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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/23/06 - 1/27/06

What a week, huh?  Not much going on for most of it, but then, on Friday, we got - BOLLYWOOD!!!  So, did it impress you at all?  Were you thrilled or bored?  Or, like me, did you just keep wondering who on earth thought that one up? 

Ok, the costumes were beautiful, the colors slapped your eyes, and the music was at least interesting, I guess.  But really, what was it all for?  Are they going for the India - based viewers now?  I understand Bollywood is the next big movie-making hub, or so they say, but honestly, how many of us run out to see the newest film from there?  I have never seen one myself, although I did see a news story about them once.

And it really didn't help that it was Gwen's daydream, either.  Well, it did explain it, actually.  Only Gwen would come up with something like that, that over-the-top, if you will.  I mean, come on, a struggle between the two women over a man who can only remark on how much passion he's aroused in the two of them is something only she would think of as a good thing.  Especially when she comes out on top.

I guess, all in all, I'd give it an A for eye appeal and originality, a D for story content, and an F for the overall idea.  I think it would have been a lot better to have the two women just duke it out in "real" life, personally.  Or, if they had to have a fantasy sequence, make it something along the lines of the Chicago one they did before.  Now, that was funny, interesting, and well done, and the viewers could better identify with it, too.  I'd even have enjoyed one based on Brokeback Mountain, with Gwen and Theresa fighting over Ethan, yet strangly attracted to each other at the same that would have been fun.  Bollywood?  Who really cares?

The rest of the week was just everyday Passions fare.  Nothing special, no real surprises, unless you consider Katherine's decision to steal Martin from Pilar a surprise, and little to get excited about.  After a couple of months when it seemed they'd finally gotten the message and were beginning to give us what we wanted, it seems they've decided it's too much trouble and are slipping back into the "never-finish-anything, write-like-a-monkey" mold.

Sheridan and Chris, with Rachel's help, have decided Marty must be in Hawaii, so they are on their way there to find him.  It all came about because Rachel remembered a word Alistair used to say to her all the time - Kamakaykay - and when they put it in the computer, they got numbers that turned out to be latitude 20.  Now, since it didn't specify north or south, that left them with a swath around the whole world that included Africa, South America, and the Pacific, which meant they still had no idea where to look.  However, Eve hypnotized Rachel and got her to remember things about where she was held captive, and they all pointed to Hawaii.  So, off the two go, sure they will find Marty there.

I think they will actually find Luis there, to tell the truth, but no matter.  The whole discovery of the place was really shaky, and made little to no sense to me.  But, I'm not writing the show, so they don't ask my opinion before they muck the whole thing up.  And really, since this isn't real life, they can do whatever they want, so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on them.  The thing is, tho, that even tho it's not real life, it should still follow the rules of nature and common sense, unless they are dealing with the supernatural, and they simply don't do that.

Now on to Katherine.  I could not believe the way she treated Pilar when she went over there to challenge her for Martin.  Rachel talked her into doing it, but you would think the oh-so-moral and self-righteous Katherine would never try to interfere in a marriage, wouldn't you?  Isn't she one of the ones that have spoken up about Theresa trying to get Ethan from Gwen?  I believe so, yet here she is, doing something even worse, since Martin and Pilar have children together and she already kept him from his family for over 20 years.  And now they are busily planning their vow renewal ceremony, too, yet she doesn't give a hoot about that.  

Anyway, there she was, standing in Pilar's house, telling her that she will do whatever she has to in order to get Martin back, because he loves her, not Pilar.  And when Pilar tried to slap her she had the nerve to say that Pilar has abused her before and she won't allow it again!  What a crock!  Nothing that Pilar has ever done or said to Katherine can be considered abuse, since Katherine stole her man and kept him from raising his kids or living his life with his wife, as he should have.  She's the abuser, from what I can see.  

And Sheridan.  She has been telling Theresa to leave Ethan alone, since he's married, even tho she knows he loves Theresa with all his heart, but when her mother tells her she's after a married man, she tells her to go for it if it will make her happy!  I am really having a hard time with that.  Pilar was like her mother, for goodness sake.  All those years after her real mother left her to laze around Mexico, living like a queen, Pilar was there for Sheridan, doing all the things a mother would do.  Katherine could have cared less, but Pilar was always there.  Yet now she can turn on her and support her mother's wish to steal her husband.  What a trollop!

Fancy and Noah seem to have parted ways again.  She got her nose in a bind because he said the name Maya while making love to her, and demanded he tell her every last thing about the woman.  He told her what she needed to know, only holding back the part about the guy that got shot, but that's not good enough.  Now, I don't remember hearing her tell him every detail of the relationships she's had before, do you?  Yet he has to come totally clean, nothing less. 

She stuck her foot in her own mouth, tho, but mentioning the letter she'd read while snooping through his wallet, and that made him mad, too.  He asked why it was wrong for him to keep a secret, but ok for her to do the same, especially about snooping through his private things, and that was just too much for our Little Miss Priss.  She told him it's over between them, and walked out.  Oh, if only it were true!

We did have a moment of interesting happenings, tho.  Paloma and Simone, while traipsing around the basement of the Book Cafe, looking for something Paloma needs for her job, stumbled across a trap door in the floor, and when they climbed down through it, they found a room stacked full of boxes, marked "Property of Alistair Crane", and at least some of them are full of tapes and cds.  Now, that sounds like his storehouse of secrets, and even they realize they've found a gold mine, but my next question is, when will they reveal this room to anyone else?  And when will they begin going through it all and finding out all the secrets?  Hopefully it will be soon.  Now, that will be the beginning of good times on this show, when secrets are finally revealed.

Kay and Fox were pretty interesting, too.  He wants to propose to her, she can't accept until the planets are aligned correctly, and Tabitha and Endora are doing everything they can to help her avoid the Big Question.  Meanwhile, Ivy and Valerie are still trying all they can to break them apart.  However, on Friday's show Kay spotted the two of them together, in a huddle, and figured out they are working together, so at least now she's aware of what's really going on.  It will be interesting to see how she avoids his proposal, or if she can't, how she turns him down gently.  Or does she?  And what will she do now she knows what Ivy and Val are doing?  This can be a really good story to follow, if they continue to do it right.

Alistair's still in a coma, although it did seem he was trying to come back for a while there.  Not yet, tho.  But another sort of interesting thing happened on Friday.  Theresa took her mother to the spa for the Christmas present she gave her, and while there she ran into a blond woman named Hannah Nicola Smythe (get it?) who tells her she knows all about marrying older men, and advises her to find out what powers she has now that he's disabled, and what she will get once he's gone, if he dies.  This might lead to Theresa taking the power at Crane Industries, as well as running the house and who lives there, etc.  It could really be good, too.

 Ok, that's my thoughts on this week.  I guess it wasn't the best of weeks, but it did have a couple of bright spots, and the hope of good things to come, so it wasn't a total loss.

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