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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/27/06 - 3/3/06

This was an infuriating week, at least for me.  I guess that's not all bad, since it kept me tuning in each day to see what would happen, but still,  it would have been nice to have something good to talk about.  From where I sit, tho, nothing I saw was that good.

First of all, what the heck does JER have against Pilar?  True, there have been times when I have been so upset with her that I wished she'd just disappear, but all in all she's a good, decent woman who's had way more than her share of hard times in life.  Now, after all the years of waiting, hoping, and praying, she finally gets her husband back, and she still keeps getting shafted by him!  Where's the justice?

Katherine has changed from a good, decent, sympathetic character into a selfish, conniving, sex-crazed wench, too.  Yes, it was at her sister's instigation, but still, she's taken to the role like a duck to water and really makes me sick every time I see her now.  She spent all that time talking about how horrible she felt for what she and Martin did to Pilar all those years, how she wants to make it up to her, and yet now that they have the chance she refuses to walk away and let her be happy at last.  I tell you, the scenes of her, naked and practically forcing Martin to make love to her, were the most disgusting I've seen in a long time, even including Jessica and Spike.

And another thing:  what on earth is Father Lonigan thinking by telling Martin not to renew his vows WITH HIS WIFE and instead take up WITH HIS MISTRESS instead?  What kind of priest is that?  What about the sanctity of marriage he always yammers on about?  Why wasn't he worried about following your heart when it came to Sheridan marrying Antonio and Ethan marrying Gwen?  Why is it only Martin, a man who is already married to a woman he loved when they recited their vows, that should forget about the sacred promise he made before God and dump the wife for the mistress?  I tell you what, it's things like this that make some people so wary of religion.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Lonigan, I guess.

Anyway, now Pilar is happily getting ready for the best day in her life while her husband is in bed with his mistress, who is doing everything in her power to make him dump Pilar and take off with her again.  And now, since she couldn't convince Martin to to that, she's gone after Pilar!  I tell you, the woman is evil personified.  I wish Rachel had stayed dead, to tell the truth.  She's doing nothing but encouraging evilness, and there's enough of that going on already.  Now, I never saw whether Martin and Katherine actually made love or not, but whether they did or not, it's simply wrong for Katherine to tell Pilar they did, just to keep her from renewing her vows.

As for Fancy, Noah, and Maya, I'm about as tired of that merry-go-round as I can get, and I simply tune them out.  All it is for the last three weeks or so is Fancy wanting Noah to tell her the truth about him and Maya, Noah wanting to tell her, but letting Maya talk him out of it every time because it could be more dangerous for all of them.  Boring!!

Same for Sheridan and Chris.  Running around Hawaii, looking for Marty.  Find the compound, run around it for days on end, looking for Marty.  Every door they find Sheridan says "Marty might be behind this door!", but he isn't.  Every voice she hears means Marty is there, but he isn't.  They get caught by the bad guys, escape, get shot at and bloodied up, run around the compound looking for Marty, stopping at every door for her to say.....well, you know.  Boring.

Theresa is using her power very effectively so far.  She is keeping Gwen so busy she can't get anywhere near Ethan and Jane, and at the same time she's drawing Ethan into overseeing the project that will do all the things he's always wanted to do, inch by inch.  He's now telling her how to take care of all the problems they've come up against - OK, I'm not even sure there were problems, but whatever - and he is having a hard time pulling away.  She has asked him again to take the job of co-CEO so he can oversee the projects full-time, and he seems to be weakening, can't really be that easy, can it?  I don't think so.  This story is nothing to write home about, but at least it's not boring.

Kay and Fox are just confusing at this point.  Does she still want Miguel or not?  They make it seem like she might, then have her stating emphatically that she only wants Fox.  Ivy has Fox believing Kay might really still want Miguel at this point.  She and Valerie are well on their way to bringing Miguel back to town, hoping that will drive a wedge between Kay and Fox and keep them from marrying, so I guess we'll find out what her true feelings are pretty soon.  Or not.  Again, not a cliffhanger, but not boring, either.

Tabitha continues to keep watch over the goings on with the help of her water bowl, computer screen, and whatever else she can find.  Endora wasn't around much this week, but she did show up Friday, cute as ever, and it seems like she might play a part next week.  I hope so, she's always fun to watch.  

Simone and Rae showed up again, at last.  Simone is really down because all the plans for her life have died, since being a lesbian means she'll never marry and have children, and she talks to Rae about it.  Turns out Rae still loves her, and she loves Rae, too, so they are going to try their relationship again.  It was a nice departure from all the same old, same old, and I hope they can have more of her onscreen.

That's about all I have to say about the week.  As I said, it's keeping me tuning in to find out what's going to happen, but it's not been one of my favorite weeks by any means.  But there is some really good news - Luis comes back next week!  Now, any week with Luis in it has to be a good one, at least to my way of thinking.

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