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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/20/06 - 2/24/06

It looks like Theresa is really getting into this power business.  She's really using it like a pro, pretty much.  I'm still enjoying the fact that she's the one with the power now, but I'm wishing they would hurry up and get her face-to-face with Gwen and Rebecca so she can rub their snooty noses in it.  She did get to tell Rachel and Katherine what-for, for all the good it did. 

 I tell you what, I'm really upset with those two at this point.  Rachel is the instigator, but Katherine just goes right along with her.  I can't believe what she's doing to Pilar.  It's not like she hasn't caused her enough grief over the years, but she seemed to be really sorry for all of it and willing to leave her and Martin alone so they can be happy until Rachel started egging her on to go after him.  It's sickening to watch her throwing herself all over Martin, especially knowing how happy Pilar is back at the mansion, getting ready for their renewal ceremony the next day.

I'm glad Martin finally walked out on her, but I wish he'd done it a lot sooner.  It would have impressed me a lot more had he either tossed Katherine out on her floozy rear end, or walked out himself when Pilar came and almost caught them together.  He waited, tho, getting in more of that stomach-turning smooching with Katherine before he finally left.  But don't think for a minute that he isn't going to keep panting after her, or that she will bow out gracefully and leave them alone.  She'll keep right on trying to get him to leave Pilar and go back to Mexico with her, and even if she does start realizing what she's becoming, Rachel will be right there to talk her into forgetting that and going after him again.  Sickening!

Now, I'm sure a lot of you will wonder why I can support Theresa in her pursuit of Ethan, yet be so turned off by Katherine doing the same with Martin, and that's a good question.  However, I do have an answer for you:  Ethan belongs with Theresa, while Martin belongs with Pilar.  Simple, isn't it?  OK, I know, you're not sure about all that, but let me explain.  Then you might see why I feel that way.

Ethan was going out with Gwen before he ever met Theresa, that's true, but it was a pairing of convenience, or familial obligation, or whatever you want to call it.  Those two had been paired up since childhood by their parents, not because they actually fell in love with each other.  The "love" they feel for each other is really just a really close friendship, nothing more.  We know that because once Ethan did meet Theresa, he fell head over heels for her, and Gwen was nothing more than an afterthought.  It was real love, and that means they belong together.  And he only married Gwen because she got pregnant, not because he really, truly loved her.

Martin, on the other hand, met Pilar when they were young, and he fell head over heels in love with her.  They got married, expecting to spend the rest of their lives together, and had a family.  They were happy, and loved each other and their kids very much.  Then he got mixed into the whole Alistair/Katherine business and felt he had to do something to save her, and once he left with her he knew he could never come home because of what Al would do to him and the family.  Yes, he fell in love with Katherine over the years (well, that's what they say, anyway), but again, it was a love of convenience.  She was there, they were together all the time, and they began an affair.

Now he's back home, still married to Pilar, and he belongs with her.  He does still love her, and the embers of the total love he felt is still there.  It just needs to rekindle itself, which it will do if Katherine will back off.  So we have to couples who love each other and belong together, and two women who won't allow them to be happy together, and they are Gwen and Katherine.   The outsiders.  Anyway, that's how I see it.  Now, this whole business between Pilar and Theresa, how she keeps telling her she needs to leave Ethan alone because he's made vows before God, etc, arise from her own anger at Katherine for continuing to chase Martin, nothing more, and the writers are using the two couples to play against each other and cause friction.

Now, I can live with that, I guess, just as long as things work out as they should in the end.  And they should end with Pilar and Martin happy together, after Katherine and Rachel go back to Boston (or are sent there in matching pine boxes, with Theresa's help), and Ethan and Theresa are together, happy with their kids (and yes, we all know Little Ethan is really Ethan's son) after Gwen and Rebecca........take a long walk off a short pier.  Yeah, that sounds good.

The rest of the week was just so-so for me.  Sheridan and Chris married...yawn.  We did find out what he's up to, tho, or at least I think so.  His reason for marrying her spoke volumes, at least to me.  If they are married, he says, if something happens to one of them, the other will have control of the both James and Marty.  Now, if that doesn't scream of a plot to gain legal control over Marty, then dump/kill Sheridan and marry Beth, I don't know what it says.  That just seems so "in plain sight" to me.  He is either working for Al or Beth so he can get control of Sheridan's son and then turn him over to Beth so she can have him legally.  I can't wait for Luis to come back and put the kibosh to all, tho.

Fox and Kay are still engaged to be engaged, and Ivy is still trying her hardest, with Valerie's help, to split them up.  Miguel has come back into the picture, via some phone calls and Ivy's plan to find him and bring him back to Harmony to tempt Kay away from Fox.  I have to say here, whoever hired the new guy to play Miguel did a great job.  He really looks like Jesse Metcalf, and could be his brother!  I loved the reference to Miguel working on Wisteria Lane, taking care of yards, before disappearing again.  LOL!

 Theresa's latest scheme really made no sense to me whatsoever when it came up, and I thought it was really stupid, but I guess it's working, at least so far.  I shouldn't be surprised, since these writers do all kinds of stupid things and warp the characters into idiots who actually do them, but it does still catch me off guard at times.  Anyway, she decided, based on an article in a magazine, that if she gets Gwen a good job, then Ethan will become upset and feel his manhood is slipping away and go back to Theresa.  Yeah, right, like that really happens every day, right?   Not even!  Most guys would love it if their wife got a really good job and they could stay home with the least for a while.

But, leave it to Ethan to act like a fool.  As soon as she got the offer, and of course it was set up by Theresa offering lucrative contracts with Crane to the CEO of the company, Ethan started pouting and whining, moaning and groaning.  He thought up every bad thing that could happen if she's working and he's not, and it was really pitiful to watch.  So, as stupid at the scenario seemed at first, it seems to be working with him so far.  

Fancy is still in the hospital, Noah is still wanting to tell her everything, and Maya is still buzzing around, telling him not to or she will be in more trouble.  Friday, after almost telling Fancy all and Maya dragging him out of the room to tell him not to, they re-entered and found a bullet in place of the rose Noah had left on Fancy's pillow.  Now, I guess that means Noah will definitely not tell her the truth yet again.  Sick and tired, tired and sick is all I can say about this story.  Enough already.  The two of them have done nothing but bore me from the first, and adding Maya only made things worse, so for me, the best thing would be if the mysterious "They" would take all three of them out and leave us in peace.

Well, those are my thoughts on the show this week.  As I said at first, it's only so-so for me this week, and that's not a good thing.  I do think the cancellation rumors might be a bit premature, since TV said they are doing a series of shows in Italy in June, so it must be going to continue for one more year at least.  Ok, but if so, please move the stories along, finish all the old ones, and find some decent writers!  I do have to say I was glad to hear Liz admit to the attempted murders on Al and Julian, but it was a bit anti-climactic.   Come to think of it, most of the secrets revealed so far have been, haven't they?  Oh, well, par for the course, I guess.

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