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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #225

8/21/06 Ė 8/25/06

Theresaís plays favorites
It looks like weíre really going to seem like a Passions episode because Theresa got our blood boiling over the same thing again.  She refused to cooperate with Julian so that he can spend time with little Ethan.  Are we the only Passions fans that donít understand this so-called logic?  All he wants to do is spend time with his son.  As long as Theresa is letting him think heís little Ethanís father, what is the problem?  This is really getting on our nerves because we stupidly thought she would have been less annoying once she stopped going after Ethan.  Itís times like these that make us realize that we were wrong.

Now letís get to the point of this rant.  Theresa is going out of her way to keep little Ethan.  We all know the reasons why.  One, everyone thinks heís a Crane so she gets to keep acting like the rich widow.  Second, she canít have Ethan so now she cares so much about her son.  Where was this concern for Jane?  Right, sheís not the one everyone thinks is a Crane heir so she wonít even fight for her.  Jared doesnít even know about her.  He thinks she only has one child.  Theresa even said she would use the ďIím Mrs. CraneĒ card to keep Julian from taking little Ethan to a ballgame.  Itís not as if he wanted to take little Ethan to another country.  He only wanted to do it for a day.  She went bananas after hearing that.  Ethan and Gwen want to move far away and take Jane with them, but she didnít care.  That would have been the time to use the ďMrs. CraneĒ card.  Julian lives in the mansion with her so it was a win/win situation for everyone.  She insists on fighting with Julian.  Ethan and Gwen donít live with her so she is missing out on time she could have with Jane.  Theresa refuses to fight to get Jane back.  Can you imagine how Jane will feel when she gets older?  Her mother didnít think she was worthy of fighting for, but she fought to keep her brother.  Jane will probably resent her the way Paloma resented Pilar.  Maybe thatís what she wants.  Letís move on to Pilar.  Weíll give Theresa a break for now. LOL!

Pilar wonít give up
She was at it again.  Pilar continued to give out bad advice this week.  She told Miguel to go with Kay.  The woman made him promise her that he would steal Kay from Fox.  Can you believe that?  She also told Ethan to leave Gwen so he could be with Theresa.  Obviously, Pilar was shot in the head more than once lately.  That would explain why she would suggest that they go after Kay and Theresa just because they are the mothers of their children.  When is she going to give that advice to Sheridan?  She practically ordered Luis to stay away from Sheridan, but she expects all the others to go after their true loves.

Ethan wants it both ways
Ethan proved that he is a jerk.  He was getting so mad at Gwen for setting Theresa up with Jared.  He even chastised her for getting involved in Theresaís life.  He proves that he is not good enough for Gwen.  He constantly tells Gwen that she is the one he ďchoseĒ, but he keeps making googily eyes at Theresa.  He deserves to be alone because he canít make up his mind about who he wants.  He may as well leave Gwen and go after Theresa.  Itís obvious that she is the one he loves more.  We are so sick of the writers forcing it down our throats that Theresa is the love of Ethanís life.  Itís such a waste if she is finally moving on with her life.  Letís move on to Gwen.

Gwen picked the wrong time to give Ethan the ultimatum
She was right to give Ethan another ultimatum, but it could have waited until they were home.  She didnít want him to stay at the hospital because Theresa didnít need him.  Well, thatís true , but Theresa may not have been the only reason why he wanted to stay.  Did Gwen forget that Pilar was like a second mother to him?  Why would she expect him to just walk away?  If he had any sense at all, he would have told her that.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why are the writers rewriting the reason why Theresa married Alistair?  She made it seem as if it was because she was poor and not because she wanted Ethan and Jane back.

Why was Jessica able to tell the truth about not being with Spike at the fair, but she couldnít tell the truth to help Noah?  Noah is her brother, but she didnít even help him.

Why did Fancy have to help Luis with his case?  He might have been able to trip spike up if she hadnít let him out of his cuffs.

Why didnít Paloma or Martin go to the hospital to check on Pilar?  Itís hard to believe that they havenít heard about the shooting by now.

Why has Gwen been making so many racist comments about Theresa lately?

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