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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #230

9/25/06 Ė 9/29/06

Julianís action this week
What has happened to Julian?  When the writers were going in this direction with Evianís story, we were leaning towards his side.  That has quickly changed.  Itís as if he has totally flipped out.  We thought that Eve was overreacting because Julian wanted to have the hospital renovated, but now weíre not so sure.  The first chance he got he had sex with Valerie.  He was just telling Eve how much he loved her, but he ended up having sex with Valerie on his desk.  Eve ended up catching them together.  After she caught Julian with Valerie, he had the nerve to say it was her fault that he cheated.

After they were talking, Julian and Eve had sex.  We donít understand why Eve would want to be with Julian after he was with Valerie.  This rant section isnít about Eve so weíll move on from that.  Right after they had sex, Julian picked another fight with Eve.  He was really hateful to Eve.  He called her a wh*re and he claimed that she used him for money.  We know that heís hurting, but his actions were deplorable.  He certainly wasnít acting like someone who was in love with Eve.  Since the writers insist on shoving the other stories down our throats, we donít get to see Evianís relationship too much anymore.  How are we all supposed to know if Julian was making a big deal about Eve working and taking care of TC or not?  He could be exaggerating about the time that Eve is away from him. 

We really do have a problem with Evian breaking up like this.  It happened out of the blue.  The writers also made it impossible for Evian to reunite by having Julian talk to Eve the way he did.  They were one of the only happy couples on the show so it made no sense to break them up like this.  We want to see the old Julian again, but not like this. He needs to have a balance instead of being completely good or evil.

Paloma, please put the Fancy pom poms down
We are getting sick of Paloma being Fancyís cheerleader to Luis.  She knows that he loves Sheridan so why is she forcing him to move on with Fancy?  All that is going to accomplish is that Luis will end up hurting Fancy.  Is that what Paloma wants?  That is exactly what will end up happening if Luis gets together with Fancy before he is ready.

Fancy, please stop whining about Luis
Her whining is really getting on our nerves.  It was good to see her rip into Katherine and Sheridan last week, but that didnít last long.  We are so sick of her whining about how she canít be with Luis unless he is completely over Sheridan.  She doesnít want anyone talking him into being with her.  She also told Paloma that guys would love for her to give them the time of day.  Oh, poor baby.  She actually has to work hard to get Luisís attention.  She was willing to scheme to get Luisís attention before, but now sheís expecting him to come running to her.  She may as well take the man any way she can get him.

Sheridan was being cruel to Luis
Itís hard to believe that there was a time when we wanted Shuis to be together.  We would still like them to get back together in the long run, but Sheridan is really testing our patience.  She went to Luisís house to talk to him.  He assumed that she was there because she wanted to get back together.  She wouldnít tell him why she was there so he kept talking about their future together.  She waited so long to tell him that she was there to ďgive him upĒ for good.  That was so cruel of her.  She broke his heart once again by driving it home that she was staying with Chris and James.  She was too willing to nod her head in agreement when he realized that it was over between them.  She is really going to deserve it when she finds out the truth about Chris.  Hopefully, Luis will give her a hard time when she is ready to get back together with him.

Jessicaís getting beat
She was acting weird while she, Paloma, and Simone were in the Crane pool.  She was acting sleepy and cranky.  She didnít want to swim with Paloma and Simone.  They dragged her in the water and she got angry with them.  She finally started taking her clothes off and they saw her bruises.  Thatís right.  She is getting beat.  We would never know that because her story keeps happening off screen.  What is the point of giving the girl stories if the writers are going to keep dropping them?  Wouldnít it be better for her as well as the audience if the writers let her go?  It would be easier than giving her stories that they donít want to finish.

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