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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #240

12/4/06 – 12/8/06

Fox’s plan
The writers really copped out with this plan.  There was just no way that the writers were going to let Miguel look like the bad on in the Fox/Kay/Miguel triangle. Miguel is the one trying to go after a woman who is committed to someone else, but Fox was written up as the bad guy for scheming against Miguel and Kay.  Anyway, let’s get back on topic.  If Fox hired Miguel and Charity look alikes, why was he talking to Charity as if she actually was Charity?  When he was on the phone making arrangements to bring Charity to Harmony, he never said he wanted a look alike.  When he spoke to Charity on the phone, he carried on as if she were the real Charity.  Now all of a sudden, she was hired to be Charity.  That plot twist has too many holes.  How did the faux Miguel and Charity know what the real Miguel and Charity sound like?  When “Miguel” and “Charity” were pretending to have sex, you could tell that they weren’t wearing masks.  What if Kay didn’t watch them have sex?  She wouldn’t have overheard what Miguel said.  What if the real Miguel didn’t disappear to get Kay flowers?  Fox’s plan wouldn’t have worked.  That plan required too much suspension of disbelief in order to be believed.

Kay could have confronted Miguel
It was so maddening when Kay wouldn’t tell Miguel what she saw.  She saw how Miguel was acting as if he didn’t know why she was mad at him, yet she didn’t get suspicious.  It was as if she was going out of her way to avoid saying what Miguel did. Fox provided a convenient scapegoat for why she wouldn’t say what she saw.  He said she would have been too embarrassed to admit what she saw.  Well, that wouldn’t have been us.  We would have let Miguel have it.  We were so bored with their scenes because it required the idiot plot.  If she told Miguel what the problem was, Fox’s plan wouldn’t have worked.

Grace found out the truth over the phone
Why did the writers have Grace find out about Eve over the phone? That took away from the story.  We wanted to see a face-to-face showdown.  The reveal would have meant more if it happened in person.

While we’re on the subject, it’s time to talk about Grace’s reaction.  We didn’t care for it.  We thought her performance was over the top.  She went overboard when she was telling Eve how much she hated her and that she was a b*tch.  As much as Grace was right to be upset with Eve, Dana Sparks’ acting took away from it.  She did the same thing with Kay.  Maybe Dana’s performance would have been better if she didn’t have to react on the phone.

Sheridan ripped into Gwen
Gwen ended up feeling Sheridan’s wrath because she told her how she loves Luis.  She told Gwen how she needs to divorce Ethan because everyone knows how much he loves Theresa.  Some best friend she is.  Gwen should have rubbed her nose in the fact that Luis is with Fancy.  Luckily for Sheridan, Gwen thought something was wrong with her and didn’t react the way she should have reacted.  We liked how Gwen held her own up against Sheridan, but she shouldn’t have had to worry about that.

Julian tried to rape Eve
What is going on with Julian?  We know he’s going through it because he lost Eve, but his actions this week took the cake.  He tried to rape Eve when he saw her at the bridal shower.  He was drunk at the time and wanted to make one last plea for Eve to take him back.  When she refused, he tried to force himself on her.  He was going to have his way with her right at the bridal shower.  If that wasn’t enough, he attacked TC.  When TC stopped Julian from attacking Eve, Julian punched him.  He finally realized that he attacked a man who was recovering from a stroke.  The writers are really butchering Julian’s character.  We can only imagine what he will do next.

Ethan should have had the proof with him
When Ethan went running to the Harmony Inn like a mad dog, he should have printed out the proof he had on Jared.  Why did he expect Theresa to believe him without any proof?  He is the same one who always demanded proof when she told him about Gwen.  He was acting like a man obsessed when he practically forced Theresa to believe him. When he used Jared’s computer and found proof that eh was stealing money from Crane, Jared had an explanation.  That still wasn’t enough for Ethan.  He still kept saying that Jared was up to no good.  We think Ethan was right, but we didn’t like the way he went about telling her.

Sheridan sent Luis/Fancy’s pictures to a tabloid
Sheridan saw red when she saw the pictures of Luis and Fancy kissing.  Out of spite, she sent the pictures to a tabloid.  She thought that they would have been finished once that picture got out.  Her little plan blew up in her face because a friend of Sam’s stopped the story from leaking out.

Leave it to Sheridan to have been sorry for what she did.  There’s nothing wrong with being sorry, but it was too late.  We know she only regretted what she did so it could be on record that she didn’t mean to do it.  Her remorse didn’t change how Luis/Fancy almost got fired.  It didn’t do any good for her to be sorry because she didn’t seem that sorry at all.

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