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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #243

12/25/06 – 12/29/06

Chad stalled at the wedding
Didn’t he have a lot of nerve stalling when he was saying his vows?  He was the one who pressured Whitney to get married, yet he had the nerve to stall when it was time to say I Do.  He shouldn’t have given Whitney an ultimatum if he wasn’t ready to get married.

Whitney went through with the wedding
Whitney should have stuck to her guns and not married Chad.  When she had her reservations, she should have listened to them.  Now she has to deal with the fact that she was right about him.

The wedding was choppy
Why did the writers have Chad and Whitney’s wedding so choppy?  They didn’t even show flashbacks of their relationship.  Usually when people get married, they show a montage of the relationship.  Instead of that, people were talking and barely paid attention to the wedding.

Tabitha should have known better
Tabitha must be losing her touch since she fell for Edna and Norma’s act.  She should have known that they were tricking her into thinking that they didn’t want to kill her.  Norma has been trying to kill her for years.  What made her think that changed?

Ethan spent too much time worrying about Jared
Ethan couldn’t even enjoy Chad’s reception without worrying about Jared.  He couldn’t give his suspicions a rest for five minutes to be there for his friends.  Would that have been too much to ask for?  If he was going to worry about Jared, why did he even go to the wedding?

Kay was only worried about her own wedding
When JT was found in the cake, Kay was only concerned about her own wedding being ruined.  Forget the fact that Chadney’s wedding was ruined.  It was more important to focus on her own wedding.

Jared wanted to propose to Theresa at the reception
Why did Jared have to propose to Theresa at Chadney’s reception?  Why couldn’t he propose to her after the wedding?  Couldn’t he wait one more day before he asked?  He didn’t have to steal their thunder. 

Miguel broke in Eve’s office
It shouldn’t have been so easy for Miguel to break in Eve’s office.  You would think that the hospital would have better security.  Miguel acted as if he was well within his right to look at Fox’s file.  Eve tried to stop him from looking, but it didn’t work.  Even when she told him that he would be in trouble, he still took the file.  He thought that it would prove that Fox wasn’t sick.  He figured that he would get Kay back once he showed her the file that proved Fox isn’t dying.  How was Miguel going to be with Kay if he ended up in jail?

Chad got busted
Chad was busted talking to his lover after the reception.  He was a fool to talk to the lover on his wedding night.  He should have known that he would have been busted eventually.  Well eventually happened sooner than he thought when Whitney busted him.  He should have broken up with his lover when Jared kept warning him, but he wouldn’t listen.  He had to keep seeing the lover.  It served him right that he got caught.

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