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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/6/06 - 2/10/06

Well, it looks like Theresa's time has come - at last!  Oh, she still doesn't have Ethan, and she still hasn't found the proof of all the rotten things Gwen has done, the lies she's told, but she has pretty much all the power in the world, and she seems to know how to use it.  She's sending people to their knees right and left, leaving little doubt as to who is in charge now.  I say it's about time.

This woman has been on the receiving end of more raw deals than anyone I've ever seen.  Even more than perpetual victim Sheridan, truth be told.  She's been everyone's whipping boy, anytime anything went wrong, and most especially where Gwen and Rebecca are concerned.  I swear, they would blame disease, famine, and pestilence on her if they thought they could make it stick.  I can't wait until her machinations begin to directly affect them in a big way.

True, she's already stopped Gwen and Ethan from leaving for India, and now New York, but it still hasn't been enough, not to my way of thinking.  Nothing will be enough until the two of them cry "Uncle" and get out of Dodge.   There is nothing too harsh that could happen to those two in response to all the rotten and evil things they've done to Theresa and her family over the years.  Forcing them to remain in Harmony,  taking Ethan and Jane back, and making an offer of employment to Ethan that he is going to have a heck of a time turning down are nothing compared to seeing the two of them groveling at her feet, begging for mercy.  I hope she shows none.

I also think her actions this week show just how much Ethan and his dreams mean to her, while showing up the fact that Gwen is only interested in what she wants, nothing more.  The proposal Theresa has laid in front of Ethan is totally based on all the things he's ever wished for and wanted to be able to do since she's known him, and that's why it's making it so hard for him to turn down.  Oh, I'm sure he will, at least at first, but it won't be easy.  

Anyway, the fact that she so clearly remembers all the things he talked about over the years, things he dreamed of being able to do to make up for all the evil Alistair did, shows that HIS dreams, HIS needs, and HIS desires are what she wants for him.  I was amazed at everything she remembered, and so was Ethan, plus the fact that she got the designs and plans whipped out so quickly.  She is offering him everything he ever wanted, everything his life had been about all those years, and he's finding it hard to say "no" to it.

As I said, I'm sure he will say "no", at least at first, but that in no way diminishes the fact that her desire, above all else, is what he wants, not what she wants.  True, she does still want him,  and she is hoping he will come back to her, but to spend all her time working to make his dreams come true - only someone who truly loves another person would do that.  She could be like Gwen and Rebecca, only thinking about how she can get rid of them and make Ethan stay with her, but she's putting his wants first, and that shows real love.  

She is obsessed with him, of course, but the point I'm trying to make is that she even in her obsession she sees his needs and dreams as being more important than anything, unlike Gwen, who sees winning and keeping him and everything Theresa cherishes away from her as the goal.  She whines, she complains, she throws fits, she goes psycho, all in an attempt to keep Ethan with her, no matter what he really wants.  That's quite a difference, I'd say.

The rest of the week was Fancy being petulant a jealous of Maya, Sheridan looking for Marty (when she could pull herself out of Chris' bed) and jumping to conclusions about what Chris is doing, plus making even more of a fool out of herself,  and Kay trying to keep Fox while rejecting his marriage proposal.  Fancy ended up in the hospital, near death and possibly on the way to losing an eye, while Sheridan ended up with egg on her face after Chris showed her he had been secretly choosing and buying an engagement ring, which he presented to her on Friday.  Some movement in these stories, but considering the characters involved, not so interesting.

I'm wondering if they will actually let Fancy lose her eye, tho.  Now, that would be an interesting twist, wouldn't it?  How would she manage knowing she's not the perfect Princess Crane she's always been?  Could her ego handle losing an eye?  Could Noah convince her it doesn't really matter and he still loves her, no matter what?  Now, that would be a story worth following in my book, and could make Fancy an interesting character to watch.  How much do you want to bet there will be a miracle "cure", tho, with only some minor scarring to worry about.  

Of course, even minor scarring would be devastating to Little Miss Priss, but following her whining about it wouldn't be nearly as interesting as watching her deal with being really disfigured.  These writers always take the easy way out, tho, so I'm betting on the minor scarring.  But, I can always hope they'll "go for the gusto", right?

I was happy that Kay seemed to finally get the upper hand on Ivy this week, but of course it only lasted five minutes or so.  Valerie turned to Kay's side to save her job, probably, but she swore she'd stop messing into Kay and Fox's lives at Ivy's bidding, and Kay was happy to let her continue her career path at Crane in return.  However, she warned her against backsliding, which Val promised she wouldn't do, and then did just that as soon as she talked to Ivy again.  And all for the empty promises Ivy made her about marrying Fox.  Stupid woman.  I'm sure she'll regret it before long.

That's about it for what I saw as the bright side of this week.  Of course, many of you might disagree with me, but still, that's how I see it.  I think the week has to go into the win column, simply for the Theresa and Kay stories, if nothing else.  I sure hope it keeps getting better, and that the inevitable twists that will come along won't be steps backwards to the same old same old.

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