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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #232

10/9/06 Ė 10/13/06

Ethan was working our nerves this week

The man was so obsessed with finding out who Rebecca was texting this week.  He was really grilling her about it.  He was also grilling her about whether she knew JT.  Itís obvious that he is looking for a reason to get out of his marriage.  He should just be a man and tell Gwen that he doesnít want to stay with her anymore instead of using JT as a reason to leave.

The writers keep bringing JT back

This is really a waste of time.  The writers keep bringing JT back for nothing.  Why even waste our time when he is not going to reveal anything while heís in Harmony?  His scenes were agony this week.  All he kept doing was texting Rebecca and taking pictures of himself with his clothes off.  No offense to the actor, but that was some scary stuff.  He also kept drinking a lot.  We didnít need to keep seeing that.  If the writers insist on bringing this character back to the show, he is going to have to tell what he knows. Itís a waste of time to bring him back and not have him reveal the truth.  The tabloid secret is a long running story and itís time for it to end.  JT is not an interesting enough o bring him back for nothing.

Theresaís investigator must be on the take

He is supposed to be keeping Theresa informed about JT, but he didnít do it.  She wants to be kept informed of JTís whereabouts, but he didnít do it.  We have a feeling that he is working for someone else.  Maybe heís working for Alistair to keep Theresa in the dark about JT. 

Gwen is not doing herself any favors

Once again she was lying to Ethan about knowing JT.  She had to scramble around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to hide JT from Ethan.  She even fainted so that she could get out of telling Ethan the truth.  She shouldnít have to fight so hard to hold on to her husband.  She would be better off losing him since he isnít worth the trouble of lying.

Kay wished that she were never born

She was whining to Tabitha because of Fox and Miguel and she ended up telling Tabitha how she wished she were never born.  Well Endora granted her wish.  No one except for Tabitha and Endora could see her.  The writers ripped off of Itís A Wonderful Life.  Kay wanted to know if Fox and Miguel would be better off without her.  This ďplotĒ device was completely ridiculous.  In this alternate universe, Fox and Miguel were friends.  Miguel also worked for Crane Industries.  No other people were affected by this change so that was something that didnít make any sense.  Another thing that didnít make any sense was how Kay wanted to stay away when she thought that they were better off without her.  Did she forget about Maria?  She wouldnít exist if Kay were never born.  The story is enough without the writers copying off of another movie.  Also, Fox and Miguel werenít the least bit convincing when they were getting along.  The acting between them was really stiff.

Luis and Fancyís undercover assignment

Did that case confuse anyone else?  We werenít sure what it was that Luis was supposed to be investigating.  All he kept saying was that he was Lesterís numbers man, but what did that mean?  We are not familiar with that so it was confusing to us.  This story was rushed so we didnít get the time to understand what it was that he was investigating.  We would have liked it if Sheridan were the one who had to go undercover with Luis.  It would have been great to see the look on Chrisís face if he saw Luis and Sheridan making the movie together.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why do Paloma and Simone bother trying to help Jessica when she doesnít want their help?

What were the odds that Chad would have found a doll that looked like Whitney?

Isnít Theresa being a tramp since she has to picture Ethan to have sex with Jared?  Wouldnít it be easier to just stop having sex with him?

Who gave the tape of Luis and Fancy pretending to have sex to the reporters?  Everyone was either a cop or getting arrested so who had the tape?

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