's boring times, but it is holding my interest better now.  I guess having it based more on Luis finding Marty and Theresa finding (hopefully) the proof she needs to blow Gwen out of the water are the reasons for that.  I was just bored to tears with the whole Whitney/"God" and Three Stoogettes Hunt Lost Paintings scenarios.  Now that they're in the background, it's a little more interesting.

I'm enjoying having Beth back, too.  Well, except for the part where she skulks around cursing Fancy and trying to kill her - oh, wait.  That's pretty much all she's doing now, isn't it?  Still, it's good to see her back.  Maybe it's been long enough so I can handle the whole thing better, at least for a while.  Hopefully they won't keep this going on for too much longer, tho.  That's the whole problem with this show, you know.  They just keep the stories going on and on and on.  They never know when to end it.

I am upset with the Kay/Fox/Miguel story, tho.  Come on, Kay and Fox are so good together, why muck it up with having her falling for Miguel all over again?  Why would she do that, for goodness sake?  I mean, the guy treated her like yesterday's garbage, then deserted her and their newborn daughter to go traipsing around the world, looking for a woman who obviously didn't want anything more to do with him, and now he comes back two years later and decides he really does love Kay and wants her back?  Well, I say "Too bad, doofus.  You didn't want her when it mattered, so stop screwing her life up now that she's found someone who really does love her."

Now, I need to talk about Theresa's seeming lucky break here.  I guess I'm kind of gun shy or something, because I just keep thinking it's not really going to happen, you know? How many times have the writers made it seem she was really going to get the goods on Gwen and Rebecca and prove to Ethan that the wife he feels he needs to honor so badly isn't really worth it at all?  Numerous.  Yet has she actually managed to get that proof?  NONE!!  

Oh, she did find the tape, that's true, but she let Gwen destroy it before she could play it for Ethan, so nothing came of it.  I just keep thinking that's what will happen here, too.  I mean, these people can't let a story end, ever, except for some stupid, means-nothing thing like what was in TC's garage.  Now, that was a story that had no value whatsoever.  Of all the things they could have had in that garage, it ended up being the car that was wrecked when he had the accident that ended his tennis career.  I knew that was what it was for months, so it wasn't really worth the wait to me.  

See, that's my problem.  I just keep waiting for some really huge, really worth-it payoff from all these stories, and they just keep giving us nothing.  TC's garage - fizzle.  Liz being outted as the real culprit in her own poisoning, and as the would-be killer of Julian and Alistair - fizzle.  Rachel as the Lady with Red Fingernails - fizzle.  See what I mean?  Even when they do answer the questions, it's not worth waiting for in the first place.  Why can't they do a better job of it?  Maybe they just don't want to.

I'm still waiting for Ivy to be outted for all her dirty dealings, especially what she did to Grace and Sam.  We keep being told it will happen any day now, and it's supposed to happen with the Vendetta story, but will it actually happen?  It should.  I have a feeling that they can't answer their own questions or end the stories they have going because they have no idea what else to write for the show if they do.  Absolutely no imagination.  The most imaginative reveal they've ever had was when Charlie turned out to be Alistair in drag.  Now, that was worth the wait, I have to say.  But one great reveal in seven years?  Not a great track record in my book.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep an open mind in this whole Vendetta storyline, but it's not easy.  I really want a great story, with a really great ending as payoff for watching, but I'm not holding my breath.  After all, we already know Alistair is the monk/God, and he's not really in a coma any longer, so what more is there?  I don't care about the paintings, they seem to be nothing more than a distraction,  I don't care if Whitney ever finds that chalice or not, and I simply couldn't care less about whether Noah ever figures out Spike is the killer in time to get Fancy back.  I just want Theresa to finally get proof for Ethan, I want Luis to get Marty back and toss Beth in jail, at least for a while,  and I want Ivy exposed.  If that happens, I'll be thrilled, and watching this whole thing will have been worth it.

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