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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #238

11/20/06 Ė 11/24/06

Sheridan was so nasty
What in the world has gotten into Sheridan?  She was really nasty to Eve and Luis.  When Eve made the huge mistake of asking Sheridan how she felt about Luis, she let her have it.  The claws came out.  She practically ripped her head off and all but told her to mind her own business.  We donít know how Eve was able to keep her temper in check. It seemed as if the calmer Eve was, the worse Sheridan got.  Even when Sheridan apologized, she still came off nasty.  What was the point of her apologizing if she was going to yell at her again?

When Luis made the mistake of questioning James, Sheridan tore into him.  She frowned up her face and told him to stay away from her son.  She also yelled at Chris for allowing Luis to question her son.  Then when he tried to explain himself, she threatened to have him kicked off the force.  She certainly showed that she is a true Crane after all.  We knew she wasnít the saint that others make her out to be.

Theresa lied to Ethan about little Ethan
When Theresa blurted out that little Ethan was his son, she made up an excuse for why she said it.  He was acting like a mad man when she said little Ethan was his son.  He thought it would have been too cruel of her to lie to him about something like that. He thought that she would have been no different from Ivy if she lied about that.  She allowed him to guilt her into saying that little Ethan wasnít Ethanís son.  She should have put her sonís needs first.  She shouldnít have backed down from telling the truth.  The only thing she did was make matters worse when the truth finally does come out.

Kay and Miguel had sex on Tabithaís couch
They were so tacky to have sex on Tabithaís couch.  Anybody could have walked in on them.  What if Endora walked in there?  Why couldnít they have sex in Miguelís room?  They might not have been caught if they were in Miguelís room.  Itís a good thing that Tabitha wasnít having company in the living room since they didnít clean off the couch.

Fox should have said something
When Fox caught Kay and Miguel together, he didnít do anything.  He was going to kill Miguel, but Julian stopped him.  He stayed in the back with Julian while Kay and Miguel were getting it on.  He didnít have to result to murder, but he could have stopped them.  He carried on as if he didnít know what was going on.  If we were Fox, we wouldnít marry someone we knew cheated on us.  Fox needs to grow a backbone and realize that Kay isnít the only woman out there.  He didnít go to all of this trouble for Whitney and she was supposed to be the love of his life.  Kay must be outstanding for Fox and Miguel to go to all of this trouble for her.

Jessica blamed Kay
During Jessicaís tirade, she blamed Kay for why her life turned out the way it did.  It was not all Kayís fault.  Kay didnít make her hook up with Spike and take drugs.  She did that all on her own.  We doubt that Grace would have been able to stop her from going to Spike.

Ivy tried to work things out with Sam
What made Ivy think that Sam would want to work things out with her?  He wasnít going to forget what she did to him overnight.  She had the gall to blame Grace for stealing Sam away from her.  Leave it to Ivy to blame Grace for why she did what she did.

The writers are rewriting Evianís relationship
Why are the writers rewriting Evianís relationship?  Eve told Julian that she would rather be with TC because he accepts her and doesnít try to rule her the way Julian did.  The last time we checked, TC was the one who did those things.  Julian was the one who was there for her when everyone else turned their backs on her.  He never treated her as if he owned her.  Now that the writers want to destroy their relationship, they are changing what happened between them.

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