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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #226

8/28/06 Ė 9/1/06

Ethan was green with envy
This guy is getting just as obsessed with Theresa as she was over him.  He was showing his jealousy when he was talking about Theresaís relationship with Jared.  He knows that he couldnít care less if little Ethan has a problem with her dating Jared.  He may as well admit that he has a problem with her dating Jared.  He couldnít have been more transparent if he were made of glass.  He also proved his jealousy by taking on a case against Crane Industries just because Theresa had sex with Jared.  He tried to manipulate Gwen when he refused to take the case at first.  He came up with an excuse when Gwen wanted Ethan to take the case against Crane Industries.  He told her that Sheridan, Julian Fox, her mother and everyone else they care about would get hurt.  Now that he has seen Theresa having sex with Jared, heís willing to destroy the Cranes.  He made it seem as if Gwen was wrong for wanting him to take the case, but he did it out of jealousy.  Guess the green eyed monster was rearing its ugly head, isnít it Ethan?  Letís move on to the next rant about Ethan.

Ethan kissed Theresa this week
He proved that he deserves to be alone.  He kissed Theresa this week.  We canít even begin to count up how many bad things weíve read about Gwen on numerous boards for having the audacity to lie to him because of the tabloid.  Ethan has proven over and over again that he is worse than Gwen.  We can safely assume that Mr. Honesty will not tell Gwen how he kissed Theresa twice.  He also told her how he dreams about her every day.  Is that before or after he has sex with Gwen?  Itís so obvious that the writers are choosing to downplay Ethanís feelings for Gwen by having him become so jealous of Theresa and Jaredís relationship.  Anyway, back to the point.  Mr. Honesty wants complete and total honesty, but eh will not say a word about how he kissed Theresa and how he still wants to be with her.

Gwen wonít move on with her life
She knows that Theresa has stopped chasing after Ethan, but she is still obsessed with getting revenge on her.  Stuart Allen, a former Crane Industries employee, wanted Ethan to represent him in a case against the company.  Ethan didnít want to do it at first and Gwen wanted to know why.  As we mentioned above, Ethan manipulated the situation by using the other Cranes and her mother as a way to avoid taking the case.  Gwen didnít tell Ethan to take the case, but she wasnít completely happy that he didnít want to take the case at first.  Gwen, please try to move on with your life.  Theresa is leaving you alone for now.  Try to enjoy it while it lasts.  Since weíve mentioned Theresa quite a lot, we may as well get started with our rant about her.

Theresa and Jared are moving too fast
The writers are messing up their relationship.  It seemed like a good idea that Theresa wanted to move on with her life, but not this fast.  Theresa and Jared barely know each other, but she was already talking about spending her life with him.  She said she wanted to move on from Ethan and she must have meant it.  She and Jared had sex this week.  That was pretty fast considering Jared was ready to leave town because she wasnít upfront with him about being Mrs. Crane.  That changed pretty quickly considering it was just a day ago Harmony time.  Was there some reason why he wanted to get her on her back so fast?  Is he up to something?  We think that Theresa hit the nail on the head when she said that he could end up running Crane Industries.  Maybe thatís what he wants.  You read it here first.  Our final point about this rant is this.  The writers would have been better off having them date longer than one time before they had sex with each other.  Itís not believable that Theresa went from loving Ethan a few days ago to getting on her back with Jared.

Sheridanís attitude towards Luis
She was being a real witch to Luis when she found out that he wanted to do a background check on Chris.  All he wanted to do was check him out to make sure he wasnít involved in Pilarís shooting.  Did she forget that she also had her doubts about Chris?  She shouldnít have been surprised that Luis had doubts too.  She was so full of herself because she thought he was only doing it because he was jealous of her relationship with Chris.  She has quite an ego.  Also, we donít mean to be hard on the actress, but sheís not playing the part right at all.  She was really gasping for breath during her scenes this week.  She could barely get through a scene without gasping for air.  It was painful to watch her. 

Kayís storyline this week
It was boring once again this week.  We really could care less about watching her reverse Sirenís curse on Fox.  The writers should just end this story, not drag it out as much as they can.  Endora could reverse Sirenís curse and get rid of her.  The story stinks and it doesnít seem to be getting any better.  If we are all good, maybe the writers will drop this stupid story.

Tabitha was as bad as Theresa
Julian wanted to spend some time with Endora this week.  Tabitha was trying to keep Julian from seeing Endora.  Luckily, she finally gave in and let him play with Endora.  Tabitha was being as bad as Theresa by refusing to let him see Endora.  Endora was actually happy to see Julian so she doesnít have to keep Julian from her.  Tabitha would be satisfied if he sues her for joint custody of Endora too.

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