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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #235

10/30/06 – 11/3/06

Sheridan went nuts on Luis

We couldn’t understand her.  One minute she was calmly talking to Luis about Phyllis’s murder and the next minute she went ballistic.  Luis made the mistake of telling Sheridan that he suspected Chris of murder and that set her off.  She threatened to have Luis kicked off the force if he arrested Chris.  She compared Luis to Alistair when he told her that Chris was using her.  Once upon a time, she thought that Chris could have worked for Alistair.  Guess when Luis pointed it out to her she couldn’t handle it.  If she didn’t hurt him enough, she blamed him for Marty’s death. Where did that come from?  What did Luis’s suspicions about Chris have to do with Marty’s death?  She was just looking for an excuse to throw that up in his face again.  Luis didn’t deserve for Sheridan to treat him like that especially since he’s right about Chris.  We can’t wait to see her face when she finds out that Luis was right about Chris.

 Fancy will make a terrible cop
Can you believe that Fancy had to go after Spike alone?  She is only a rookie cop.  What made her think she could go after him by herself?  Even Fancy should have known to call Luis for help.  When James pointed out that Spike was the one who shot Chris and Pilar, Fancy couldn’t tell who Spike was.  James knew who he was from behind, but Fancy couldn’t tell.  Anyway, when Spike ran off, Fancy went after him.  For some reason, it never occurred to her to get help.  She just had to be the hero.  Well it bit her in the butt.

 While we’re on the subject of Fancy, we may as well talk about what Spike did to her.  She is really turning into a baby Sheridan because something always happens to her.  When she went after Spike, he was able to get the drop on her.  He hit the back of her head and dragged her off.  He blind folded her and tied up her wrists and ankles.  He decided to take it up himself to rape her.  He almost got away with it until she finally kicked him and got her off of her.  Maybe she needs to go through training again because it took her too long to realize that she could have kicked Spike sooner.

 Kay’s reason for being upset
Tabitha was probably right when she told Kay about why she was upset about everyone knowing what she did.  Tabitha told her that she was more upset that Miguel was mad at her than hurting her family.  That was all she was focused on.  Sure she mentioned her family, but she mentioned Miguel hating her more than her family.  Since she wants to be with Fox, why does she care if Miguel hated her?  It should have made her decision easier.

Ethan was upset about Ivy’s scheme
Who did Ethan think he was getting upset about what Ivy did to Sam and Grace?  Seeing as he cheated on Gwen, he didn’t have the right to judge Ivy.  It doesn’t matter why he’s with Gwen. He still cheated on her.  He has also been lying to Gwen.  Are lies only right when he tells them?

 Ethan would leave Gwen
We don’t know what in the world Ethan is waiting for, if he wants to be with Theresa, he should leave Gwen.  This week he told Theresa he would leave Gwen if he had any proof that she tipped the tabloid about his paternity.  Why wait until then to leave her?  Why can’t he leave her now if he loves Theresa so much?  He would rather be with a woman he doesn’t really love than be with Theresa.  He is such a loser.

 The writers messed up with two confrontations
We wanted to see Eve and Whitney’s confrontation about Eve’s role in Ivy’s scheme.  We felt so ripped off not being able to see the scene.  There was no point in Ivy making a big deal about what was going to happen to Eve once the truth came out if we were never going to see it.

 Grace’s reaction to Kay
Was anyone else disgusted by Grace’s reaction to Kay? We know that she’s upset, but her reaction was horrible. She told Kay that she hated her and that she wished that she were never born.  That was an awful thing to say to her daughter.  What kind of mother is Grace?  We’re not surprised that Kay had no problem hurting her by not telling her about Ivy and David again.

Why did the writers have to have Grace find out the truth over the phone?  It would have meant more if the truth came out with her in Harmony.  The scenes lost something with it happening over the phone.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why was it suddenly Halloween when there was no mention of it before?

Why were Tabitha and Kay the only ones who took their kids trick-or-treating?  There are quite a few people on the show with young kids so Tabitha and Kay shouldn’t have been the only ones who took their kids out.

 If we’re supposed to believe that Chad is sleeping with Valerie, how did she end up with Stan so fast?  There wasn’t enough time for him to get in the bed with her before Whitney busted in the room.

As usual, Theresa thought of herself when she could have told little Ethan the truth about his father.  She didn’t care that he would have his father in his life.  All she cared about was little Ethan not losing his inheritance.

 Michele and Cheryl


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