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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #242

12/18/06 – 12/22/06

Kay makes Fox’s plan easy
If Kay wasn’t so predictable, Fox’s plan wouldn’t work. Every time he comes up with a plan for the fake Charity and Miguel to trick her, she falls for it hook, line, and sinker.  This week he had Miguel and Charity talking to each other on the phone.  He thought that Kay would eavesdrop on their conversation.  Predictably, Kay listened to the conversation.  What was also predictable was Kay not confronting Miguel about what she heard.  Was it that hard to tell Miguel that she heard him on the phone with Charity?  We know the writers need the Idiot Plot for this story to work, but this is ridiculous.  Would a person really keep someone in the dark about why they are angry with them?  Hello, Kay! If Miguel still doesn’t know why you’re upset with him, wouldn’t it make sense to tell him why you’re mad?  The more Kay keeps Miguel in the dark, the worse the story gets.

Whitney agreed to marry Chad
She shouldn’t have let Chad guilt her into marrying him.  She should have let Chad go if he couldn’t wait to marry her when she was ready.  The only thing she did was give into pressure.  She is setting herself up to be hurt just because Chad and everyone else thinks she should marry him.

Why would Ethan believe JT
Since Ethan knows JT is a liar, why would he be so willing to believe that JT was telling the truth about Jared?  He could have told him anything just to get what he wanted.  JT should have gotten some money out of him since he’s so obsessed with getting the dirt on Jared.

Fancy was raped
Fancy ended up getting raped by the Peeping tom.  The sad thing is, it could have been avoided if she didn’t have to get involved in the case.  She couldn’t leave well enough alone and let Kelly work on the case.  She had to get involved.  If she didn’t have to prove how tough she was, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt.  We are not trying to condone what happened to her because it was disgusting, but it could have been avoided.

Gwen needs to give up on Ethan
Gwen has us shaking our heads at her so much.  She’s our girl and all, but girlfriend needs to wise up.  She saw how determined Ethan was to get the dirt on Jared to protect Theresa, but she still wanted to be with him.  That would have been enough to leave him.  She kept thinking that Ethan wanted to be with Theresa, but she silently prayed that Ethan wouldn’t find JT.  What in the world is it going to take for the girl to see the light?  She is obviously going to have to learn the hard way that Ethan is a piece of garbage that should be kicked to the curb.

Why would Endora want Fox/Kay together
Endora knows that Fox is scheming against Kay, yet for some reason, she wants them together.  We thought that Endora liked Kay.  Why would she want to see her with someone who’s scheming against her?  She must be more like a Crane than we thought.

Jessica found out about Fox’s plan
Jessica finding out about Fox’s plan was about as useful as a broken phone.  When she left a bar, she saw the fake Charity and Miguel outside.  She saw them take off their masks and admit to what Fox did.  Of course she had to be drunk when she saw it.  When she went to Tabitha’s house to tell what she saw, she was drunk and lost credibility.  No one wanted to believe her story because she was drinking.  It’s too bad she couldn’t have taken a picture of what she saw.  What would have been Fox’s excuse if she did take a picture of them?  Luckily for Fox, Jessica was the only one who saw them.

Here are some random thoughts:

If Spike was the one who attacked Fancy, how did he know she would have been the one at the house?  What if Kelly went instead of her?

When did Jessica become an alcoholic?  She only had a problem with drugs and yet now she’s an alcoholic.

Why were Whitney and Chad getting married the day after she accepted his proposal?  That didn’t leave time to plan for the wedding.

Why did Jared act as if he and Theresa had to get married right away?

When did Theresa have time to get Whitney’s dress made?  Whitney accepted Chad’s proposal the night Theresa gave her the dress so Theresa didn’t have time to have the dress made.

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