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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #234

10/23/06 – 10/27/06

Gwen was obsessed with finding out Theresa’s secret
We didn’t understand why it was so important for Gwen to find out Theresa’s secret.  If she wants to stay with Ethan, wasn’t it more important not to know what it is?  She should have been thankful that Theresa didn’t want JT to talk to Ethan.  That would give her more time with Ethan.  Since that’s what she wants. We felt like ripping our hair out every time she kept bringing up finding out Theresa’s secret.  To make matters worse, Gwen showed that she can be just as obsessive as Theresa when it concerns Ethan.

Theresa wanted 100% custody of little Ethan
Why does Theresa insist on fighting Julian on the custody of little Ethan?  If she gave Julian partial custody, she wouldn’t have to deal with we one more court case.  The girl is just being stubborn.  She told Jared that she wants 100% custody of her son.  Since she’s so stubborn about that, why are we expected to care that Ethan and Gwen would take her son and she would never see him again?  Isn’t she doing the same thing to Julian? She wants to keep Julian from seeing little Ethan.

Pilar wanted Miguel to fight for Kay
Pilar was a piece of work this week.  She continued to advise Miguel to fight for Kay.  She also insulted Miguel’s job. She thought it wasn’t good enough for Kay.  Seeing as she was a maid, was she really in a position to judge Miguel’s job?  When Miguel told her that he did all he could to get Kay, that wasn’t enough for Pilar.  She had to keep driving it home that he should fight for her.

When Pilar got a chance to talk to Kay, she practically forced her to choose Miguel.  She told her how bad the Cranes are and how Fox will turn out like Alistair and/or Julian.  Guess she was so determined to get Kay to be with Miguel that she forgot that Theresa is a Crane.  She said all of the Cranes were bad so was she including her too?  Anyway, Pilar wouldn’t let Kay get a word in edgewise when she told her that she wanted to marry Fox.  When Pilar didn’t convince her to be with Miguel at the mansion, she tried again at the Bennett house.  Pilar needs to give up on trying to get Miguel and Kay together.  No wonder her children have such a hard time getting over people they can’t have.

Ethan grilled Theresa about the person she met
Ethan was really weird about who Theresa had to meet.  When he found out that Theresa canceled a meeting she was supposed to have with him and Julian about little Ethan, eh went bananas.  He felt he had to track her down and find out why she canceled.  When he found her, he practically ordered her to tell him who she was talking to.  He thought it was JT, but she said it wasn’t.  She had to yell at him about it being none of his business in order for him to finally drop it.  He didn’t have a right to know who she was talking to.

Julian slept with Rebecca
Julian must be over Eve since he hopped on the couch with Rebecca.  We know he’s hurting, but why would he sleep with Rebecca?  He should know that she’s going to want to keep up a relationship with him.  It would serve him right if she ended up blackmailing him again.

The murder at the Crane mansion
We felt so robbed by that spoiler.  We were hoping that it was going to be Chris or Spike who took a dirt nap, but it only turned out being a maid.  She was someone who was rarely, if ever shown.  Why were we supposed to care about her death?  More importantly, why did Sheridan care so much?  She never spoke to Phyllis before she was killed.  We doubt that they had many conversations together.  Phyllis couldn’t have gone in the cottage much or she would have found Chris’ document sooner.  Also, there was dust on the floor.  Maybe her killer saved her from being fired since she wasn’t much of a maid.

Eve criticized Ivy fro her schemes
Since Eve went along with Ivy schemes, was she really in a position to criticize Ivy?  She’s no better than Ivy as far as this scheme goes.  Eve had plenty of time to tell Sam the truth, but she allowed Ivy to blackmail her.  Once her secret came out, she had the perfect opportunity to tell Sam.

Fox let Kay off the hook
It was bad enough that the writers rewrote the story of Kay telling Sam and Grace about Ivy, but to let her off the hook for what she did was another thing all together.  When Justin Hartley was still playing Fox, Kay told him the truth.  Fox was very upset about it.  He pretty much broke up with her.  That was when Kay asked Endora to reverse what she said so she wouldn’t lose him.  Now all of a sudden, Fox understood why she was willing to let her parents’ marriage break up.  What was up with that?  If he were going to understand what she did, she could have told the truth sooner.  Ivy kept saying that Sam and Fox wouldn’t like what she did, but she was wrong about Fox.  Of course Kay had to be right about what was going to happen to Ivy.

 Michele and Cheryl


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