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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #236

11/6/06 – 11/10/06

Theresa said Gwen stole Ethan from her
Did the writers rewrite history between Gwen and Theresa?  Theresa told Gwen that she stole Ethan from her.  Are we supposed to forget that Gwen was the one who had Ethan first?  If anything, Theresa was the one who stole Ethan from her.  We are sick of Theresa saying that Gwen stole Ethan from her as if she didn’t do the same to her.

Give the Theresa/Gwen/Ethan story a rest
We are really getting tired of this triangle.  It seems endless.  This used to be our favorite story, but now it’s going on too long.  Every week it’s the same thing with these three.  Once JT got in the story, it really got tiresome.  We were sick of seeing the three of them obsess over JT.  We can’t wait for this story to finally be over.  If it has to go on, hopefully JT will be out of the story.  Maybe we’ll be able to enjoy the story again with him out of it.

Luis and Fancy’s connection
We are not buying how they suddenly have a connection.  They are not even a couple yet and they suddenly have a connection. No matter what the writers do, they are not going to be the next Shuis.  They have a long way to go before that happens.  Since the writers gave Luis and Fancy a connection, it seems like a slap in the face to Shuis.  Shuis were the ones who had the special connection and now we’re supposed to believe that he has that with someone else.

Chris looking like a good guy
Why are the writers trying to make Chris look like the good guy?  Do they think we’ll forget about what he’s done just because Spike is worse than he is?  If he is as good of a guy as he pretends to be, why was he willing to let Fancy stay in danger?  He was willing to risk Fancy’s life just to protect himself.  He’s no better than Spike.  At least Spike doesn’t pretend to be good guy the way Chris does.  What’s even worse is Sheridan believing any excuse he gives her.  When Chris was at the cave before Luis, Sheridan, and Paloma, he gave a flimsy excuse for why he was there, Sheridan believed him.  It’s a good thing Sheridan is so gullible or else Chris couldn’t get away with his dirty deeds.

The writers are down playing Fox’s love for Whitney
Why are the writers making it seem as if Fox didn’t really love Whitney? When Miguel told Kay that Fox was with Theresa and Whitney, she said he didn’t love them the way he loved her.  The way we remember it, Whitney was the love of his life.  All he had to do was hear her sing and he was in love.  He said that he never loved a woman the way that he loved Whitney.  Now all of a sudden, Kay is the one he loves like mother.  Give us a break.  Just because the writers forgot about Fox’s love for Whitney, that doesn’t mean we all forgot about it.

How desperate was Fox to keep Kay
When he overheard that Kay wanted to be with Miguel, he came up with a scheme to keep her from leaving.  He pretended to talk to his doctor while Kay was listening.  He made it seem as if he was going to die.  He must really be desperate to go to this extreme in order to keep Kay.  Why would he even want to be with her if he knows she doesn’t want to be with him?  He would only have her out of pity.  Could he actually live with being second best?  He would be better off letting Kay go instead of keeping her under false pretenses.  Did he learn nothing from Ivy’s mistake when she schemed to get Sam back?  That ended up blowing up in her face.  The same thing may happen to him.

 Random thoughts:

 Why would Jared help Theresa get Ethan back after the way she dumped him?  You would think that would be the last thing he would want to do.

 Why would Gwen go broke just to keep Ethan?  If she had to lose everything she had in order to keep him, he’s not worth it.

 What made Theresa think that JT would do what she wanted just because he paid her?  He made her think that he would help her before, but he didn’t.  He ended up wanting more money.

Why do the writers have Theresa make fun of how Gwen’s barren?  It’s not funny.  It is cruel of her to throw that up in her face.  She may not like Gwen, but she doesn’t have to keep saying stuff like that.  What if something like that happens to her?  The audience would have been expected to think it would be cruel of Gwen to throw that up in her face.

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