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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #227

9/4/06 Ė 9/8/06

Ethan is officially a dog
Weíve known this for a while now, but his actions this week have officially convinced us that we were right about him.  He and Theresa had sex at the Seacliff Inn this week.  They conveniently didnít realize they were with each other.  Once they knew they were in bed with each other, he was trying to get her to admit that she loved being with him and that they were meant to be together.  It was really pathetic watching him become as obsessed with Theresa as she was with him.  He needs to get fitted for his flea collar soon because he is a real dog.

He also proved that he was a dog by defending Theresa to Gwen again.  Gwen was trying to help him out when Theresa yelled at him for taking Stuart Allenís case.  Ethan was trying to stop Gwen from talking to Theresa the way she was.  Ethan rarely looks out for Gwen the way he is always looking out for Theresa.

Ethan was also being a dog to Gwen by trying to be Mr. Romantic.  We know that sounds weird, but itís true.  He only wanted to make sure that Gwen got the dessert she wanted because he felt guilty about what he did to her.  We are not buying Ethanís act with Gwen.  He was just obsessing over Theresa one minute and giving Gwen chocolate the next.  Please make up your mind.

Theresa is getting carried away
Come on, dear readers.  What would our rants section be without an entry about Theresa? LOL!  She seems to be adapting quite well to her role as Queen of the Manor.  She was really throwing her weight around while she was threatening Stuart Allen.  She kept calling Crane Industries her company.  She even told Julian that it was her sonís legacy.  We all know that she wouldnít even be running the company if she would tell the truth about little Ethan.  What if she loses the lawsuit?  Little Ethan wouldnít have much of a company to run anyway so she could have told the boy the truth.  Maybe the lawsuit is her karma for keeping little Ethanís paternity a secret.

Gwen should have been suspicious of Ethanís change of heart
Why didnít she question why Ethan wanted to take the case against Crane Industries?  Theresa asked Ethan when he decided to take the case and he confirmed that he took it after he saw her with Jared.  Gwen barely reacted to that.  You would think that she would have been more mad at him than she was.  She was over that pretty quickly.

Speaking of Gwen, why was she so obsessed with Ethan taking the case against Crane Industries?  We have a feeling that she wouldnít care about the case helping his career so much if he werenít up against Theresa.  What if he doesnít win the case?  This case can break his career, but she only cares about Ethan and Theresa not talking to each other anymore.  Does she hate Theresa that much that she would want him to risk his career just to keep him away from Theresa?

Kay wanted it both ways again
She wanted to reverse Sirenís spell on Fox.  She accomplished the first two steps, but she thought she would have trouble with the third one.  She had to make Fox jealous enough to want to kill.  Well, she did that.  She made Miguel think that she wanted to be with him to make Fox jealous.  That was so mean of her since she knows how Miguel feels about her.  What did she care?  All she cared about was Fox being able to have sex with her again.

She also didnít care about what Tabitha was going through because of her.  The woman developed a virus that needed to be cured.  Kay didnít even care.  She didnít ask her how she was doing.  She did ask her to cast yet another spell to cover her butt.  Anytime she gets herself in trouble, she expects Tabitha and Endora to bail her out of it.

Foxís acting
Most of the time, we try not to focus on the acting on the show.  Itís hard when itís really bad.  That is happening in Foxís case.  His acting is really horrible.  He is cured of Sirenís curse, but you would never know it.  When he was under Sirenís spell, he didnít seem as if he was in a trance.  Now that the curse is gone, he seems to be in a trance.  The story is bad enough as it is without bad acting making it worse.  The writers should just cut their losses with this Fox.  We know that the powers that be are having budget problems, but do they want to waste money paying someone who canít act?  Couldnít that money go to better use than paying this non-actor?

Here are some random thoughts:

Pilarís kids seem to have totally forgotten about her.  They were too preoccupied with their own problems to even worry about her.  She is fighting for her life, but Theresa, Miguel, and Luis were more worried about having sex and making out, respectively, than they were about their mother.

Can Sheridan get shirts with ďIím married to ChrisĒ written on them so that she wonít have to keep saying it over and over?  We are sick of hearing her tell people that.

What made Chad decide to start this affair?  If he loves Whitney, why would he hurt her like that?

What would Ethan have done if Theresa took him up on what he was telling her?  Would he have finally left Gwen to be with her?  Would he have been talking about fate wanting them to be together if he didnít catch her with Jared?

Are Ethan and Theresa really destined to be together?  They didnít even know they werenít with Gwen and Jared.  Guess they donít know each other the way we were lead to believe.

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