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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/1/06 - 5/5/06

The last two weeks have been somewhat exciting.  Several of the players in the Omega mystery have already arrived in Rome and begun having adventures, and the Kay/Miguel/Fox story has gotten more interesting, even tho somewhat strange.

 Luis and Chad arrived in Rome, and immediately got involved in both the Whitney mystery and the Three Dimwits one.  Chad, of course, is desperately searching for her, and Luis decides to help.  Now, why he would put his search for Marty on hold to help find Whitney is a bit confusing, but I guess he's a good friend and just wants to make sure she's ok.  However, while trying to find where her screams are coming from, he runs across "God", who seems familiar somehow, and chases him into a monastery full of blind monks.  And guess what?  They've been supported for years by that saintly man, Alistair Crane!  HUH???

Ok, there has to be something in it for him, and I imagine it's his way of finding the paintings the Dimwits are hunting for, but it's still strange to hear the monk praise that Devil's Associate as a wonderful, generous saint.  That one's a real head-shaker, that's for sure.  Luis felt the same way, of course.  And he lost "God" in the process, although the guy is still lurking out there.

 Now, Whitney still hasn't figured out that "God" shouldn't need her help to find whatever is in the Pope's bedroom.  She's now using virtual reality goggles to figure out how to get in there, and it got her into a bit of trouble.  See, while she was trying to climb the outer walls to get to the Pope's room on the virtual reality goggles, she was actually recreating it down in the catacombs, and ended up falling from her perch up on the walls, knocking herself out in the process.  Of course, her screams as she fell alerted Chad to her presence, so it wasn't all bad.

 Unfortunately, Chad was unable to find Whitney once he made his way into the tunnels.  Actually, he opened a door and fell in head first, knocking himself out in the process.  Once he and Whit both woke up, he tried to follow her screams as she was being dragged along the catacombs by something evil.  When she woke up, "God" had ahold of her, but he swore he hadn't dragged her along.  Should we believe him?

 Now, it's my belief that "God" is actually Alistair, no longer in his coma, and when Sheridan visited his nursing home room after dreaming he was awake and after her, it seemed to be true.  However, they wheeled the still-comatose old lizard back into his room after a while, so it seems I could be wrong.  Maybe, maybe not.  I'm still sticking to my original belief, at least for now.

 So, we have Chad looking for Whitney, Luis helping while supposedly looking for Marty, and saving his sister and her two doofy friends from what might have been real danger in the process.  Now, after Luis left, the three "thugs" came back, saying they just wanted to know about the Omega symbol, but they could still be trouble for the girls.

 On to the Kay/Fox/Miguel story.  This has really gotten strange, hasn't it?  First of all, if I were a witch's assistant and things started happening that made no sense, I think I'd be thinking she was somehow behind it.  However, Kay doesn't seem to have a clue, and that's just strange.  She's not that stupid.  I mean, all of a sudden, Miguel comes back to town, and suddenly he's madly in love with her, can't live without her.  Then they go on a boat ride to find some woman who saved Miguel from drowning and end up on a beach, naked and  making out like teenagers, and then she ends up on a rock while he is getting friendly with the very woman who saved him, just when Fox arrives.  Now, don't you think she'd be putting two and two together by this point?

 Nope, not our Kay.  She's just stymied as to why she thought she was making out with Miguel when she was really on a rock and he was slurping all over some strange woman.  And she's so jealous she can't see straight of the gorgeous blond who's totally smitten with him, and he with her.  Even when they get back to Tabitha's house, she still seems to have no real questions about just how all this happened.  Now, that's just not logical at all.  She would have to know that when things start getting strange, Tabby has to be behind it, don't you think?  Oh, well, it's still the same old writers, so logic bares no weight with them.

 Endora, of course, is cute as can be, working so hard to get Miguel and Siren, the humanized mermaid, together so Fox can be happy with Kay.  And she's beginning to say actual words now, which only adds to her cuteness.  I really hope Kay doesn't start scheming to get Miguel again and completely forget about Fox.  They are so great together I'd really hate to see her mess it up.  Now, it's not that I want Miguel to be with a mermaid forever, but if his infatuation with her wakes Kay up to the fact that he couldn't really care about her if he can switch so easily to someone else, then I'm all for it.  At least a short-term relationship, just enough to get Kay and Fox married and living happily-ever-after, anyway.

 Sheridan is still boring and not worth the time it takes to write about.  She and Ethan commiserating about loving Luis and Theresa but having to stick with their marriage vows is really grating on the nerves, too.  What kind of idiot does it take to believe they are doing the right thing for their spouses when they are only with them because of a marriage license?  It's insulting, to tell the truth, and I'd really be upset if I were with someone like that.  No, they need to be honest with their mates, divorce them and let them find people who really, truly love them, too, and then move on with the ones they really love.  It's only right.

 There hasn't been much about the other characters.  I did enjoy the romantic evening for Eve and Julian, even tho it was interrupted by Whitney's disappearance.  It was so sweet and romantic, and it's been so long since they've been able to have scenes like that.  I really enjoyed it while it lasted.  On the flip side, poor Pilar has turned into such a bitter woman that all she can do is preach morality to everyone, making sure Ethan and Sheridan remain in their practically loveless marriages and ranting at Theresa and Luis for not walking away from their true loves.  Pitiful.  I really wish she and Martin would have gotten together for good.  She really deserved it, and now all she has is her bitterness and anger, which she is more than willing to share with everyone.  Well, everyone but Miguel, that is.  Him she urged to do everything he can to break Kay and Fox up, since they are only engaged, not married yet.  I don't see the real logic in that, but then again, the writers........

 I guess that's about all I have to complain about this time.  I have to say the shows are still holding my interest, for the most part, and that's a good thing.  I only hope the Omega symbol isn't being used to denote the end of the show, as some are speculating.  As much as I complain about it, I still don't want it to go off the air.  I simply want it to become the really great show it has the potential to be.  That's not asking too much, is it?

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