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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/2/06 - 1/6/06

Another interesting week.  As Eve struggles to save Alistair's life, although not really caring if he lives or dies, all the other party guests wander around the mansion, remembering their separate conversations with the old goat, who made it clear that each and every one of them has a secret of some kind, and that he meant to expose those secrets to everyone else.  So, can you say "paint a bullseye on my back and hand my enemy the gun"? 

Some secrets we've known all along, such as the fact Rebecca and Gwen sent Ethan's paternity secret to the tabloids and blamed it on Theresa, or that Tabitha is a witch and Julian is her daughter's father.  We also knew Ivy paid David Hastings to pose as Grace Bennett's unremembered first husband in order together away from Sam, and that Kay found out but kept it a secret.  But what is Noah's big secret?  And what about Liz, and Chris? 

These are the secrets I want to know about, how about you?  But how much do you want to bet these are the ones that won't come out yet?  I guess I could be wrong, and I sure hope so, but all the other secrets are long overdue for exposure, while these are new ones, so I figure they will be the next generation of secrets that stories are built around, unless the show is cancelled.  I guess that's ok, but I really hope it won't take that long.

I started watching Y&R a few weeks ago, and I am amazed at how quickly the stories there move.  Lauren was kidnapped by Sheila and Tom a couple weeks back, and the boat she and Mike were honeymooning on blew out of the water as he watched from the shore (sound familiar?), for instance.  They came to the conclusion that Lauren died in the explosion, although we knew that she was actually being held by the two villains.  Tom, who turned on Sheila and could have been on his way to tell everyone where the two women were, was killed, making it seem they'd never know she is really alive, but lo and behold, the two enemies started working together and actually managed to get out, with Lauren arriving at the chapel where Mike was mourning before her memorial service even began.  Now, how's that for resolving a story?

Why can't the writers on Passions take a cue from one of the best (according to the ratings and award shows) and start moving the stories along at a clip that rewards the viewers for watching?  I could really get behind that, and I think it would do a lot toward getting Passions out of the ratings sub-basement.  I love most of the characters on the show, I love the storylines, (well, mostly) and I think the show should be number one on everyone's list of favorite TV shows, but it isn't, and I can't help thinking that's because the writing has been lackluster at best, and the stories simply drag on forever, causing us to lose interest or become so irritated by never having the bad guy exposed and the good guy win that we simply stop watching.

A few more weeks like these last few could go a long way toward fixing that, especially if they move the stories along and give us payoffs a lot faster.  As I've said over and over again, this show has so much promise it could even top the charts as a primetime show, if the writing was improved.  It seems to be getting there, but it may be too late.  Maybe the rumors we've been hearing are true and it will be cancelled as a soap on NBC, moving to the SciFi channel and run as a program there, but if that happens it will still be the end of it for many of us who don't have cable or satellites.  I would really miss it if that happened.

But, for now, at least things are picking up, and if it continues like this there might be hope for saving it and keeping it around for a few more years.  To do that, tho, the secrets have to come out soon, and the new ones need to be really good ones that won't be carried over year after year.  How long have we been begging JER for that, tho?   Since the beginning, right?  Well, hope springs eternal, they say, but reality has a way of slapping it down real fast.  Let's hope reality takes a holiday, the writers start making this the show it should always have been, and it remains on free, public television for years to come.  With movement like we've seen likely, there is at least a chance.

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