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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/13/06 - 2/17/06

Theresa finally has all the power she could ever want or need, and all she can think to do with it is chase Ethan.  Of course we all knew it would happen, but I kind of thought she might spend the time searching every nook and cranny for the proof Alistair has against Gwen and Rebecca.  I mean, there is no way she's going to convince Ethan he doesn't need to stick with Gwen unless she shows him Gwen isn't the perfect wife she acts like she is.

 But no, she leaves a maid to scour the mansion and wastes time trying to talk Ethan into letting her be his mistress!  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, right?  OK, I have to say I do agree with her offering him a job and setting things up so he can do what he's always wanted to, which is to make Crane Industries into a kinder, gentler monopoly.  It's something she should do, and it's something he should really be in charge of, but she couldn't just make it about the job.  Oh, no, she had to tie it all in with the mistress baloney, and she managed to send him screaming back into Gwen's arms - more or less.

 Well, she didn't actually let him go so easily.  She managed to get hit by his car as he was leaving, while trying to stop him, and after he left and she knew he was really gone, she got in her car and drove like a maniac, almost driving over a cliff.  Miraculously, however, Ethan was right behind her, saw what was happening, and managed to head her off before she could drive off it.  Now, someone please explain to me how he left first, yet he ended up behind her?  I guess it's just one of those things we aren't supposed to ask about, tho.

 She, of course, jumped to the conclusion that he had chased her down to apologize, and he had to get her to shut up so he could tell her the truth.  Then, he drove to the Seascape to be with Gwen, and Theresa ended up there, too, and was treated to Gwen acting like a witch, putting on a show of the fact she has Ethan and Theresa doesn't.  Man, every time you start feeling like maybe Ethan is right to stay with her, she acts like this and makes you just want to smack her.  Go figure.

 Fancy has found out her face is cut up and her eye has glass in it, and of course she's whining and arguing about that.  How hard is it to understand that you need to be careful, and take care not to do anything that might make the situation worse?  The girl is a pitiful lump of lunacy!  By Friday she was trying to rip the bandage off because Noah hasn't told her the whole truth about him and Maya.  Well, I say, let her go ahead and do it.  Let her end up blind because of it.  Just as long as she keeps her mouth shut.  Yeah, like that's going to happen.

 Liz was a breath of fresh air this week, although I did think the reveal was a bit rushed and done sloppily.  OK, not rushed as in it was revealed to soon, but rushed as in they had her spit the words out, zip, zap, zong, and that was it.  I guess I shouldn't complain about it, we did finally get the answers to who tried to kill Alistair and Julian, but I really wish they'd at least try to make it interesting. 

 On the point of getting secrets out in a timely manner, I am still amazed at Y&R and B&B.  They move their stories along so well and so quickly it's unbelievable.  Take B&B, for instance.  Felicia came home with a baby, saying he is Dominick's.  She is dying and arranged with him and his wife, Bridget, to raise her son after she's gone.  That was about a month ago, maybe.  Now, last week, we found out the boy might actually belong to another guy she' had dated back then, and this week the whole story was brought out to everyone concerned!  Amazing speed!  

 But, a reveal five years in the making would make anything look fast, I guess.  The real kicker is, these two shows move quickly, with stories starting one week and being "ended" within a month at the most, and they are at the top of the ratings!  You really would think JER would take the hint, wouldn't you?  No such luck, I guess.

Kay and Fox were sweet this week, too.  Romance and lovemaking, wanting to become engaged but not able to do so, and some magic from Endora worked together to make this one of the more enjoyable stories of the moment.  Even with a new Fox the story flowed pretty smoothly.  I am still getting used to him, and wish he wouldn't be so "snotty" or whatever you want to call it, but for the most part, he's doing well.  He gives Fox a more "I'm a Crane, humor me" edge, but hopefully the actor will work it out and get Fox back to the un-conceited, non-elitist guy we've known and loved with Justin playing the part.  I think he can do it.

 Sheridan and Chris are as annoying as ever.  In Hawaii, getting engaged, making love, worrying about Marty in between times, and jumping to stupid conclusions....same old stuff, different week.  I am still more than tired of it all.  Hurry up and get Luis back home so we can concentrate on him, not her. 

Alistair just will not die!  I don't care what they do to the old lizard, he just keeps on ticking.  And even tho he's had a stroke and should be brainless, he is as alert as ever and just keeps making his ugly comments about everyone.  We did find out he is the one who raped Liz, not Julian, and of course he's really proud of that fact.  Even Tabitha sympathized with the woman for having gone through what he did to her.  But, I still wish she'd get lost.

Some fluff added in, with Mother Goose making an appearance, for instance, and that was the week in Passions.  I have to admit, I didn't get to see a lot of the show itself, and maybe just reading the transcripts without seeing the actors emoting makes a difference, I don't know.  I just felt it was an OK week, with some good stuff thrown in along with the same old stuff.  I sure hope it gets better next week.  More story movement, more answers to old questions, and satisfying love stories would go a long way toward making it that way.

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