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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #231

10/2/06 – 10/6/06

Fox/Kay/Miguel’s story
We were so happy when the writers rested it last week.  Unfortunately, absence did not make the heart grow fonder.  This story gets worse every week.  Now the latest “twist” in this story is that one of them might die.  That does not help this story at all.  We couldn’t care less which one ends up dying.  Most likely we will be treated to Fox and Miguel constantly getting hurt just so we’d think one of them are dead.  We don’t even care.  It will be a waste anyway since Endora will end up coming up with a spell to make sure that they don’t die.

Speaking of this story, we are really sick of Kay.  She keeps expecting Tabitha and Endora to bail her out whenever she finds out about something she doesn’t like.  Tabitha told her how someone close to her was going to die.  She expected Tabitha and Endora to come up with a way to change that.  She is always doing that to them.  You would never know that she is supposed to have powers too.  She has been with Miguel and Fox so why doesn’t she have her powers yet?  Does this mean that they aren’t her true loves?

Jessica could tell Sam about Spike
She is being really stupid.  What a surprise, right?  Spike is beating her up, but she won’t tell her father.  He is the chief of police so he could make sure that Spike goes to jail.  If she’s keeping quiet because of what Spike knows about her, then she can tell Sam anyway.  Spike doesn’t have any proof that Jessica is a killer.  Unless he taped her with the johns then he has no proof that she’s a “killer.”  Jessica would be better off confessing to what she thinks she did as opposed to getting beat up and staying in her marriage.

Katherine wanted to be with Martin
Can you believe her nerve?  She told Martin that they can be together now that Pilar wants a divorce.  It’s bad enough that she is why Pilar and Martin aren’t together, but now she wants him back.  She should have walked away the way she said she would a while ago.  Maybe if she did, Pilar and Martin could have been happy together.

Katherine still feels like a stranger
We wonder why she feels this way.  She wasn’t treated the way Martin was when he went back to his family.  Her family was understanding about her deserting them so why did she feel like a stranger?  Only Fancy has given her the cold shoulder and that’s only because she stuck her nose where it didn’t belong.

Ethan wasn’t more suspicious of Theresa’s actions
He knows that Theresa had no reason to give everything to him until little Ethan is of age.  You would think that he would put two and two together and realize why she did that.  Right, by the time Ethan finds out the truth, little Ethan will be old enough to run Crane Industries.

Rebecca lied to Gwen again
Once again, Rebecca is going to get Gwen busted.  She didn’t tell Gwen how JT is in Harmony.  She knows that Gwen has to hold on to her marriage by the skin of her teeth so why would Rebecca do something to ruin it?  Gwen should go off on her if the truth about the tabloid does come out.

Why won’t Fancy leave Luis alone
Luis is on an undercover assignment.  You can guess what Fancy did.  You guessed right.  Fancy had to help him out.  It was convenient how Luis’s backup was exposed so Fancy had to interfere with his case.  She had to help him out.  The woman is still in training, but she just had to help him.  Why couldn’t Paloma go to the club and be Luis’s backup?  Right, Fancy had to be the big shot.  Also, the writers are trying to force Luis and Fancy into another dangerous situation so that they can get closer.  Fancy should have stayed out of it because now Luis will be too worried about her to concentrate on his case.  Fancy doesn’t have enough experience to deal with mobsters, but because she had to get close to Luis, she had to butt her nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Sam could have helped Luis out, but of course Fancy had to do it.

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