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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/9/06 - 1/13/06

My grandma used to say, when it took forever for someone to get to the point of whatever they were saying, that getting them to spit it out was harder than pulling a hen's teeth.  Well, that's the way I feel after this week on Passions.  By the end of the week I was practically standing, yelling at the TV, "Will you please just say, doggone you?"  Ok, those aren't the words I was using, but this is a family site, so I've cleaned it up a bit.  

 Honestly, tho, how hard can it possibly be to say a name?  Just one word will do, since there aren't any two people on the show who share a first name.  Even on simple syllable would do - "Sa...";  "T...";  "Ther...."; "Re...."; "E...."; "Gw..."; "Li...."; "Eve..."; "No...."....well, you get it.  How hard could that possibly be?

 But no, we get grunts and groans, deep breaths, panting, and gasps, but not one usable sound.  And he couldn't even manage to get a couple of letters of the name down on paper.  Come on, people, a stuttering moron could get enough of a clue out to identify the person faster than this old goat has.  Oh, but he sure can voice threats and  whole sentences with sexual connotations.  Oh, sure, those he can spout all day long, but a simple first name, or even the first part of one?  Heck, no!  And they wonder why they can't improve their ratings.  Gee, what a mystery, huh?

 I think I told you a couple of weeks back that I've started watching Y&R and B&B again, and I have to tell you, it's like jumping from a bullet train to a Galapagos Turtleback ride when the NBC shows come on.  I am amazed at the speed with which things get resolved on those shows, and the realistic, believable way it's done.  What a pleasure after being stuck watching Passions and the "new" Days for all these years.  No wonder they are at the top of the heap, while NBC is digging new, lower levels to the basement they've become stuck in.  

You know, I always thought it was some kind of bias against NBC, that al these other shows couldn't possibly be so much better than theirs, but now I know, at least where those two shows are concerned, yes, they can.  I am totally amazed.  The acting isn't that much better, for the most part, but the dialog is great, and the pace is unbelievably more satisfying.  So, my question is, hasn't JER ever watched any of these shows either?  I mean, if he had, it seems to me he would have gotten the idea of how a really good show should be written.  Obviously he hasn't a clue.

 One thing that has come out of the last couple of weeks, however, is the lies Gwen is capable of spouting with a straight face.  We always knew she could lie, we've seen it a number of times, but never so blatantly and so often.  Theresa is a piker compared to her, believe it or not, and that's saying a lot.  It looked like Gwen was on the verge of confessing the truth to Ethan this week, too, but of course she backed out in the end.  That would be too easy, wouldn't it, as well as too darn fast for these writers.  

 Good Lord, Lauren was kidnapped, thought dead in a boat explosion, shown to be alive and locked up with her mortal enemy, Sheila, worked with her to get themselves out, and managed to get back home before her memorial service began in the same amount of time it's taken Alistair to get stabbed, filled with a deadly poison, saved by Eve, and rescued by paramedics, and still no name of the attempted killer.  And I'm not sure we will ever hear it, anyway.

 What does it take to get through to JER and his merry writers?  Complaints from viewers does nothing.  Ratings tanking to lower and lower levels, either.  And certainly the threat of cancellation makes no impression on them, so what will?  Obviously, nothing.  Passions and Days will be dead and gone, banished to the failed soaps can along with Another World, Sunset Beach, Generations, Santa Barbara, The Doctors, and the other attempted-and-rejected soaps NBC has brought us over the years.  You'd really think they'd learn, wouldn't you?

So, just what is it TPTB at NBC want, anyway?  A day full of Dr. Phil?  Infomercials from 9 to 3?  Reruns of old sitcoms?  What?  Because it seems to me if they really wanted soaps as part of their  daytime lineup they'd do more to make sure the ones they brought us were on a par with those of the other networks.  But in actuality, when they decide they are tired of a soap, they neglect it, hire writers that should be ashamed to try to use the name,  and let them die an unnatural death on the vine.  I guess it shows just what they think of us, the viewers, right?

Ok, I know, this is another rant against TPTB and the careless, uncaring way they treat us, but it's been a while, so I figure  it's due.  And after a week like this last one, it just seemed like a good time for it.  You know I've been pretty happy with the show for a while now, since things started moving and the stories, for the most part, were working well, but having Alistair take so long to give us the payoff we've been anxiously waiting for since the spoilers started pointing to it last summer is the last straw.  

They said he'd die, at least for a while.  They said the secrets would be revealed.  They said it would be an Ethan and Theresa Christmas.  They said Luis is coming back, Gwen and Rebecca would be outted, and Chadney would be back.  Yeah, right.  So far they are 0 for 6, at least, and it doesn't look like it will get any better any time soon.  So much for what they say.  

Once again, I'm not giving up just yet, but I swear, if something doesn't change this next week, I will never believe anything "they say" again.  And I won't be hanging around to see if it actually happens or not.  I've had enough, thanks, and I won't go back to the same old same old. 

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