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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #239

11/27/06 – 12/01/06

Pilar doesn’t know what she wants
For a while now, Pilar has been telling Miguel to fight for Kay.  She thought that they should have been together because they had a child and they love each other.  Then out of the blue, she told Miguel not to go after Kay if he loved Charity.  She knew that Charity was an obstacle before, but she still wanted him to go after Kay.  It was kinda convenient that she wanted him to be sure about his feelings for Charity once she was back in Harmony.

Luis fell for Fancy too fast
Luis told Fancy how he’s in love with her and only her.  It seems too fast to us.  Sheridan has been the love of his life for a while, yet he’s suddenly in love with Fancy.  With the exception of Pilar, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds know how to move on from their true loves fast.  First they obsess over their true love then they get over them at the snap of a finger.  To get back to Luis, we wonder if he would have fallen for Fancy so fast if Sheridan gave him the time of day.

Miguel forgot about Kay
It certainly didn’t take long for Miguel to forget about Kay the second he saw Charity.  He practically slapped Kay in the face by kissing Charity and telling her he loved her in Kay’s face.  He pressured Kay into calling off her engagement to Fox just to end up with Charity.  When Kay told him about her reservations about being with him, he assured her that he was over Charity.  He must have forgotten about that when he saw Charity.  He proved that he was only using Kay to get over Charity.

After he slept with Charity, he had to gall to tell her about Kay.  He said he was going to marry her.  Charity got upset, but he let her know that he wanted to be with her instead of Kay.  He only wanted Kay because he thought that she was out of his life for good.  Of course Kay heard all of that.  She should have confronted him about what he did.  She shouldn’t have let him get away with that.  There’s a spoiler that explains this, but we’re going to concentrate on what we saw this week.

Why would Fox want Kay
Fox practically patted himself on the back for his scheme to keep Miguel and Kay from getting together.  He shouldn’t want to be with Kay just because she wouldn’t be with Miguel.  He is second choice.  He can really feel good about being second best?  Kay must really be great for Fox to want to be with her knowing that she wants another man.  Speaking of settling being second choice, let’s move on to Jared.

Jared settled with being second choice
At first, Jared didn’t want to be with Theresa because she loved Ethan.  After talking to Chad, he realized that he wanted to be with Theresa.  He knows that she’s in love with Ethan, but he still wanted to be with her.  We think that he may be up to something for why he wants to be with her.  If not, he must be really desperate to want to be with her.

Pilar wrote off the Cranes
Once again Pilar wrote off the Cranes.  She told Luis that she saw Martin and Katherine together and then she went off about the Cranes.  She said none of the Cranes are any good.  Did she forget that Theresa is a Crane?  Did she forget that little Ethan is being raised as a Crane?  She told Luis to stay away from the Cranes and that included Fancy.  Luis told her that Sheridan, Fancy, and Fox were okay.  Guess he must have forgotten about Chad.  Chad helped him in Rome, but that must not have been good enough for Luis to remember to mention him.  Anyway, Fancy overheard the conversation and ran off.  Luis went after her and told her how he lied to Pilar when he said he would stay away from her.

Eve is a wimp
When Sheridan put Eve in her place, Eve didn’t do a thing.  She just stood there and let Sheridan go off on her.  Sheridan gave Eve the rundown on how Eve met Julian and was a prostitute.  She implicated that Eve was a golddigger.  She said other things to her but the clincher had to be with she called her Harmony’s biggest b*tch.  That would have been it for us.  She would have been hit or she would have been told off.  There’s no way we would have allowed Sheridan to get away with that.  We don’t care what Sheridan’s last name is or how badly she’s hurt seeing Luis move on with Fancy.  She doesn’t have the right to be cruel to people who are only trying to show concern for her.

Sheridan expect Luis to be alone
Sheridan wasn’t acting this way when Luis was alone.  Now that he’s moved on with Fancy, she’s acting like a true Crane.  Did she expect him to stay alone forever while she played happy family with Chris?  Luis had a right to move on from Sheridan.  If she had her way, Luis would be in love with her forever while she continued to be with Chris.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Kay watch Miguel and Charity have sex?  Why didn’t she interrupt them?

Why do the Cranes turn into true Cranes when things don’t go their way?

Why is Sheridan supposed to be a threat to Fancy and Luis now that she’s acting like a true Crane?  Fancy is a Crane too so couldn’t she be a threat to Sheridan?

Why was Eve trying to help the Cranes?  They all but tell her to mind her own business yet she still keeps interfering in their business.

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