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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #229

9/18/06 Ė 9/22/06

How many times is Ethan going to make his decision?
He has been going back and forth with this decision for years.  Itís time for him to choose between Gwen and Theresa.  We stupidly thought that he made his decision when he married Gwen, but apparently he didnít.  He still needs people to tell him that he loves Theresa and should be with her.

Speaking of the advice Ethan has been getting, how come no one ever tells him about the way he is treating Gwen?  They will always tell him how he shouldnít be treating Theresa the way he does.  They also tell him how he is keeping her from moving on with her life.  What about Gwen?  Why wonít anyone tell him that what he is doing to Gwen is wrong/  They donít know what she and Rebecca did with Ethanís paternity so why do they act as if sheís a monster?  It would be nice if someone who gives Ethan advice about his love life would mention how he is hurting Gwen.  We know that will never happen.  We have another rant about Ethan so we may as well get to it. LOL!

Is Ethan lusting after Theresa or does he really love her?
We think it may be the former.  We donít want to freak out any die-hard E/T fans, but please hear us out.  Hereís why we think that Ethan is only lusting after Theresa.  He only wants to have sex with her.  He wonít leave Gwen for her even though he claims that he loves her.  If he does love her, why wonít he get a divorce and be with her?  Right, he doesnít want to make a commitment with her.  He wants a life with Gwen.  He never says that about Theresa.  He doesnít say how he pictures what their lives would be like.  He doesnít tell Theresa that he wants a life with her either.  He has only been talking to her about wanting her and thatís it.  Once he had sex with Theresa, he immediately told her how he was staying with Gwen. 

Ethan wanted Theresa to be his mistress and not his wife.  If he loves her, why does she have to be his piece on the side?  This is why we think that he is only lusting after Theresa.

Why did Eve react the way she did?
She flipped out on Julian when he told her how he wanted to have the hospital renovated.  We donít see what he did that was so wrong.  He just wanted to do something nice for her, but she was upset.  He wanted to take her on a trip, but she got mad at him.  She ended up calling off their engagement.  Since their story is happening off screen, we didnít realize that they were having so many problems.  We know that TC was a factor, but we didnít realize that their relationship was in so much trouble.  Itís bad enough that their story isnít being shown that much; the least the writers could do was show us that they are having these troubles.

Pilar is such a hypocrite
She told Luis how he should move on from Sheridan?  How come he is supposed to walk away from the woman he loves, but she expects Theresa and Miguel to go after who they want?  For some reason, she doesnít think Luis should be with the love of his life, but Theresa and Miguel should be with Ethan and Kay.  Pilar practically ordered Theresa and Miguel to go after Ethan and Kay, but Luis is supposed to move on from Sheridan.  Why does he get different advice from his siblings?

Here are some random thoughts:

Why is Luis expected to have the same feelings for Fancy that she has for him?  Everyone he talks to practically forces him to admit that he is in love with her.  Sheridan is the love of his life so that wonít change just because Fancy or his family and friends want him to forget her.

Is there something in the Harmony water?  There are so many people in Harmony that are being unfaithful to their mates.  Itís as if theyíve forgotten that they are involved with other people.

Why did Fancy go to Gwen when she thought that she didnít have a chance with Luis?  She practically advised Ethan to dump her, but when she was heartbroken, she talked to Gwen.

Why did Gwen tell Fancy to wait for Luis?  She was the one who told Sheridan to be with Luis, but now sheís telling Fancy to go after him.

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