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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #237

11/13/06 Ė 11/17/06

Sheridan had no right to be mad
This week, Sheridan was going ballistic with Paloma.  When she saw Fancy and Luis under the cover trying to get warm, she saw red.  When she saw them kiss, she really saw red.  She kept ripping Palomaís head off whenever she told her what Luis and Fancy were doing.  She admitted to Paloma that she loved Luis and didnít like how he was getting closer to Fancy.  Leave it to Sheridan to expect Luis to pine after her forever.  Sure she said she wanted him to move on, but she never had any intention of him moving on. When Paloma told her to tell Luis how she felt about him, she refused.  She couldnít leave Chris and James.  She basically said that sheís only with Chris because of James.  She couldnít bear losing James after losing Marty.  She would rather stay with a man she doesnít love instead of being with the one she does love because of James.  Since she fells that way, she has no right to be jealous of Luis and Fancy being together.

Sheridan forgot about her baby
Sheridan was going on and on about losing Marty and James, but she forgot somebody. She forgot all about the baby she lost.  She never mentions the baby.  She gave Paloma a recap about how she met James and when they got together.  Then she started telling her about James.  Nowhere in the recap did she talk about the other baby she lost.  The least she could have done was say that she didnít want to lose James the way she lost both of her children.  At least she would have remembered the baby.  Perhaps she forgot about the baby because she didnít conceive it with Luis.

Theresa was violent towards JT and Julian
Theresa showed once again that she has a major violent streak.  She attacked JT and Julian this week.  When JT didnít tell Ethan the truth about Rebecca and Gwen, the girl went nuts.  She kept attacking him and forced him to tell the truth.  Ethan had to take her off of JT twice.  She also threatened to have him killed.  Then when she saw him outside, she attacked him again.  When Julian stopped her and told her why JT didnít do what she said, she attacked him too.  The girl needs to take whatís left of the money and get some therapy.  She needs to take some anger management classes because she is constantly attacking people. 

Kay still chose Miguel
What was up with Kay throwing Miguelís love for Charity up in his face again?  Last week she decided to be with him.  She knew that Charity could have been a factor, but she didnít care.  The second Miguel mentioned Charity, she used that as an excuse to keep from telling Fox the truth.  If she still wants to be with Fox, she needs to tell Miguel to take a hike.  If she wants to be with Miguel, then she needs to stop worrying about hurting Fox because either way, someone is going to be hurt.

Paloma didnít know whose side to be on
For a little while now, Paloma was shoving Fancy down Luisís throat.  She was constantly telling him that he loved Luis.  That quickly changed once Sheridan told her that she loved Luis.  Thatís when Paloma got off the Lancy bandwagon and got back on the Shuis bandwagon.  She kept telling Sheridan to fight for Luis.  When Luis told her he wanted to have a relationship with Fancy, she told him not to give up on Sheridan. No wonder sheís so confused. She doesnít know which pom poms she should be holding.

Kay should be suspicious of Fox
It should dawn on Kay that Fox is up to something.  Whenever he was on the phone with his doctor, he had the door open.  If he wanted his medical condition to stay private, why wouldnít he close the door?  He also wouldnít keep lying about it.  Besides, he suddenly got sick around the time when Kay was going to break up with him.  We know that would raise our eyebrows.  Another thing that would arise suspicion is the way Fox is acting.  He is acting so suspicious all of a sudden.

Jared is supposed to be second best
We donít know why Chad, Whitney, and Theresa expect Jared to be second best.  Now that things didnít work out with Ethan, he was supposed to go running back to her.  We may not like the guy, but that is cold.  Theresa has no intention of falling for him so thereís no reason for him to stay with her.

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Updated 11/19/06



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