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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/8/06 - 5/12/06

Hey, does anyone else out there think we've seen the birth of the newest couple on Passions this week?  I have to say, when Luis reached up and laid a big, wet one on Fancy, I kind of liked it.  True, I've not been a big Fancy fan, and I have always been a Shuis backer, but if you've paid attention to my rantings the last few months you know I'm more than fed up with Sheridan and looking for anyone else Luis can pair up with, so the chemistry between him and Fancy really got me thinking this could be it.

Now, let me say that as much as I've disliked Fancy since her not-so-wonderful entry onto the show, I think she's actually changed over the last couple of months.  I mean, she's not so much the spoiled little rich girl now, and she actually seems to be able to care about people other than herself.  That's a big step, and it's made her more human and - yes - even likeable (to a degree).  I've begun to soften in my stance against her, and so it's not hard to see her as the new woman in Luis' life.

Luis, of course, has been treated like so much garbage by the once-wonderful Sheridan for at least a year, and any right she ever had to a loving relationship with him has gone right down the drain for me.  I simply can't stand the thought of the two of them getting back together.  Ok, yes, Luis has always been my favorite male character, and he's one gorgeous hunk of maleness, so I will admit my bias toward him, but that still doesn't make what she did to him, the abysmal way she's treated him, anything less than despicable.  I mean, she really treated him like dirt!  So no, I don't want him to forgive and forget.  I want her stuck with Chris, and he turns out to be Daddy Dearest's paid stooge, brought to town to keep her and Luis apart.  And Luis gets to find a woman worthy of His Royal Hunkiness.  Fancy just might fill the bill, there.

Ok, yes, Noah deserves a good woman, and he really loves Fancy, but come on, he's only been in town a few months, so living through a little pain and heartbreak won't kill him.  He can always find someone else down the line, right?  A few months of being alone might be a good character-building time for him, so when the right woman comes along he'll be ready and able to settle down with only her.  Luis has been alone and in pain long enough, so let he and Fancy get together and rip Sheridan's heart out.  I mean, what better revenge than having her own niece push her out of Luis' heart and end up with the life she always wanted to have with him?  It's pure karma, I tell you.

 Noah shafted Fancy again, anyway.  True, it's not his fault, really, since he's just trying to keep her safe, but still, he shouldn't have gotten mixed up with Maya again anyway.  He's letting her, and through her, Lena, lead him around like a stupid little puppy, and if he'd just stayed away from her none of this would ever have happened.  Now, I'm wondering if Lena and this whole thing isn't part of Alistair's plot to keep Fancy from being with Noah, so wouldn't it be perfect if she dropped Noah like Grampy wants, then got involved with Luis, who he hates even worse than Noah?  It's perfect, I tell you.

Whitney almost got her senses back this week.  She did for a while, but quickly went right back into stupid mode.  Chad and Luis went down into the catacombs to find her and got buried under the rubble of a cave in, and who should trip over them but Whitney, running from some kind of horrible animal that was chasing her down the tunnels.  Now, the animal may or may not be real, but it did cause cuts to her arm, and she was bleeding.  Anyway, as she's doing her virtual reality thing, this monster begins to come after her again and while running away from it she found Chad's hand sticking out of the rubble, and then Luis', too.

Her screams for help, against "God's" orders, brought Noah and Fancy onto the scene, since they were standing on the street right above Whitney and heard her screaming, then jumped down a manhole to help out.  All this time "God" is ordering Whitney to leave Chad to die, telling her it is what is meant to be, but she finally got smart and questioned whether the loving God she knows would order her to just let two people die, and decided He wouldn't.  A great step in the right direction, there, Whit, but the only problem is, it only lasted long enough for her to dig Chad out and make sure he was ok.  Then she ran right back to do "God's" bidding, as if she'd never wondered about him.  I don't get it.

Anyway, once back with him, he tells her the only way she will ever be able to live sinlessly is if Chad were to die, and she agreed, but decided it is she who has to die, not Chad.  "God" was ok with that, too, so he ended up stabbing her, or at least that's what it seems like he did.  Now, by this time Chad, Noah, and Fancy have managed to escape yet another cave in, but he worries about whether Whitney got away from it in time and goes back to try to find her.  I was hoping he'd get there in time to keep her from getting stabbed, but it looks like he didn't, so we'll have to wait until Monday to see whether she's a goner or not, I guess. 

At least she's come to terms with the fact that she still loves him more than anything else and will never be able to stop.  That's a step in the right direction, since we all know it will eventually turn out that they really aren't related after all.  I don't know how, but it will.  Chad and Whitney really belong together, and I wish they'd hurry up and let it happen.  For that matter, I wish they'd hurry up and finish all the older questions and secrets.  It's been way more than long enough.

 The three girls - Paloma, Simone, and Jessica - are still managing to get themselves in trouble.  The three men who took them to the nightclub where everyone was wearing the Omega symbol as either a tattoo or something on their clothing or jewelry, talked them into letting them blindfold them and take them some place secret.  Now, just how stupid do you have to be to let that happen, especially in a foreign country?  Well, that's simple;  as stupid as these three pinheads!  Dear good Lord God, I hope that any of you who are teens aren't getting the idea that letting some stranger blindfold you and lead to some unknown place is a fun thing to do. 

 Ok, I know, most teens are light years head of these three in the intelligence department, but you just never know.  Kids get strange ideas, and having these writers give them any more stupid things to try is totally irresponsible.  But then, when have they not done the most stupid thing with the characters on this show?  

 Theresa and Ethan are still sparring back and forth.  He loves and wants her so badly it hurts, but he won't allow himself to act on it and leave Gwen because.....gee whiz, Batman, he's married to her!  So, just when did divorce become so horrible?  Haven't they heard that The Church seems to have no great problem with it now?  I mean, divorced people marry all the time, and they're still welcome in church, even treated like royalty if they are famous or rich enough, so what's the big deal?  It's like the writers have jumped back in time a century or two in the way they want to write this show, and it really sucks.  Yes, I said it.  And it does. 

 The man can't even make love to that wife of his without thinking she's Theresa.  He dreams of her at night, daydreams of her when he's awake, and simply can't get her out of his mind or heart, yet he won't do the right thing and stop pulling Gwen's chain.  I'm positive God doesn't look kindly on a man who keeps lying to his wife and everyone else, all in the guise of trying to be a good Christian man.  It's hypocrisy at it's worst, and he needs to stop it now.  Just tell Gwen the truth, let her get on with her life and find a man who will love and care for her with all his heart and soul, like all women deserve, and then go marry Theresa and live happily ever after with her and the kids.  How hard is that, I ask you?  What he's doing now is simply wrong, and certainly not the Christian thing to do, no matter how you look at it.

Now, Theresa has gotten word that her sister and his are in terrible danger in Rome, and she wants to go make sure they are alright.  She figures Ethan will want to be there for his sister, too, so she runs right over to tell him they have to leave on the Crane jet right away.  Ok, yes, anything to get him to be with her, that's true, but it's a valid excuse, just the same.  And he wants to be there for his sister, too.  However, the Gwench can't keep her mouth shut and let him make the decision for himself.  Oh, no.  She flat out tells him he's not going anywhere, his sister can take her chances with Crane security's help.    And he goes along with it!!

Now, I don't know about you, but if I knew someone I cared about was in danger, I'd want to be there to help protect them if I could.  I certainly wouldn't leave their welfare in the hands of people who may or may not give a fig about what happens to them, that's for sure.  I mean, these people are Alistair's hand picked people, and he has no love lost for the Bennetts, so how do Gwen and especially Ethan know they will really do everything they have to do to protect Jessica or any of the others?  They don't.  Gwen just doesn't care, of course, since all of them are lower class and aren't as "valuable" as she and her kind are, but for Ethan to leave his own sister's well-being to these people makes no sense at all.  Oh, yeah, it does.  He's so "whipped" by Gwen that he can't possibly make up his own mind.  He must do as Wifey wants, you know.

He is so infuriating!  Why on earth do I still want him and Theresa together, that's what I want to know.  She deserves so much better, yet she continues to pine away for him, the Wimp of the World.  Go figure.  But, I am a fan of true love, and these two do really love each other, so maybe that's why I still root for them to make it.  Ok, so I'm as stupid as the Three Dimwits, I know.  God forgive me, I'm a blooming idiot!

 As for being stupid, what's the matter with Kay?  I think I already mentioned the fact that all these weird things are going on and yet she hasn't managed to figure out that Tabitha and Endora have to be behind them all.  Now she just keeps seeming to be drooling over Miguel again and risking the loss of the man who really, truly loves her, warts and all.  It makes no sense.  Fox is gorgeous, he's genuinely sweet and kind to her, he's always there for her, and he's richer than anyone has a right to be.  Why on earth risk losing him for Miguel, a guy who has nothing and was willing to leave her and their baby to fend for themselves while he chased a woman who didn't want him all over the world?  Yet, here she is, with Fox in her bed,  and all she can do is worry about whether Miguel is getting jiggy with Siren.  

 Ok, she doesn't know her, and she doesn't trust her, but come on, Miguel is a grown man and has a right to make his own decisions.  Who he chooses to be with should be none of Kay's business, and yet......she just can't keep her nose out of it.  I really worry that pretty soon Fox will figure out what she's up to and drop her cold.  She will deserve it, of course, but doggone it, I like them as a couple much more than her and Miguel, especially the new Miguel.  I saw chemistry between him and Deanna, actually, and I thought they would be good together, but it's just not there with this Kay.  Sorry, but I only feel grossed out when they're pawing all over each other.  Zero chemistry, I tell you. 

I'm still enjoying Siren, tho.  At least, the girl who plays her.  I am really impressed with her acting.  Yes, she seems like she'd be just another ditzy blond, with nothing going for her but that gorgeous body and face, but she really can act, and she makes the character believable.  Yes, she's much more than a pretty face, and JER made a real find with her.  I've not always been a fan of the people he brings on to play his characters, but I have to say, he did himself proud with this one.  I hope she gets the chance to play a more varied character, too.  I'd love to see her get really angry, or sad, or maybe even a bit evil.  I think she'd be able to handle all of it nicely, and it would be fun to watch.  I love good acting, and she seems to have it in spades.  I mean, anyone who can make you really believe she's a mermaid, even with the totally unbelievable costume, has to have talent.

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