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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #233

10/16/06 Ė 10/20/06

Jessicaís intervention
Wasnít that a waste for the family to try and reach out to her?  Itís bad enough that they could care less about her as it is, but she didnít listen to them when they told her to get away from Spike.  She ended up leaving with Spike.  We really donít understand why Paloma and Simone waste their time trying to help her.

Seeing Noah, Kay, and Sam suddenly care about Jessica did not impress us.  They all ignored Jessica, but once Paloma and Simone told them about the intervention, they acted as if they cared. It would have meant more if her family wanted to reach out to her without being told to do it.  Kay had to be the worst one of the bunch.  She walked out in the middle of the intervention to have sex with Fox and dance with Miguel in Endoraís mind.  You read that right.  Isnít Kay the best sister in the world?  Itís so nice to see what Kayís priorities are (dripping with sarcasm).  Since weíre on the subject of Kay, letís move on to our rant about her.

Kay and Miguel were in Endoraís head
The writers really wasted a lot of screen time on this.  It was the same stuff weíve seen over and over again.  The only difference is that the scenes were happening in Endoraís mind.  It was so ridiculous.  We canít believe that the writers thought that this would be interesting.  It really wasnít at all Kay was still a light switch as far as Fox and Miguel are concerned.  What was so different about it this time?  Right, there was nothing new here at all.

Gwen/Theresa were giving themselves away
They were both trying to keep Ethan from seeing Rebecca and JT at the hotel.  They were both being so obvious.  We werenít surprised that Theresa and Gwen were suspicious of each other.  If Ethan were a smarter man, he would have figured out that they were both hiding something.

Rebecca wants Gwen to be caught
She and JT were being so careless this week.  They were making so much noise that Ethan, Theresa, and Jared heard them.  Gwen kept telling Rebecca and JT to leave, but they wouldnít do it.  They had several chances to leave to avoid getting caught, but they just had to have sex at the hotel.  We guess that couldnít wait until they were out of the hotel.

Julianís attack toward Eve
Once again he was mean to Eve again.  We know that heís hurting, but he did this to himself.  He didnít have to push Eve away when she was at the mansion.  She might have taken him back if he didnít insist on calling her a wh*re.  As much as we love the idea of the old Julian being back, this is too much.  He keeps making cruel comments about TCís condition.  He is making it really easy for TC to get Eve back.

Pilar was at it again
Once again she told Theresa to be a family with Ethan.  Why does Pilar keep doing this?  Wouldnít it be better if Pilar told Theresa that she should try to be on her own instead of rushing into a relationship with Jared?  Pilar needs to stop giving Theresa such bad advice because itís not going to help Theresa at all.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why would Noah hit Spike when Sam just told him not to do anything to him?

Is anyone else getting sick of Sheridan telling Luis about her feelings only to choose Chris?  She must enjoy giving Luis false hope about their relationship.  Sheís as bad as Ethan.

We really wish Kay would make a decision about who she wants so she can stop whining about it.

The writers need to remember that there are other people on Passions besides the people involved in Theresa, Kay, and Sheridanís stories.  Itís sad to see long-time characters being reduced to only being on screen for once or twice a week or month if they are lucky.

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