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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/30/06 - 2/3/06

I have to admit to you that I haven't seen a whole show this week, so I've depended on the daily transcripts on TV MegaSite to keep up.  However,  I still have opinions about what I've seen and read, so here goes.

What on earth have they done to Theresa?  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled she finally has power, something she's lacked since her brief stint as Julian's wife.  She actually has the upper hand over Gwen and Rebecca at this point, and that's never a bad thing, I guess.  However, the writers seem to have decided to make her more Crane-like this time, and I have to say, so far I'm not enjoying that. 

I love that she stopped the jet and kept Ethan and Gwen from leaving with her daughter, and that she kicked Rebecca out of the mansion, and I even enjoyed her warning to Fancy to watch her snotty little self when talking to her "Grammy".  Those were highlights of the week in my mind.  However, they seem to have added a cruelness to her that she never had before, and that's just not right.

I guess it's not unexpected.  Look what they've done to Sheridan.  In a few months time they've changed her from a loving, caring, sympathetic sweetheart - half of the best couple on the show - into a whining, rude, psycho trollop, jumping from crying over Luis' coffin right into bed with Chris, a guy she barely knows.  They couldn't have done a better job of ruining a beloved character if they tried.  I was always a Shuis fan, but now I don't want them together under any circumstances.  Luis deserves better, and if they bring him back and put him back with her, I will be extremely upset.

And how about Katherine?  OK, yes, she did leave with Pilar's husband all those years ago, and she did allow herself to live with him "in sin", knowing his wife and kids were suffering back in Harmony, but at least she tried to do what's right once they got home.   OK, yeah, she did have a threat from Alistair to help her decide to do it, but still, she seemed like a reasonable, decent woman.  Now, however, she's ready to steal the man from his wife again, and doesn't care what it will do to Pilar.  One can only hope Martin is as deserving of Pilar's trust and respect as she thinks he is.

So, Paloma and Simone find Alistair's secret stash of documents in a hidden room under the basement of the Book Cafe, and it seems it might be the beginning of all those secrets being revealed, right?  But not so fast, there.  Now it seems it's all just normal business documents, nothing more.  My only hope lies in the fact that nothing is ever as normal as it seems with that ogre.

Sheridan and Chris are in Hawaii, looking for the man they think is holding Marty.  I have to say, I've never seen anyone who could make Hawaii seem dull and boring before, but these two certainly have.  Romantic?  Not even.  Exciting?  Think again.  Nope, these two have taken one of the most beautiful places on earth and turned it into "Eh, who cares" quicker than Easy Off cuts through baked on grease.  Great job, guys.

Fancy is still whining about Noah and Maya.  I guess I don't blame her, but she's still too annoying for words.  Noah should be more forthcoming with her, tho.  He needs to tell her everything.  If she loves him, she'll keep his secrets, right?  Oh, wait.  We're talking about Fancy here, and she can't keep her mouth shut for beans.  Still, I understand why she's upset, I just wish she'd do her suffering in silence, you know?  Still, when she smarted off at Theresa on Friday she found out real quick that it wasn't such a great idea, so maybe she'll be able to control herself at home now, hopefully.

Maya, on the other hand, is a sneak.  She's up to something no good where Noah is concerned, and the whole beating thing was a put on, mark my words.  It's all part of the plan the Mystery Woman has going.  I wonder just what Noah did that caused someone to want to treat him this way?  So far we know he and Maya watched some guy in an attic somewhere get shot, and then she wouldn't allow him to tell the police so they broke up.  Makes sense to me.  Yeah, right.

I am loving Tabitha's dismay over Kay's seeming inability to say "no" to Fox's proposal.  She really doesn't want her friend's heart broken, which is totally un-Tabby-like.  The Boys in the Basement are even getting "hot under the collar" at her each time she remarks on it, although she keeps covering it up.  It looks like what Timmy started, Endora is nurturing, making Tabby feel love and caring after all these years. Whatever it is, she's going out of her way to keep Kay from accepting the proposal that will spell the end of her and Fox's relationship, and it appears to be working.  Hopefully Kay will be able to explain her reasons for turning him down in a way that won't expose Tabby but will keep him hanging around for the right moment.

Last but not least, I need to remark on Gwen and Rebecca's chat yesterday.  Now, we've always known Rebecca could quite easily kill someone and not bat an eye, and that Gwen is willing to keep her mouth shut once she finds out about it, but yesterday we got clear and concise proof that Gwen is no better than her mother.  She plainly told her that she wasn't above killing Theresa, but only once it becomes evident that she's going to win.  Now, with everything Theresa has ever done, she never deliberately set out to hurt Gwen, and killing her isn't even on her radar.  I think, given the right circumstances, she'd really like Gwen, but she simply wants her away from Ethan and her daughter.  

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't consider anyone who would even entertain the notion of killing another person over a man to be a decent person.  But, not only is she willing to consider it under the right circumstances, she's actually tried to do just that at least 4 times already!  And it might even be five, since she may have found out that her mother and Ivy set Theresa up for Julian's "murder" and kept her mouth shut while the woman was '"executed" for it.  No, Theresa is no angel, but she certainly isn't a blood-thirsty demon, either, although it seems the same can't be said for Gwen.  See?  Economic status is no indicator of a person's morality after all.

Well, after this week I can see the possibility of some interesting and fun-to-watch scenarios being played out for the next few weeks, and I certainly hope it works out that way.  It shouldn't be too much longer before Luis lights up the screen again, and if the stories play themselves out the way they should, it points to a very good Spring and Summer for Passions fans - as long as the show continues.  Keep your fingers crossed, as we should hear this month if it will or not.

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