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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #228

9/11/06 Ė 9/15/06

Ethan wanted to do the right thing
Give us a break.  This man is a total hypocrite.  One minute he was talking about how he wanted to do the right thing by staying with Gwen and the next he was throwing Theresa on Chrisís desk.  It was so disgusting to watch him being so willing to cheat on Gwen.  Right after he had sex with Theresa, he had the nerve to tell her that he was going to tell Gwen the truth and expect her to forgive him.  We are really sick of him talking out of both sides of his face.  He may as well go to Theresa so he can stop being so ďmiserable.Ē  Hearing him constantly telling Theresa how he loves her, but wants to do the right thing, makes us want to throw something at the screen.

It didnít take Theresa long to cheat
She was just talking about how she was falling for Jared, but the first chance she got, she cheated on him again.  It was bad enough that she did that right after having sex with Jared, but at least she was drunk and didnít know she was with Ethan.  Later on that night, she had the nerve to have sex with Ethan two more times.  Theresa was no excuse for it this time.  She was drunk and the room wasnít dark.

Speaking of Ethan and Theresaís affair, why did she cheat on Jared for Ethan anyway?  She keeps saying how he betrayed her, but she had sex with him two more times.  Ethan is representing Julian in the custody battle for little Ethan and heís representing Stuart Allen in his case against Crane Industries.  It makes no sense for her to be with Ethan again when he is suing her.  He also told her that heís going to stay with Gwen.  He told her that BEFORE she had sex with him, but she did it anyway.

Do the writers hate Gwen
We think they do because of the way they are trying to faze Gwen out of the story.  Just because Liza is pregnant, that doesnít mean that she should be treated that way.  We get that the writers have always wanted to put Ethan and Theresa back together, but why this way?  Ethan would never have willingly cheated on Gwen the way he did this week.  He was always torn between Theresa and Gwen, but all of a sudden he only seems to love Theresa.  He feels obligated to stay with Gwen.  It is such a slap in the face to any Ethan and Gwen fans to have him stay with her out of duty.  Weíre sure that the writers are probably using Lizaís pregnancy as an excuse for why sheís getting treated like this, but weíre not buying it.  The writers didnít do that to Lindsay and McKenzie when they were pregnant.  They werenít downplayed nor were they assassinated to make their stories work.  With the way Ethan has been going overboard talking about his ďwuvĒ for Theresa, Gwen may not even have a job when she has her baby.  The writers arenít giving Gwen anything to do away from Ethan and Theresa so when they do reunite, what is she supposed to do?  How many times can she keep being paranoid about Ethan and Theresa being a couple?

What was the point of bringing Jared on the show
Itís a safe assumption that Jared is only a temporary distraction for Theresa.  He will not be a permanent mate for Theresa.  The writers seem to be leaning towards an Ethan and Theresa reunion so what was the point of bringing Jared on the show for her?  It would have been better to see Jared be a threat to Ethan and Gwenís marriage.  It would have worked out better because Ethan would have been free to be with Theresa and Gwen could have had a new man in her life.  She is one of the only female characters on the show who hasnít been able to fall in love with another man on the show.  Since Jared is nothing more than a plot device tog et Ethan and Theresa back together, why not make him a man for Gwen?  We think they have more chemistry than he has with Theresa.  Hopefully the writers will realize the mistake they are making by putting Jared in the middle of the E/T mess.

Sheridan is pulling an Ethan on Luis
That may sound weird, but itís true.  Sheridan keeps telling Luis that she loves him, but she is committed to Chris.  Does that sound familiar?  That is the same thing that Ethan tells Theresa.  Luis let her know how he feels and she did too, but she rejected him again.  She keeps giving Luis false hope and then she breaks his heart.  That is not right.  We canít wait for her to find out that Alistair hired Chris to be with her.  Hopefully Luis will give her the hard time that she gave him when he wanted her back.

Does Kay want to marry Fox or what
She claims that she wants to marry Fox, but she was mad at Miguel for dancing with Siren at the Blue Note.  She was the one who said that she was marrying Fox so she shouldnít have been mad at Miguel for not waiting around for her.  Maybe thatís what she wants.  Does she want to pay him back for not noticing her when he was with Charity?  Is that why she wants to keep leading him on that way?  She is also being unfair to Fox.  He loves her just as Miguel does, but she is confused.  Hello?!  Fox was there for her when Miguel left town to look for Charity, but she is still confused by who she wants.  Kay would deserve it if she ended up alone since she canít make up her mind.  Who does she sound like?  Thatís right.  She sounds like her brother, Ethan.

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