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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/16/06 - 1/20/06

This week was pretty much a mixed bag, with some things I enjoyed a lot, and some things I could have done without.  But, at least we didn't have Alistair yakking up a blue streak, then choking up or going into cardiac arrest before he could spit out the name of the person who stabbed him.  Thank God for small favors, I guess. 

I enjoyed the Kay/Fox story.  I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or scratch my head, but at least it's interesting, and somewhat different, too, so I give it a thumbs up.  Poor Fox was so happy about proposing to the woman he loves, and he simply couldn't think about business or anything else once he decided he was going to do it.  His deliberating over the choice of rings was cute, and I actually loved the part where Fancy came in and kind of took over.  She told him which ring to get Kay - and it turned out, at the end of the week, to be just the right one, too - and was so happy for him it was totally endearing.  Now, if you read these opinions at all, you know what a shock that is for me to say.

Fancy just seemed to lead her brother around by the hand, showing him what to do and how to do it, and even when to do it, then stood back, beaming with happiness.  I really liked the fact that she cared, number one, and that she got such a kick out of helping him out, number two.   It gave a flicker of hope that she really could be a normal, decent human being, given the chance.  I'm so used to her being the whining, grouchy, Spoiled Little Rich Girl that seeing her this way is really refreshing, and I liked it.

Now, even with her help, things didn't go smoothly for our Fox.  Poor guy had Fate going against him, or the stars, one or the other.  Actually, it was the planetary alignment that done him in, or at least that's what Tabitha told Kay.  It seems it's simply not the right time for her to accept his proposal, and unless she wants to lose him forever she has to wait until the planets are all just right before she does.  Poor girl, she just can't catch a break.

Anyway, when Tabby first told her about the problem with the planets, Kay wasn't worried because she figured he was nowhere near wanting to take that step yet.  Too bad she didn't look in the Magic Water Bowl and see him poring over the attaché case full of diamond rings!  But, she had no idea what was up and was just happy as could be that she wasn't just going to lose him outright.  There was still hope for their love, and she was thrilled about that.

To make a long story short, when Fox was going to propose to Kay in Tabby's living room, with a full audience, Fancy talked him into taking her to a romantic restaurant, wining and dining her, and THEN popping the question, so off they went to the Seascape.  Everything seemed to be going perfectly, with Tabby watching on her magic TV, until the old witch realized he had the engagement ring at the ready, called Kay and warned her, and the whole thing went haywire.

He had the ring put into a parfait, which Kay ate like Little Miss Piggy, even shocking Fox at her voraciousness, but when she found the ring she quickly stuffed it back in the chocolaty mess and dragged him out to the dance floor.  Endora went to work and had the waiter clear their table, carting the ring away with the half-eaten dessert, and when Fox realized where it had gone, he had a great time digging through all the messy dessert cups until he found the prize.  By then, however, Kay had run out, heading back to Tabby's.  Fox followed, but through Kay running from room to room and Endora zapping her around, it took a while for him to come face-to-face with her.  

Even after all that, he never finished he proposal, and Kay was left wondering how she could divert him from asking the question she will have to reject, even tho she doesn't want to.  She dodged the bullet for the night, but once he wakes up and comes back for more, God only knows what she'll do to put him off until the planets are where they should be.  And God only knows when that will be.

Now, Fancy began thinking about marriage and how she would love to have Noah propose to her, but he has no intention of doing that now.  No matter how much she hints about people in love wanting to make it permanently, etc, he acts as tho he's totally missing the point, even tho he isn't, and changes the subject.  She becomes upset that he won't commit to her, and he's upset that she keeps pushing it and he can't commit, for whatever reason.  It seems it will probably have something to do with the mystery woman who is at the club and who has a conversation with Fancy in the restroom about how some men just can't commit to a woman, no matter what, and everything she says seems to fit Noah to a T.  

Gwen is sneaking her way out of a full-out confrontation with Alistair and Theresa over who sent the paternity information on Ethan to the tabloids.  Gwen and Rebecca are scared to death he will wake up soon and let everyone know the truth, and no lie is too big for Gwen at this point to keep Ethan from finding out.  And by week's end she'd managed to get Ethan so worried about her that he's going to move them far away from Theresa so they can live happily ever after with Theresa's daughter, Jane. 

Now, I'm wondering why on earth Gwen even thinks she is the baby's mother, or that she has the right to take off with her.  She and Ethan, thanks to her machinations, have temporary custody of the girl, and there is no way they could simply leave with her just like that.  Gwen, however, refuses to face the reality of the situation, and continues to believe she somehow has become Jane's mother.  I am so totally sick of her already I could puke, and it's only getting worse.  She has shown she isn't above lying to and about anyone to get what she wants, and she doesn't care who she hurts by it.   Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

Katherine showed her true colors this week, too.  What on earth gave her the right to mouth off to Pilar like she did, and in Pilar's own home, no less?  She acts like she's done nothing wrong, like she has a perfect right to the woman's husband, and Pilar has no right to be upset about it.  As a matter of fact, she thinks Pilar should step aside and let her have the man!  Where did the virtuous, moral, put-upon victim go?  Apparently she was swept away in the recent storm, and this rude, uncaring old trollop took her place.  I couldn't believe the gall of that woman, coming into Pilar's house and challenging her, putting her down for wanting to keep her own husband.  

That leaves Sheridan and Chris.  Sheridan keeps looking for Otto Krause, Chris seems to be helping her, although he also seems to keep trying to stall her, and now Julian is helping.  Let's see here:  Sheridan is a harlot, Chris is probably working for Alistair or Beth, or both, and Julian - well, he is still my hero, one of the best men on the show, and the kind of man every woman wants to end up with.  I'm sorry, I simply don't care what Sheridan is doing any more, and Chris can take a long walk off a short pier, so the only one in those scenes worth watching is Julian, in my opinion, and I could watch him shining his shoes and find it interesting.

Ok, that's all I have to comment on for this week.  The rest was either too much on the sideline or just too boring to mess with.  I am anxiously awaiting the return of Luis, of course, and it seems there is probably only a month or so until that happens.  It can't be too soon for me, that's all I know.

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