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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #241

12/11/06 Ė 12/15/06

Luis/Fancy were obsessed with having sex
It was maddening haring them constantly talk about making love with each other.  We got the message the first 100 times they mentioned it.  Every day this week, one or both said something about them making love.  They were never this bad when they were with Sheridan and Noah.

Kay still wouldnít tell Miguel the truth
This story doesnít make sense.  Itís hard to believe that Kay wouldnít wonder why Miguel keeps acting as if he were never with Charity.  He would know why sheís upset if he were guilty.  Also, Tabitha told her that something was fishy about Charity and Miguel making love, but she still refused to say anything. It would be great if the writers would rest the story for longer than a day.

Chad gave Whitney an ultimatum
He had a lot of nerve giving Whitney an ultimatum.  He told her to marry him by Christmas or he was breaking up with her.  Heís the one cheating on her, but he has the gall to force her into marriage.  Why would he want to be with her under duress?  You would think that he would want her to marry him on her own and not because he forced her into it. 

Ethan tried to kill JT
What is with Ethan?  He tried to kill JT because he thought he lied about the person who sold him out to the tabloid.  If thatís so, why did he stay with Gwen?  In order for him to think that JT was lying, he must have thought that Theresa told the truth.  When JT wouldnít answer him, he rummaged through his apartment.  He acted as if he had every right to look through JTís apartment.  When the coast was clear for JT, Ethan wanted to bargain with him.  He agreed to help JT with his IRS problems if he got the goods on Jared.  Why canít Ethan just mind his own business?  He chose to be with Gwen so he needs to honor that and let Theresa be with whomever she wants to be with.

Theresa gave Ethan a chance
Theresa gave Ethan his chance to be with her, but he blew it.  She would have been willing to believe him about Jared if he believed her about Gwen. The sweeter part of the deal was she said they could trust each otherís word.  They didnít need to show the other any proof.  Ethan thought about it, but he didnít take the deal.  He still needed proof.  That was so rich coming from him.  He expected her to believe him about Jared based on no proof, but he canít believe her without proof.  That speaks volumes about the kind of love they have.

Speaking of Theresaís deal, why was she so willing to believe the worst in Jared based on no evidence if she loved him?  Thatís not exactly something you do when youíre supposed to move on with him.  She must not love him the way she made him think she did.

Fancy always blows everything
Leave it to Fancy to get involved in a case that Luis didnít want her in.  She knew how he felt about her being involved in the peeping tom case, but that didnít stop her.  When the other lady cop gave her a sob story about wanting to be with her boyfriend instead of working.  Fancy jumped at the opportunity to get involved.  She had to do a strip tease act for a peeping tom so she and Burt (the cop watching her) could catch him. Of course that blew up in her face because the peeping tom was smarter than them.  He overheard Fancy and Burt talking to each other on their walkie talkies.  He waited for an opportunity to take Burt out. He hit him with a rock and knocked him out.  When Fancy tried to talk to Burt again, the peeping tom was the one who spoke to her instead.  She called herself trying to use her police training, but ended up in trouble.  The peeping tom got the drop on her.  He took her in the house and tried to rape her.  It was her own fault because sheís always butting her nose in police business when she needs to stay out of it.  We donít see Paloma getting involved in investigations, yet Fancy always sticks her nose where it doesnít belong.

Speaking of Paloma, when is she ever going to get a case?  Why is Fancy the only one able to be involved in a case?  This story could have been given to Paloma instead of Fancy.  Fancy had enough storylines so she didnít need this one too.

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