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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/6/06 - 3/10/06

WOW, what a week!  I haven't seen a week this good since.......well, pretty much never.  Oh, it wasn't that the stories were so great, although there were some good moments there, but......LUIS IS BACK!!!!!  Now, I ask you, what could be better than that?

 The whole Sheridan/Chris looking for Marty story is absolutely one of the most boring, useless stories ever, and until Chris tripped over that body-in-the-bag and finally revealed that it was Luis, it might as well have been a recitation of the ABC Song every day for however many weeks it's been.  I simply could not have been more bored and ready to scream before that.  The only thing that kept me watching was the fact that I knew Luis was coming back, and it had to be them that found him.

 Honestly, how many times can Sheridan be absolutely certain some stupid, insignificant happening means Marty is behind the door, or under the sofa, or hanging upside down from the eaves or something?  It is sickening to watch her react to every little thing with "Oh, my God, it's Marty!  It has to be!", when in reality it's nothing but smoke and mirrors.  I really wish someone would stuff her into a bag and leave her lying in an abandoned tunnel somewhere.

 Now, I do have one complaint.  What, exactly, was Chris carrying in that bag over his shoulder all that time?  Now, I can assure you I am an aficionado of Luis Bunology, and I would know his when I saw them at 300 paces, so when I watched Chris carrying this thing over his shoulders that in no way resembled the real Luis Buns in any manner I knew we were being had.  

OK, so carrying around the real thing might get into the Workman's Compensation department and that needed to be avoided, but couldn't they at least try to be a little realistic about it?  It looked more like he was carting the anorexic Olsen Twin around, as bony and non-existent as those "buns" looked.  Add a little padding there, guys!  But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  It got Luis back, so I'll live with it, but I really think they could have tried to make it look real, you know?

 So, now he's back, but he can't see or talk, and he might not survive, (Oh, no, not in this lifetime, not if they know what's good for them!) but none of that matters.  Just get that scraggly beard off  and let me stare at that gorgeous face, and I'll be a happy girl again.  Oh, and shut Sheridan up, OK?  She's as sickening - and boring - as ever with all her Marty-this and Marty-that.  And now she's added the "Gee, it's funny, but I keep thinking about Luis" crap, too.  Holy Cow!

 Miguel is back, too.  Back in Harmony, I mean.  Ivy and Valerie managed to get him back to town, and he's just in time to cause trouble for Kay and Fox.  And of course she played right into it by accepting Fox's proposal even tho it's not the right time.  Oh, well, she knew what would happen, so it's her own fault.  I just hate that Fox is going to get hurt - again.  He deserves so much better.  I absolutely love him with Maria, and even the new guy is good with the girls, just like Justin was.  He's really growing on me now.  Anyway, I'm just waiting for Theresa to find out her "assistant" sent the Crane jet for him at her insistence.  I wonder what she'll do to Ivy and Valerie once she finds out?

 And on that same subject, I can't wait to see what she does to Katherine and Rachel now that they've managed to rip Pilar's heart out and mess up her re-marriage to Martin.  I hope she tears them up and spits them out.  They both deserve whatever happens to them.  Katherine actually flat-out lied to Pilar, saying they made love when they didn't.  He resisted her, even tho it was hard, but now he'll have to pay anyway.  I hope he will see what a witch Katherine really is a  drop her like a hot potato, too.  And then convince Pilar to give him another chance.  She so deserves to be happy after all these years.

 By the way, it seems Katherine was his second choice anyway, if what he said to her was true.  He thought he would get back to Pilar eventually and get their lives back on track, but once he figured she'd probably moved on, then he fell for Katherine.  Second best.  And how much do you want to bet she's the one who kept telling him Pilar had moved on?  Dollars to donuts it was her.  Honestly, I despise her now.

 We found out at last why these people are after Noah and Fancy.  It seems the guy that was killed was the partner of the woman who's bugging them, and there was something he had that was taken at the same time and the woman wants it back.  OK, not the greatest story ever, and the package will probably turn out to be her granny's award-winning chocolate chip cookie recipe and she needs it to open her own cookie business or something, but still, it's a reason for what's going on.

 Noah finally figured out Maya is working with the woman, too.  She'll probably be able to convince him he's wrong, of course, but for now at least he knows the truth.  Fancy was talked to by everyone she knows, all of whom told her to forgive Noah and stop acting like a child.  Well, not in those words, of course, but the intent was there.

 I loved Father Lonigan and Endora, too.  Tabitha was so afraid he'd sense she is evil, but what he sensed was that she is good, sweet, and loving.  It really choked Tabby to know her baby is good, but I love it.  She's still trying to keep Fox and Kay together, despite all the evil forces against them.  I loved the way she reacted to Miguel this week.  She likes him, but Fox and Kay belong together so he needs to butt out.  LOL!!  So cute!

 It was good to see Rae and Simone back, too.  Yes, I know I mentioned them last week, but I seem to have gotten ahead of myself while trying to catch up on what I'd missed.  They didn't actually get together until this week.  I hope they are back again before long.  It gets tiresome seeing the same people every day, day after day, while the other characters we care about seem to disappear from the earth.  Chad and Whitney will make an appearance soon, it seems, and hopefully Julian and Eve won't be too far behind.  You know, if I were having racist thoughts, I'd think the writers have something against the only black family on the show.  Hmmmmm............ 

 OK, that was just not nice, I know, but...the Devil made me write it!  Honestly, tho, why is it the Russells - mostly - that have disappeared from the screen lately?  Even TC and Liz, who I don't really care to watch, have been gone.  Really, after having Liz confess to being the one who shot Julian and stabbed Alistair, she just totally disappears with nothing having been settled.  How much sense does that make?  Hopefully they'll get back to dealing with all that soon.

 Anyway, we have Luis to look forward to, and that's not all bad.  We also get to see just what Pilar's fiery Latin temper will do once she deals with Martin and Katherine - especially Katherine.  And of course, Theresa won't be too far behind, I believe.  Man, I would sure hate to be those two sisters once she gets through with them.  Well, if the writers do what they should, anyway.  Let's hope for once they do.

 Last but not least, Theresa still tried to get Ethan to work for her, to no avail.  She is keeping Gwen at work, which is good, but it's not doing her much good.  She got to see Jane and be with her some, but there's one part that I am wondering about.  Ethan told Theresa that Gwen is Jane's legal mother, and I can't help wonder when that happened?  The last I knew they only had temporary custody, and Alistair told them they could never get her for good. Theresa certainly wouldn't allow it and now she has the power to stop them, so just when did it happen, and how?  Another screw up by the writers, I guess.

Little Ethan showed up again, and was hurt that Ethan doesn't consider him part of his family any more.  Poor little guy.  I have to say, what Gwen has done to those two kids is a crime, and all because of her hatred and jealousy of Theresa.  I don't think she deserves to be a mother, she's not interested in anything but keeping Ethan and destroying Theresa, and if the kids weren't Theresa's she would never have wanted them in the first place.  Theresa has her faults, but she does love her kids.  It's not a power thing or revenge against Gwen for her.

 As I've said before, I love the fact Theresa now has all the power, but I'm still waiting to see her use it against those that need a good shot.  Yeah, she got Gwen a job that keeps her busy.  Big deal.  Shoot her and her witch of a mother out of the water, leave them with nothing, and move on to Katherine and Rachel.  Take care of them and then get even with Ivy and Valerie for  what they're doing to Fox and Kay.  Yeah, she could be a force to be reckoned with, but so far she hasn't really done anything.  Maybe that will start changing next week.  We can always hope so, anyway.

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