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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/13/06 - 3/17/06

This week was strange, in a way.  It was a lot of the same old stuff, yet there is something else, too.  It's kind of an expectation of things to come, I guess.  At least that's how it seemed to me.

First we have Kay and Fox.  She finally accepted his proposal, against all warnings by Tabitha, and no sooner had she done so than Miguel came back, and he's staying for good.  So far there doesn't seem to be any interest on his part to take Kay away from Fox, no jealousy or anything like that, but you just get the feeling he really is the dark cloud Tabby saw over Kay's wedding to Fox.  If I had to guess I'd say it is coming from Ivy, because she's doing everything she can to create problems for the three of them.

Can you imagine having a mother like her?  I mean, being a mother myself I understand the deep-seated need to protect your child and make things better for them, but meddling in their life like she is doing?  No way.  She simply doesn't like Kay, and that's mostly because Kay knows her secrets concerning how she got Grace out of Sam's life so she could take her place, and she's willing to break her son's heart (again!) to keep her away from him.  I wonder if she's thought about the fact that once Kay is no longer worried about Fox hating her, she won't have any more reason to keep quiet?  Just a thought.

Poor Fox, he's doing his best to accept the fact Miguel is back, even telling him that he is glad Maria will have her real father around, but his witch of a mother is determined he won't be happy.  Now, I used to be a huge Miguel/Kay fan, hating Charity and her sickly sweet facade, but now that she's with Fox I really want them to be happy together.  They just seem to fit so well, you know?  Even with the new Fox they work well together.  The new Miguel is great, too, but Kay belongs with Fox now.

I was really upset at the way she got Sam talking about how Kay used to be so crazy about Miguel when she knew Fox was able to hear them.  I tell you, that woman has to be one of the most evil women on earth - at least in Soap World, anyway.  How can any mother justify ripping her child's heart out by the roots and grinding it under her foot?  That's what she's trying to do to Fox, and it's just so wrong.  I only hope she will be found out soon.  I know, we've been waiting for years for that to happen, but I still can't stop wishing it would be soon.  Her, Gwen, and Rebecca, too.

Speaking of the two Hotchkiss Witches, they were scheming along again this week.  Oh, nothing major against anyone else, but scheming just the same.  Rebecca kept telling Gwen not to trust Ethan, but Gwen is sure he will never leave her, especially not for Theresa.  Now, we got the news this week that somehow, miraculously, she became Jane's legal mother, not just her temporary guardian, and that's something I'd love to know the particulars of.  I mean, how does one simply switch from Daddy's mate/temporary guardian to full fledged legal Mom?  It makes no sense.  

Chad was working on Ethan at the same time, under the guise of getting his help in convincing Whitney to leave the convent and come home.  Believe it or not, Ethan managed to figure out that Chad really had another motive for being there.  Now, that has to be a first, doesn't it?  The man can't figure out which side his bread is buttered on without Gwen pointing it out to him, so how'd he suddenly wise up?  Another of those famous JER mysteries, I guess.  Anyway, by the end of the week Chad came out and challenged Ethan on why he's still with Gwen when he actually loves Theresa, which was his real reason for being there.  No answer from E yet, but I'm sure it will be the stock "I do love Gwen, and how dare you challenge that!"

Theresa still wants to keep Gwen too busy to have much time for Ethan, making him more likely to turn to Theresa, or at least her job offer.  Either way, she'd have him close to her, and she knows as well as he does that the more he's near her, the more likely he will give in to his real feelings.  So far nothing's worked, but I'm sure she'll keep trying.  She and Miguel finally meeting up was great.  I loved the way they talked about everything, and it just seemed so normal.  What a shock! 

Pilar and Martin have gone kaput, apparently.  We haven't seen either of them since she told him to get out and take his mistress with him, so I guess that's probably just what he did.  I swear, this whole story makes me angry.  It was finally time for Pilar to have some real happiness in her life, and Katherine just couldn't let her have it.  She's had the man for twenty years or so, after stealing him away from Pilar, so she owes her, to my way of thinking.  Whether she liked it or not she should have backed off and let their life get back to what it would have been had she not interfered, but she just couldn't do that, thanks to her evil sister, Rachel.  Those two need to be zapped by lightening or something and melt away.  Oh, wait.  Witches melt with water, don't they?  OK, how about a flood, then?

Fancy and Noah got back together and spent the day in bed.  Not much else to say, except he finally found out why the mystery woman is out to get them, and now he has to figure out how to find the info she wants so they can be safe.  I'm still not a Fancy/Noah fan, but at least the story is beginning to make some sense and it's getting somewhat exciting, and that's always a good thing.

Sheridan discovered Luis is still alive this week.  Of course, Chris is doing all he can to make her believe it's not really him, even asking the doctor if the scars on his head are from plastic surgery (LOL!), which the Dr. said they most certainly aren't.  He said it's from being injured badly without getting medical attention for the cuts, and that only made Sheridan feel worse about what all he's been through for her and Marty.  That, of course, only made Chris more angry, to the point he wishes he had let Luis die in the explosion.  See, he's not the saint he tried to pretend after all.  However, I know there's more to his story, and it has to do with Alistair or Beth.  Just watch, you'll see.

Whitney and Simone were both back this week.  Simone's scenes with Kay were fun, at least I thought so.  It was good seeing them being their old selves as they worried over how to word the engagement story for the newspapers.  Is it Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Julian Crane, or is it Sam Bennett and Grace Bennett Hastings and....well, you know.  I guess that would be a hard one to figure out at this stage of the game.  Anyway, they were fun to watch as they tried to figure it out, and Simone managed to get her "Are you sure you're over Miguel" question in there.  No answer from Kay as yet...

Whitney is just weird now.  I mean, she whips herself bloody, trying to get forgiveness for what she did with Chad and for Miles being born, and she totally wigs out when she goes back to her room and finds the cross from the wall has fallen on her bed.  "God has turned against me!"????  What the heck????  The woman is certifiable at this point.  She trailed Miles and his babysitter, complaining about everything the woman did, and then tried to explain why she deserted him in the first place.   She is really getting weirder, but it's reminding me too much of Jessica and her self-destructive ways.  JER really must like seeing young women hurting themselves or something, I guess.  Enough already, tho.  Let her work through her feelings for Chad and her son, and then make a decision and stick with it.  Too simple, huh?

OK, that's about all I have to say for this week.  I sure hope the excitement keeps building.  I know they have a Vendetta story coming, and I've even tried to participate at the NBC site, but for some reason it won't work for me.  It looks like fun, tho, so I hope you all will check it out and have some fun.  And even more than that, I hope the story turns out to be worth the hype.

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